Yoga For Your Back – 30 Days of Yoga – Day 4

Hi, everyone welcome to 30 days of Yoga with
Adrienne. I’m Adrienne and it’s day four. Rawr! Feeling frisky! Let’s get started. All right my friends, so let’s take a deep
breath in wherever you are and a long exhale out. And we’re going to start today’s practice,
day four practice, duh, on all fours. So, make sure you take a deep breath in and
out here just to arrive on the mat. So we’re moving kind of quickly into the practice today,
but it doesn’t mean we’re going to speed up our rhythm necessarily. But just start right
away with a little gentle Cat-Cow. Check in with your breath. Take responsibility for
your own happiness here and for me that means connecting to my breath. Inhale. Drop the
belly, press away from the earth and exhale. Curl the tail going under, begin to round
up through the spine and then we draw the navel up as we release the crown of the head
down and I speak into my microphone. Inhale, scooping the belly. Down, heart opens up,
crown of the head lifts. We press away from the earth and exhale. Curl the tail going
under. See if you can stay connected through the abdominals here so we’re not kind of linky
lanky. Ah, I’ve never said that before, linky lanky. We’re not just… I usually say luky
fluky. Anyway, we’re not just kind of mindlessly moving through the spinal flex, but really
seeing if we can slow it down. And so maybe for the next couple passes, go ahead and take
your eyes, your gaze off the video and close your eyelids just so you can get into the
sensation here as we continue to breathe and stretch it out [deep breaths]. Let’s do one more, wherever you are [deep
breath]. Visualizing space between each vertebra, those disks, really creating a little bit
of softness and ease throughout the body. All right, we’ll come back to the tabletop
position. We’re going to take the hips to the right, the head to the left. Notice how
the arms and legs and feet kind of want to come up. Stay connected. Keep a nice awareness
through your foundation, even here. So we create this crescent moon shape with the right
side body. Take a deep breath in, exhale back to center and now hips to the left, head to
the right. Stay connected through the tops of the feet. All 10 fingerprints pressing
into the mat. Deep breathe in and on an exhale we melt it back to center. Cool. Heart-to-earth
pose. We drop the elbows where the hands are. We try to keep the knees in line with the
elbows, so this kind of railroad track image here as we walk the knees back and we melt
the heart. Now, this is where I’m guiding you to, but
listen to your shoulders, if they are tighter you might widen the elbows. If the hips are
pinching, you might widen the knees. So always working to create space, you might find a
gentle rock here. Oh, yeah that feels awesome. And we continue to deepen the breath, find
what feels good. Then we’ll press into the tops of the feet. Take one more breath here,
inhale and exhale. Melt the heart down [exhale breath]. Inhale to come up, press into the
earth, slowly come back to all fours. Day four all fours. All right, this time we’re going to curl the
toes under and we’re going to send the sit-bones to the heels here and nice and easy walk the
palms all the way up to the thighs. We’ll just take a rest here. I just want to check
in with the feet here and you might use this time to check in with the shoulders, the neck
or you might just continue to deepen the breathe. Find that Pranayama. Breathing into the soles
of the feet. And I’ll dive back forward onto all fours. All right, this time widen the
knees as wide as the mat; bring the two big toes together. Walk the palms out just ahead
of the shoulder points, and we’re going to inhale, reach the right fingertips forward
stretch through the right side body and on an exhale weave those right fingertips in
and underneath the bridge of the left arm. We come to rest on the right ear here, and
I press into the left palm. It’s one of my favorites here. Sit bones rock up towards
the sky so you can find this rock in the pelvis that feels really great on the back body and
we breathe here. For a deeper stretch you can press up and out of those left fingerprints,
or you can reach the left palm all the way up towards the front edge of your mat. Breathe
deeply here [deep breath]. Then, if you’re feeling a little frisky and you want to meet
your edge here, have a little fun, you’ll curl the left toes under and maybe, slowly,
keep your left toes on the ground, slide the left leg out. Find that sit-bone to heel connection.
If you feel like, “Ugh, I’m going to fall over.” Connect to your core navel to spine,
Uddiyana Bandha. Nice, Bandha lock here to engage the full body experience. One more
breathe here. Press into that left heel and on an exhale, we release, and unravel and
take it to the other side. All right, same thing here, we inhale. Reach
the left fingertips forward; keep this length in the side body as you weave left fingertips
in and underneath the bridge of the right arm. Pelvis rocks up towards the sky and I
use my right fingertips to find the best stretch to breath into the back body so maybe it’s
here, maybe it’s here, or here. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, press near your
foundation, anchor navel to spine, curl the right toes under and slide that right food
back. Find that sit-bone-to-heel connection. So I’m really pressing out through that right
heel, finding my breath. Awesome. And then unraveling it back to center. Cool. Walk the
palms out, curl the toes under send it up and back. Downward facing dog, peddle it out.
Find a little movement here. Breathe deep. All right, then we’ll wiggle it out and then
find a place of stillness here for three breaths so we might turn the two big toes in slightly,
melt the heart back, keep a soft bend in the knees here and breathe in and out for three
breaths [deep breathing]. Pulling through your checklist, one more breath. Awesome,
my friends. Then we’ll walk the palms nice and slow back up towards the toes. So we’re
coming to the back edge of the mat here. We’re folding forward, Uttanasana. Keep a generous
bend in the knees if you need to or a nice soft buoyancy, so we just don’t want to lock
here. Okay, stretching the lower back body, stretching the backs of the legs, letting
the weight of the head go, we find our breath and we maybe find a gentle sway here just
working out the kinks, maybe walking to the left and walking on to the right. Maybe grabbing
the elbows, of course. So we explore [exhale]. Then, we’ll inhale halfway lift, come to that
flat back position, we’re going to hold here for a couple breaths just working out the
kinks, and going through our checklist. So, pulling the elbows back, making sure we’re
not locking the legs but being soft through the knees. Navel draws up and we see if we
can create one nice long piece from the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone. So
you kind of have to check in with that inner mirror here and I love that. One more breath
and on an exhale slide it down. Keep the knees softly bent and walk your palms all the way
out to plank. So we’re going to bend the right knee in to
center stretch through the left calf. Take a deep breath in and exhale switch. Inhale
in and switch. Keep it going. Connect to your core, press away from the earth with your
palms. Keep it going, dipping the knees down nice and slow. Finding that sit-bone to heel
connection and creating a little bit of heat in the body. Awesome, now we’ll lower both
knees, hug the elbows into the side body and lower down gently. Inhale. Find your cobra
today. Nice and soft and slow you might move around a little bit here. And then slowly
we’ll release. Come back to all fours; send the sit-bones all the way back for a child’s
pose. Here we’re going to actively breathe into
the lower back. Send breaths and energy to your lower back. In these resting poses, for
me, it’s really not about checking out, zening out, it’s really about zening in; checking
in. So use the power of the breath here to breath into the back body. See if you can
feel the skin of the back stretch with your inhale. Imagine the soles of your feet melting
down a little bit closer towards the heels on that exhale. Stay focused on your breath
[deep breathing]. Then, gently we’ll come back to all fours, curl the toes under and
send it on up. Downward facing dog. Deep breath in here and deep breath out as you anchor
through the heels. Don’t even worry about whether the heels are coming close to the
mat or not. Who cares? It’s about the experience, so really breathe, breathe, breathe. And then
one day, when you’re not paying attention to the pose and you’re just enveloped in your
experience you’re going to be like “Wow, my heels touched the mat!” That’s what happened
to me. I was like “Holy Moly!” And still…steel…whoa…Texas girl. Still sometimes I notice that, it’s
okay, sometimes I’m here. Sometimes I here. One more breathe, and then we’ll walk the
palms back to the toes once again and we find Uttanasana. This time, yogi’s choice, you
can keep the feet hip-width apart or you might heel-toe, heel-toe the feet together. A little
softness in the knees as we relax the weight of the head down and breathe into the back
body. If you’re wanting to go more into the lower back, if you’re like “Oh, yeah, mama.”
Whoa. Then, bend the knees a little more. I’m feeling a little frisky today. Day four
– Frisky! Rawr. One more breath. [Deep inhale and exhale]. Then we’ll inhale, halfway lift.
Long beautiful neck, find it. Inflate with an inhale in and use your exhale to slide
it down, so we follow the breath, breath with the movement, movement with the breath. Walk
your palms back out to plank. Here we go. This time, we’re going to press away from
the earth and instead of dipping the knees down we’re going to lift the heels up. What?
So we inhale in. Exhale, toes touch. Inhale in. Exhale, toes touch. Deep breathe in. Exhale,
release. Inhale. Exhale. Maintain that sit-bone to heel connection that we found earlier.
Inhale. Keep an awareness through the backs of the legs [deep inhales and exhales]. One
more on each side, you got it. And then, we can either stay here and lower down or lower
the knees, hug the elbows into the side body and lower ourself down. Inhale cobra or up
dog. Gentle back bend here keep it nice and soft. Again, you can find a little movement
if it feels right. Then we’ll send it back to child’s pose. Again, using the power of
the breathe to stretch the back body, this time you might reach the fingertips behind
you, even turn the palms face up, letting the shoulders relax. So you can choose a variation
that suits you today and find your breathe [deeply inhales and exhales]. One more breath
here, take the deepest breath you’ve taken all day [inhales and exhales]. Nice, then
we’ll send the fingertips back up. We’ll find our way back to all fours. Day four, all fours.
So cheesy. And then we’ll send it up to downward facing dog. Deep breathe in [inhales]. Long
breathe out [exhales]. Soften through the knees, use the palms, walk them back to the
toes. Uttanasana – forward fold. This time, we’re going to interlace the fingertips behind
the calves and bend the elbows left to right. We might, through, breathe and practice we
might be able to find a little more space in the legs, but you can keep a nice generous
bend, in fact that’s really nice for the lower back. So just be in the moment, listen to
your body. Breathe in, and, on an exhale, we’ll slowly extend the forehead, the crown
the head, towards the front edge of your mat. Gently release. Inhale, extend, straighten
the leg. And release, bending the elbows left to right. Last time, and we release [exhale].
Awesome. Spread the fingertips wide, walk the palms.
Last time, out to plank. So, this time we’re going to do some toe-tapping, but we’re going
to take it to the side. So, we will inhale in and exhale, send the right toes out off
your mat. Inhale to center. Exhale to the left. Maintain that sit-bone to heel connection
so we’re not just “ehhh”, but, we’re creating full body strength, full body experience as
we move back and forth, back and forth. Hips are going to want to come up or sink down.
See if you can maintain one solid piece. It’s hard, but, we tap into that inner mirror and
we use our breathe. If the going gets tough, use your breathe to let go of some energy.
Stir it up. Let’s do two more breaths, you got this [inhales and exhales]. And then we
release. Awesome, everyone. Send it back, child’s pose. Take a rest, really nice work.
Relax your jaw, soften the forehead. Life is good. You can bring your arms up here and
if we’re still working on building strength in the wrist, you might find a little wrist
relief by doing some wrist circles or a little wrist massage. Maybe bringing the palms together
up overhead. Take one more deep breath in here, remember why you got on the mat today.
Smile. And then we’ll release the fingertips, last time, back to all fours. Day four, all
fours. And we’re going to swing our legs to one side and come to a nice flat back position.
Good work, my friends. When you arrive, hug the knees into the chest.
Oh, yeah. Give yourself a nice big hug. You might rock a little gently side-to-side. All
right, sending the fingertips out, left to right. We’ll inhale, scoop the tailbone up,
exhale. Melt the knees to the left. Turn onto your right ear. Maybe use your left palm to
guide the outer edge of your right thigh a little deeper into your twist. So if you’re
hanging here, don’t worry in time we’ll begin to find that space. I used to have back pain
and I have no, none. No back pain now and I feel like it’s from slowly finding the length
and space to come into postures like this recline-twist here. So relax, soften into
the sensations and listen to your breath. Listen to what your body is telling you today
[inhales and exhales]. Then we’ll slowly release it back to center and nice massages and we
come on through and then take it to the other side. Oh, yeah. Right palm comes to the outer
edge of the left leg then we turn onto the left ear here. Close your eyes again and listen
to what your body is telling you today and listen to your breathe [exhales]. Gently,
we’ll release back to center. Hug the knees into the chest one last time. And then slowly
release the soles of the feet to the mat, extending the right leg out long, followed
by the left. Take a deep breath in, reach the arms up and overhead, full body stretch.
[singing] Good morning, good morning, even if you’re practicing this at night! [laughter]
Good morning… I can’t finish it. Here we go, deep breath in and on an exhale we release
the arms. Sorry for that musical interlude. Gently rock the head a little side-to-side.
Smile, life is good. Life IS good. You might connect to a little gratitude here as we settle
in for Shavasana. Awesome work, my friends. Take ‘er easy. Namaste.

Jerry Heath


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