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(lively music) – [Instructor] Who here’s
ready to get addicted? I’m talking strung out on yoga. Are you tired of sifting through countless online yoga videos only to find out it wasn’t what you were looking for? Do you want to make
positive change in your life but you’re not sure where to start? Well, you’re in luck
because Yoga Fix 30 is here to help you create a healthy habit This journey will deepen
your yoga practice, increase your flexibility,
and build strength. Yoga Fix 30 will change your thinking through affirmations, which in
turn, will change your life. Make sure to subscribe
to Fightmaster Yoga. And, don’t just subscribe, hit the bell for notifications so
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to receive daily emails. And, share this video on Facebook and with all of your friends because the more people practicing yoga makes the world a better place. So, let’s all get strung
out on yoga, Yoga Fix 30.

Jerry Heath


  1. Yes !!! I always start the year with you, 2018 will be no exception 🙂 and this video is so cute and fun 😀

  2. I literally squealed in shock and joy when I saw the notification! 😂 More yoga vids yaaay
    I may or may not have a problem 😂 #yogaaddict
    (Also, I hope Elmer's in at least one of them 😂🐈)

  3. Cute trailer 😊 I've been striving to do yoga everyday, and I would do well and then fall through (lacking motivation in workout and yoga on and off). December I did better, and this is just what I needed 💛

  4. Love this! I'm in <3 Thank you Leslie for all you do, I can't wait to start it, I did the YogaFix90 and changed my life. Now I start every morning with you. Feliz Año Nuevo!! (happy new year) Xx

  5. Great job on the trailer! YogaFix30 looks amazing, I can't wait to start tomorrow 🤗 Happy New Year Lesley and Duke 💖🙏🏻

  6. Sooo excited!!! I can't wait to start 🙂 Happy New Year to you and your family!!

  7. I am so in! Really looking forward to this. Thank you very much. Wishing the fabulous
    Fightmasters a wonderful 2018.

  8. Good old tradition 🙂
    90 days, 30 days happiness, 30 days for beginners, now this one.
    Happy new year! <3

  9. Happy New Year fellow Yogis🧘🏽‍♀️ Thank you Leslie…so ready for this practice 🙏🏽😉

  10. I’m so excited!! I can’t start it cause I’m still healing from my c section but once I am I’m ready to get addicted! I’ve missed Fightmaster yoga so much!

  11. Honestly, I can't believe it's been a year since I signed up for your 30 days yoga for beginners! I didn't do a single day of them. Ugh! But I'm really going to try this series. Hopefully with more love in my heart for myself and not so much fear.

  12. Love you Leslie ! Thank you so much for your dedication. You definitely make my world a better place 🙂 have a lovely NYE

  13. Woo Hoo! Can't wait to start. Thank you Leslie for all that you give and teach. Have a blessed new year.😊

  14. Love this!! I"m so excited! I was thinking of going back and doing yogafix90 this year but 30 days feels much more manageable.

  15. Oh awesome! I so love starting my year off with a big boost of yoga with you! Will be three years running. Before this video, I was thinking of perhaps working my way through the YogaFix90…but now I guess I will be doing YogaFix120! I can follow you through this 30, then carry on with the 90, taking me right up to May! Perfect!

  16. Thank you so much Lesley, I did your beginners 30 day challenge and have been doing many of your classes since then. I have Lupus and I am finding yoga so helpful in helping to manage this disease. I can’t manage a lot of the poses but I do what I can and find the whole experience very positive. Looking forward to this next challenge xx

  17. favorite part: at the beginning she's getting tipsy off kombucha ;D haha yogis "alcohol" of choice! 😛

  18. Oh yes can't wait! I did the Yoga fix90 multiple times I'm so excited. Thank you Lesley!

  19. Will the first video be up in time for us europeans in a different time zone who want to get their workout in first thing in the morning? 😳🤗

  20. I practise yoga with you since 4 years ago, but I'll join 30 days of program 😃 looking forward! Happy New Year, Lesley 💕💕💕💕

  21. Wow! I just started practicing yoga last June 2017 with yogafix90 😍 im soooo excited ❤️ thank you thank you 🙏

  22. Yeah!! Lets get started!! I am so looking forward to doing this program!! Thanks a lot, Lesley :-).

  23. yay another challenge with Leslie:) just finished your 90 days, gonna do this one too

  24. Oh I'm so happy <3 can't wait to start the program as soon as i finished the 90 day fix which I love SO MUCH by the way <3 thank you for changing my life with your yoga classes <3

  25. I just finished the 90 day yoga challenge and now that I have created the habit :), I think I am ready to get addicted to it!! I am really thankful to you for all your work and support:)

  26. Hi Lesley, can I do this while pregnant? I am halfway through my first trimester

  27. I’ve just completed this challenge. It was amazing. By fast the best yoga instructor on YouTube. I have subscribed and you are my new yoga instructor! Thank you 😘

  28. I’ve completed this 3 times Lesley and I always come back to it. It’s perfect after my gym workout as each one is under 30 mins. I would love you to do another 30 day programme! Maybe through your Patreon? 😘 Thank you fit all you do.

  29. I've never done yoga before, is this for me? Do you do this every day for 30 days?

  30. love fight master,i followed and practiced nearly one year at home,it is great,especially this program day 30…it is very good for me and beginners to follow one by one…I would like to advice fight master will film more yoga in an systems like this(hatha for beginner,middle leverl,high level),pranama yoga,vinyasa yoga…and aiming at some difficult strech and breath in detail and how to practice…

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