– There’s stretching and
meditation in the morning for an hour. They have aerial yoga. Now, I’ve never tried that
but I reckon while I’m here, I’m gonna try it out and you guys will probably, hopefully, you’ll be able
to see how that goes. I think it’s gonna be pretty
tricky, but it’s gonna be fun. (soft music) – Hey everybody. It is the 18th of October, 2019. We’re still on Fitness Street here. And we’re at the front of Fitness Street Five Elements Hot Yoga Resort. So if you’re looking
for a yoga vacation here on Fitness Street, then
we’re gonna give you a little walkthrough of this little tiny yoga resort, and some of the packages they offer. I understand that people watching the “Fitness Street” series are not always keen on
Muay Thai kickboxing and even CrossFit-type training. So, in our little walk
up and down the street, we found this little place where they offer yoga packages. And, if you’re interested stick around ’cause this one, Robyn Whale, is gonna give you a little walking tour. (soft music) – It’s probably really good for the ladies out there, actually, because as I’m looking around here, there’s a flotation tank, there’s Elegant Eyelashes and Nail Studio – Right next door. – Like, it’s all together. So you’ve literally got this resort that is like a yoga resort where everything’s inclusive. So you have your accommodation, you have all this good stuff around you. You have this little cafe. We had a coffee there this morning. – [Brad] Really nice cafe. – [Robyn] So, so nice. – [Brad] Really nice. – [Robyn] And you’ve got this little spa where you could have your
eyelashes and like treatments. Sometimes you just want to go on holiday while you’re boyfriend’s
out there fighting and sit in there and go have your lashes and nails done, all right! So, I think this is an
important plug for the ladies. So follow me, let’s go this way. I’ll start, this is pretty interesting. Our staff are saying they actually offer like a cooking class. I did this in Vietnam and Japan. So basically, this lady will
take you to the fresh produce that they, you know the markets. If you want to go back with
some experience in Thai cooking back to your home, this
is the place to do it. And they’ve actually just finished. They’ve finished their class this morning. And yeah, they’ve just completed it, so that’s really good. And I actually got a– – [Brad] A little leaflet
for the cooking class – [Robyn] Yeah. – [Brad] So the kind of
food that you can cook. – [Robyn] All the different food, so you can learn how to make– – [Brad] Hold it up. – [Robyn] Pad Thai, Green
Curry, Massaman chicken. – [Brad] Snapshot that guys. – [Robyn] Yeah, and it’s 1500 per person, three dishes of your choice. – [Brad] There’s a
contact number there too. – [Robyn] Local morning market shopping, so you can actually go
and see the local markets. Which I think is so fascinating. So yeah, that’s one thing. – [Brad] All right, show us the studio. – And we continue walking this way. What I love about this place
is the setup of the rooms. It just has such a nice feeling about it. So follow me. – [Brad] I’m going to follow this one. – Okay so this is where
the studio is guys. They have stretching and meditation in the morning for an hour. They have Aerial yoga. Now I’ve never tried that,
but I reckon while I’m here I’m going to try that. So you guys, hopefully you’ll
be able to see how that goes. I think it’s going to be pretty tricky, but it’s going to be fun. And vinyāsa of course. And Yoga Wellness Therapy, I’m
not quite sure what that is. They also offer private sessions. For one lesson at the moment,
one sessions is 450 baht. And obviously you can
get packages as well. And what this place does
is you’ll pay for a room and it includes the yoga
as well as an ice bath. Which I’ll take you to now. But I’ll first need to
show you the studio. So we’ll just go through these doors here. And this is where the
aerial stuff is at the top. And yeah, this is a really nice space. I already feel at the moment
like I’m needing to have a bit of a yoga session. My mind it’s like a little
bit frantic at the moment. So what a great place to have
meditation and stretching. I even think it’s important for the guys to come and do a stretch before they have fighting and stuff, am
I correct, do you agree? Yeah, so this is this amazing space. Such a nice energy I can feel to it. As I said, I’ll show you
a session or two here. And now walking through, we’re going to approach the ice bath. I’m being a little bit quiet because there are people
enjoying the area. – [Brad] Is there anyone there? – This is the ice bath. So you’ve got the pool. This is the ice bath. I mean it’s pretty extreme I must say. And it’s got this massive
massive jacuzzi bath in it. It is big. It’s got a whole sort of lounge area. – [Brad] It is huge, yeah. – [Robyn] It’s got a kitchen It’s got a massive TV. I’m just thinking, like
how long would it take to actually feel this bath? Because (laughs) it’s massive. – [Brad] It’s like a
little pool, isn’t it? (laughs) – We’d try to fill it before,
but you’ve got to have like a glass of wine, and
like chill and then come back. I mean this would probably take a day. – [Brad] Yeah, it’s like
a little swimming pool. Yeah you go like do a class
for two hours, come back and it’s full. – [Brad] Yeah, it’s like
a little swimming pool. – It is. So here it is, guys. A nice big double bed. It’s like everything you need really. A TV as well, if you’re into that. Bathroom. It’s sort of big– – [Brad] Yeah, this is where
most people would stay. – It’s got the basics. So you would definitely feel
comfortable for your stay here. – [Brad] Yeah, I would stay in this. Yeah, you could come
stay here for a month– – [Brad] I would stay in this. – And feel pretty happy. – [Brad] The bed looks decent. – Oh yeah, yeah nice big bed. And there’s actually
loads of people around, there’s a good community. – [Brad] Yeah, you’ll meet
all sorts of people here. – Yeah. And maybe a different type of person because it’s based on yoga, you know? – [Brad] Yeah. – So there’s something for
everyone on Fitness Street. So I think that’s it guys. I think, yeah. If I had to explain the
location of where it is, It’s very close to Ali’s BBQ. So pretty much next door. – She did well, didn’t she? (laughs) – Not quite fresh, but I tried my best. – Just playing around
with the cameras here. Nothing crazy. But yeah, we’re just
walking around the street. As you know from previous videos, if you haven’t already seen them, we love this place so much. We love sharing the
various types of training and accommodations and restaurants that this place has to offer. I just thought, why not? I think that people
are into the yoga scene would definitely find this
to be a place of interest. Check out their website. We’re not being paid to do this. We just love sharing the fitness journey. And I’m most motivated by
getting your emails and your DM’s saying, oh I went to that
place that you shot a video at and it changed my life. And that’s my currency,
that’s how I get paid. (laughs) The emails and the DM’s that I get. Yeah if you have any questions,
just go on their website. Otherwise, we’re going
to get to do our day and explore more amazing
places along this incredible Fitness. Paradise. – And next up is actually Eagle. We’re going to do some privates now. We’re going to make our way back to get ready for our
privates that are starting in like an hour, it’s time. – That’s right, we’ve
got to go real quick. – Yeah – All right guys. – So we’ll see you there, guys. – See ya, ciao! (soft music)

Jerry Heath


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