Yoga Time with a Cute Chihuahua

– Exactly, stay like that and try to stretch
your back and paws as much as you can – – Always breathing –
– Now go down with your paws and try to stretch your neck as much as you can –
– Well done – – Now go down again with your neck and slowly
rotate your head on the left, so you can relax your neck muscles –
– Breathe – – Now go back to the starting position, trying
to stretch yourself ahead and going slowly on the right with your neck, trying to relax
your muscles – – Ok, now stay straight and breathe –
– Try to widen your ears – – Now turn slightly again your head on the
right and slowly on the left – – Now try to stretch your neck ahead and lift
your body up, trying to stretch your throat and neck muscles as much as you can –
– Perfect – – Now go down and it’s over, bravo Panchino!

Jerry Heath

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