Yoga For Love: Namaskar Process | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: Yoga for Love – Namaskar process. The word Yoga means union – union of all
polarities, of masculine and feminine, Yin and Yang, individual and universal, Shiva
Shakti, right brain and left brain Or whatever else you may want to call them. To achieve this blessed union, the simplest
form is the yoga of namaskar. Putting two hands together in alignment with
each other at the level of your heart will bring you to a certain harmony between polarities
within. That in turn brings a sense of being united
with whoever or whatever the namaskar is aimed at. In placing your hands together, the dualities
of your likes and dislikes, your cravings and aversions are leveled out and there is a certain oneness to the experience of who you are. For a few minutes every day, put your hands
together in namaskar, look upon someone or something that means much to you, May be the sun, the moon, the clouds, the empty sky, the trees, the rock, your husband, your wife, your child, your mother, father or a picture that matters to you. Look at that someone or something with the
highest level of emotion that you can generate. In an attitude of loving attention, hold namaskar
for three to five minutes. Your life will be on a transformational mode [Explore 5 minutes for Love ] : Once a human being becomes more and more aware
of his own nature, he understands to experience love, to experience blissfulness, to experience ecstasy, even to experience orgasmic ways of life, you don’t need anybody actually.

Jerry Heath

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