Yoga Camp – Day 23 – I Am Secure

– Hello my friends, and welcome to 30 Days of Yoga Camp. It’s Day 23. Time to be free. The mantra today is, “I Am Secure.” It’s a tough one. Let’s get started. (lively, uplifting piano music) Okey doke, today we’re
going to begin lying flat on the back. So come onto the ground. Take a second to get situated here. It always takes just a moment, right, to get settled in. So begin to get settled in here. And then whenever you’re ready, just let the hands rest
gently on the hip points here. And the elbows down on the ground. And then go ahead and
soften through your feet so we’ll start to engage
things here in a second, but just begin by letting
the weight of the body go. (exhaling) Closing your eyes. (inhaling) And taking a big breath in. Exhale out through the nose or mouth. (exhaling) Then again, big breath in. (inhaling) Big breath out. (exhaling) And one more time here, big breath in. (inhaling) Big breath out. (exhaling) Good, inhale. Reach the arms up and overhead. Begin to engage the legs. Press into the heels,
toes up towards the sky. Just a nice, easy, full body stretch here. Big breath in. (inhaling) Exhale. (exhaling) Two more like that. Inhale, big breath. (inhaling) And exhale. (exhaling) And keep reaching, big breath. (inhaling) And exhale, floating the
palms down to your sides. (exhaling) Awesome. We’re gonna take both knees
in towards the heart here. Scoop the tailbone up so the lower back is flush with the mat. Then nice and easy,
turn the palms face up. Open through the chest. Open through the heart. Inhale in. On an exhale, slowly
peel the nose up towards the knees or towards the feet. So see if you can keep an
openness in the chest here. Let the elbow creases
shine up towards the sky. So just slowly waking up that core, lighting
that fire in the belly. Just nice and slow here. If you need a little more, you can lift the shins parallel to the ceiling. And just maintain
awareness in the neck here. One more breath. (inhaling) And then exhale, release everything. Knees wide, arms at your sides. Soles of the feet together. (exhaling) Recline to Cobbler’s Pose here. Three breaths, here we go. Inhale in. (inhaling) Big exhale out. (exhaling) Inhale. (inhaling) And exhale. (exhaling) One more time. Inhale. (inhaling) Big exhale. Close your eyes. (exhaling) Keep playing with your breath here. Hmmmm. The mantra today, “I Am Secure.” Say it to yourself. If “I Am Secure” isn’t resonating, maybe you switch it up. Again, we’ve talked about you know, playing with these mantras. Maybe it’s “I feel secure.” Close your eyes. Continue to deepen the breath. Feel the weight of the legs dropping down. The hips heavy. Fingertips soft. Just take a breather here. I am secure. Good, then press into
the soles of the feet. Draw the toes down. Take your heels as wide as your yoga mat. So coming into a little
reclined Star Pose here, just creating a big X with the body. So X marks the spot. Kind of doing the physical
manifestation of like, “OK, you are here. “I am here. “I am secure.” You guys know that feeling? That feeling, I’m sure you know, we’ve all had this feeling, right? Where you’re like, “I don’t know. “I don’t know when the rent’s gonna come, “but it’s gonna come.” If you’re an artist, then you should know what I’m talking about. Or, “I don’t know what’s gonna happen “and how it’s gonna work out, “but I can either freak out
about it and fret about it “and poison myself, or I can just trust. “Be secure in the moment. “Be secure with who I am, “the path that I’ve chosen or
the path that has chosen me.” So we’re being super bold
here, and just coming into like an X mark the spot pose. Feel the weight of the body on the earth. Close your eyes and imagine the
earth rising up to meet you. Continue to deepen your
breath and again we say, “I am secure” or “I feel secure.” I am secure in this moment. I am secure with my body. (deep breathing) A couple more nice, conscious
breaths here in this shape, in this space. So good for the body distressed. (breathing) And then nice and slow,
starting with the fingertips, bring the fingertips in, and slowly the arms in, and cross left arm over the
right as you give yourself a big hug. Squeeze. Maybe the arms are a little
sore from your practice. You’ve been doing awesome lately so maybe you give yourself a little rub. (inhaling) And me you just, maybe
you need a hug today. I mean I don’t want to sound too hokey but sometimes, dude take it. A little hug from yourself. I am secure. (breathing) Keep saying it. Keep breathing. Inhale, open out. Big stretch. Just spread the fingertips,
spread the toes. (inhaling) And then opposite arm on top. So right arm on top this time. Same thing, give yourself a hug. Wiggle the fingertips underneath
the shoulder blades here if it feels good. Then one more time, we
say to ourselves quietly or out loud, “I am secure.” Yessssss. Unravel the arms. Take them to the outer edges of the legs. Slowly walk the feet in. Inhale in. Exhale. (exhaling) Hug the knees up towards the heart. Take the hands to the backs of the thighs. And just a couple seconds
to rock and roll here. Tend to your lower back. Tend to the sacrum. Mmmmmm. And for me, the mantra, “I Am Secure,” it can get a little serious. At least I was noticing that earlier today when I was doing my homework. So, I am secure. Right? Is it better to say, “I am insecure?” (laughing) Or “I am secure?” It’s just that simple. So, focus on your mantra. Drop your pin down. X marks the spot, and then don’t forget to have a little fun today. We’re gonna start by rocking and rolling whenever you’re ready. Front to back, whew. Notice if this rock n’
roll movement has gotten a little easier. Maybe the body feels less heavy. Maybe the mind is just more open to play. Give it one more rock and roll, massaging the spine,
finding what feels good. And then we’ll rock all the way up to a nice, cross-legged seat. Sit up nice and tall here. Palms come to the tops of the knees. Loop the shoulders a couple times forward, up, and back. (breathing) Warming up the body. Continuing to deepen the breath. (breathing) And then relax the shoulders down. Tag a little weight in the elbows here. Notice if you’re coming forward or if you’re rounding the spine. If this is the shape that your body is in, let’s find a little support
by lifting the hips up on a blanket, a pillow, or a block. Or a book. Or a small child. Just kidding. (laughing) I love kids, I’m just playin’. I just wanted you to laugh, right? Not take it too seriously. That “I Am Secure” mantra
can get a little like, “Am I? “But I don’t know what’s going on.” So whatever, the affirmations you know, they’re not always gonna be like, yeah, super easy breezy, but we’re committing to a process, right? And enjoying the journey. Sitting on blocks, blankets,
and small children. Just kidding. OK, sit up nice and tall, head over heart, heart over pelvis. And ultimately I’m just
trying to make you smile a little bit. (inhaling) And stay present. (exhaling) Big circles with the nose. One way and then the other. Mmm. Yeah. Great, then uncross the legs. We’re gonna send the left leg out, and then make sure you
activate through that left foot right away. We’re gonna cross the right ankle over. So we’ve done this together
here and now we’re crossing the right foot over. Great. Inhale, reach the left
fingertips up super high. Exhale, take it over
towards the outer edge of your right leg. That’s what it’s called. And then we’re taking a
second here to just notice what’s going on through the spine. That’s why I told you to find support by lifting the hips so
if you are already here, because we’re wanting to
slowly find this length here. And the right fingertips
are not behind us yet, because we have a tendency
to kind of sink back here. Crunch into those fingertips. So we’re here today. Inhale, lift and lengthen. Exhale, journey into your twist. Eventually we can release the
right fingertips down maybe, but just notice those kind of old habits, especially if you’ve been
doing yoga for a while to kind of plant and crank. (laughing) And so, let’s keep it in the spine. Connect you to the energy. Just warming up here. So we’re gonna come into
another twist later. So no need to rush it. (breathing) Close your eyes. Visualize the spine from
the crown of the tail all, from the crown of the tail? The tip of the tail all the way up to the crown of the head. Relax your shoulders down. One more breath here. (inhaling) (exhaling) And then slowly unravel. We’ll send the right foot out. And lift the left knee up. Activate through your
extended leg and then cross the left foot over. Inhale. Really, really, really,
really sit up nice and tall. Reach the right fingertips
up towards the sky. Find length. And then outer edge here
of the arm and the leg. Then before you sink back here, and maybe you just don’t sink
back in this first twist, see if you can find that
support from within. Whatever that means to you. For me it means engaging
from the base here, drawing energy up. It means sitting up nice and tall, visualizing the space
between each vertebra, like really, really rising up. And then hugging the lower ribs in, drawing my navel in. And all that jazz. Star-du-huh. Left fingertips maybe come behind. And then just notice if you
kind of went into old habits there. Crrrrk. Sccchhh. (deep breathing) Big breath in through the nose. (inhaling) Big breath out through the nose. (exhaling) Got zenned out there. Slowly unravel, really nice. Send both legs out long. Inhale, reach. Lengthen through both side bodies. Firm down through both legs. Inhale in. Exhale, bend the knees softly. Send it forward. Fingertips touch the
ankles, the toes maybe. Maybe not. And then they trace all the way back up, and we inhale, reach. (inhaling) Exhale, melting forward. (exhaling) Use the whole inhale
to reach, reach, reach. Inhale. (inhaling) Exhale, cascading down here. (exhaling) And one more time. Inhale, reach. (inhaling) Exhale, soft bend in the knees. Active through the feet. Forward Fold. (breathing) Take a second here. Breath into the back body. Again, you can bend the
knees super generously here. No need to try to crank
into some certain shape that you think you need to be in. Your body knows. So listen to your body. Why did I say it like that? Listen to your body. (breathing) Great. Then slowly we’ll unravel. Lift the knees up. Cross the ankles. And dive forward onto all fours. Notice what your body feels like today. A little light. Are you like, “Ooh, gosh, feeling good. “Feeling secure.” Notice if you’re feeling a little heavy. So we’re gonna use this
practice, the opportunity to go through our
checklist as I like to say. Pulling the shoulders
back, pressing up and out of the yoga mat. We’re gonna use this checklist,
this opportunity to check in with the body, expand awareness. (inhaling) And tend to whatever needs
to be tended to today. So just listen. One more breath here. Just going through the checklist. May look like I’m not doing much but I am. I’m pressing into the tops of the feet. Pressing away from your yoga mat. I’m tending to a little injury maybe. I’m lengthening through the neck. One more breath here, wherever you are. (inhaling) And then on an exhale, curl the toes under and send it up to Down Dog. (exhaling) Take a second to pedal it out. (breathing) And then find stillness here. Close your eyes and repeat the mantra, “I Am Secure.” Rock on, then slowly lower the knees. Then we’ll come onto the tops of the feet. And Cat-Cow, dropping the belly. Inhale, heart forward. Exhale, rounding the spine. (exhaling) Inhale, heart forward. (inhaling) Exhale, tucking the tail. (exhaling) One more, inhale. (inhaling) And exhale. (exhaling) Great, now curl the toes under and inhale. Drop the belly, heart forward. (inhaling) Now exhale, press into your foundation. Exhale, Downward Dog. Slow your roll. Inhale, toes stay curled here. Knees softly drop. Heart forward. Exhale, press into all ten fingerprints. Send it back, Down Dog. And just do three more
of these, nice and slow. Inhale, slowly lower the knees. Loop the shoulders, press up
and out of your foundation. Heart forward. Exhale, rounding, sending it back, melting the heart, Down Dog. Inhale, rolling through the toes. Softly landing there. Inhale. (inhaling) Exhale. Adho Mukha. Inhale, heart forward. (inhaling) Last time. Exhale. Thighs back, hearts back. Hips up. Down Dog. Great, nice and slow, walk it up towards the front edge of your mat. Take your time. Come to a nice Forward Fold. And create a happy
place here for yourself, mindful in the feet, tending to the wrists if you need to here, rocking
a little side to side. Let the head go. Let the heart melt. (exhaling) Close your eyes. (inhaling) (exhaling) Then take your time here. Remember why you came to practice today, and slowly we’ll roll it
up all the way to Mountain. And then today when you
rise up into your beautiful Mountain Pose, see if you
can find something new. Whatever that means to you. Maybe it’s shifting the weight. I mean maybe it’s just movement that your brain isn’t telling
you to do but your body is. That doesn’t make sense. Yes it does. It’s hard sharing yoga on YouTube. You think about everything. (laughing) It’s good. It definitely makes me a better teacher, better guide. A better person. Here we go. Open the palms. Spread the toes. See if you can find something
new and then come to a nice, still Mountain. (inhaling) And we begin to deepen the breath. (exhaling and inhaling) What are you waiting for? Begin to deepen the breath. Nourishing the body and all its systems with this nice, nice breath. (inhaling) (exhaling) And then we’ll begin to
link breath with movement. Inhale, reaching arms up. (inhaling) Full body stretch. And exhaling, fingertips
down, Forward Fold. Inhale, halfway lift. Soft and easy here. Keep it soft. Find that flat back. (growling exhale) And then exhale, Forward Fold. Plant the palms. Step it back to a plank. Don’t panic, nice and strong here. Pedal it out if you need to. Go through your checklist. Find that action, stacking
the bones with your alignment. You got this. One more breath. (inhaling) Then on an exhale, slowly
lower down to the belly. Feel free to lower your knees. Come onto the belly. Press into the tops of the
feet and inhale, baby Cobra. (inhaling) Open the chest. Pull the elbows back. Find your breath here. Notice if you’re cutting off your breath. Breathe deep. (inhaling) And then slowly make your way down. Breathe out. (exhaling) Curl the toes under. And come all the way back
to that plank strong. Big breath in. (inhaling) Big breath out sends you back to Down Dog. Inhale and exhale. (exhaling) Drop the left heel. Inhale, lift the right leg up high. Exhale, step it up into a nice, low lunge. Inhale. Come up onto the fingertips. Open your heart, chest forward. (inhaling) And exhale, lowering the back knee. Pulling it back. Nice runner’s stretch. (exhaling) Then rolling forward, slowly rolling through that right foot. (breathing) Coming back on the
fingertips and coming back to your low lunge. So lift that back knee. Great, inhale in. Exhale, plant the palms. Spread the fingertips wide like starfish. Connect to your core. Draw the navel in as you
step the right foot back. Slowly lower down, belly to Cobra or shift your weight. Chatarunga, hold here for
one breath in Chatarunga. And then shifting forward to your Up Dog. Again, we’re all doing our own
variations here, not vinyasa. And then to Downward Facing Dog. Stick with it. (exhaling) Drop the right heel. Lift the right leg up high. You got this, big breath. Exhale, step it up. Nice, low lunge. Come up onto the fingertips. Open up through the chest. Breathe, breathe, breathe. (deep breathing) Great, then slowly lower right knee down. Flip the left toes up towards
the sky and send it back. Little runner’s stretch here. Just checkin’ in. And then slowly rolling
through the left foot. Opening up through the
chest, the heart again. Let your heart radiate forward. Lots of energy as you
draw the shoulders away and lift the back knee up again. Big breath in. Light on the fingertips. Big breath out as you plant the palms. Spread the fingertips wide. Connect to your lower belly
so check out what’s going on in your core as you step
this left foot back. Yeah. Belly to Cobra or Chatarunga. To Upward Facing Dog. Play. Move with your breath. On an exhale, everyone
send it back, Child’s Pose. Take a rest. (deep breathing) So keep paying attention
to your breath here. (breathing) You might wiggle the fingertips
or tend to the wrists here. You might gently rock
the head side to side, massaging the forehead. Notice if you’re holding
any tightness or tension in the shoulders. Or in the jaw. (breathing) Then slowly reach the fingertips back up if they are not already. Activate through the
arms, lifting the elbows. And we’ll come back up to all fours. Curl thy toes under. And send the hips up, Down Dog. You guys are doing great. Stick with me, here we go. Bend the knees. Looking forward, inhale in. On an exhale, hop, jump, float to the top. (breathing) Find your Forward Fold. And then inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, bow. Bend the knees. Inhale, reach for the sky. Full breath here. Reach, reach, reach. And exhale, hands to heart. (exhaling) Great, bend the knees generously. So send the hip points back. Back, back, back. Bend the knees generously. Then swim the fingertips
around to interlace, knuckles down and away as you open up through the chest. (exhaling) Tuck the tailbone slightly here. Lift the toes. And one more breath. (inhaling) Then we’ll slowly break free. Straighten through the legs
and reach the arms up high, full breath. (inhaling) Exhale, melt it down. (exhaling) Inhale, halfway lift. Your version. (inhaling) Exhale, bow. Step or hop it back to plank. Spread the palms. Stay connected to your center. Whooo. Slowly lower down, belly
to Cobra or Chatarunga to Upward Facing Dog. Big breath in here as you open your heart. Play. Big breath out as you send it
back, Adho Mukha, Down Dog. (exhaling) Here we go. Drop the left heel. Lift the right leg up high. And then slowly sending
it up into your lunge. Keep breathing. Pivot on the back foot
and find Warrior One. Nice and slow here as we
build strong foundation. Get settled in. Inhale, reach the arms up high. (inhaling) And exhale, grounding down
through the shoulders, finding strong, strong footing. Big breath in. (inhaling) Big breath out as you
open up to Warrior Two. Whoa. (exhaling) Strong footing here. Looping through the shoulders. Finding that lift in the heart. Then straighten through that front leg. And then send the right fingertips
all the way up and over. (exhaling) Left hand can come to the sacrum
or slide down the back leg, just careful not to put a
lot of weight on it here. Inhale, reach. Exhale, back to Warrior Two. (exhaling) Extended side angle, right elbow to the top of the right thigh. Nice and soft. (inhaling) Then we send the left
fingertips all the way up towards the front of the yoga mat today. (exhaling) Draw the shoulders away. Tug them down as we’ve been doing. If you want to open up here, you can. And then feel free to play with the arm. Big breath in. Big breath out brings you back. (exhaling) And we move through a little vinyasa. Feel free to skip it and
send it straight to Down Dog. Moving with your breath. (deep breathing) We’ll meet in Down Dog. (breathing) Drop the right heel. When you arrive, inhale, lift the left leg up high. Then step it up into your lunge. Move nice and slow as you
pivot in the back foot and find your Warrior
One, nice and strong. Take your time. Enjoy the process. It’s no rush. When your arms reach, go ahead
and take a big breath in. Find that stretch. Press away from that back foot. Engage of the right inner thigh, and then exhale, shoulders down. Inhale, reach. Exhale, Warrior Two. So really, really strong footing here. (exhaling) (inhaling) Strong breath. Then press into all four
corners of that right foot. Begin to straighten the front leg. Then send the left fingertips
all the way up and over. (exhaling) Lengthening through both side bodies. Careful not to collapse here. We inhale, reach, reach,
reach, reach, reach. And then exhale, back to Warrior Two. (exhaling) Extended side angle, here we go. Inhale in. Exhale, soften. Left elbow to the top of the left thigh. Careful not to collapse here my friends. Keep that integrity. Then reach the right fingertips
all the way up and overhead. Keep the shoulder plugged
in and we breathe here, pressing into the outer
edge of that back foot. (exhaling) Opportunity here for variation, to play. Take one more breath. And then use an exhale to slowly
send it back to your lunge. Plant the palms. Move through a flow
that feels good for you. Then we’ll meet in Child’s Pose. (inhaling) Take a rest. (breathing) Take a nice, big inhale in. (inhaling) Then letting go. (exhaling) Awesome. From here we’ll slowly bring
it back up to all fours. And walk the knees out wide. Press into the tops of the feet here. Big toes to touch. Pelvis is gonna rock up towards the sky. As you inhale, reach your
right fingertips forward. Exhale, thread the needle. (breathing) So I rarely teach a public
class where I don’t do this now. That’s because we all have
our dingy, dingy, dink cell phones and whatnot, so we need to counter
that and this is nice. Nice for that. Nice, generous twist
in the upper back body. Reap the full benefits of
this asana by breathing deep, by finding a strong foundation even here. Pressing on the tops of the feet. Pressing into the parts of
the body that are touching the earth. Maybe you lift the left elbow up. (breathing) Breathe deep here. If you want to challenge
your center or your core, you can slide the left toes out here. Finding that sit bone to heel connection. Hugging the lower ribs in. Keep the left toes on the earth. Breathe deep here. And then if the left leg is extended, slowly reel it back in. Then we’ll all come back, slowly
unraveling through center. Taking a deep breath in to reach
the left fingertips forward and then sending it in
and underneath the bridge of the right arm. Same thing here. Nice, long, smooth, deep breaths. And then slowly finding this
connection to your foundation. (breathing) Go in a little deeper. (breathing) Just for fun, just to
connect to that center, try to throw yourself off
balance a little bit here, but maintain that strength,
that connection within. You can curl the right toes under. Find the strong sit
bone to heel connection in the right leg. Breathe deep. I’m not crashing onto my neck here. Strong in the body. (breathing) Take one more breath. If the leg is extended, slowly
begin to reel it back in with control. Big toes to touch. I unravel. I walk the palms out. And I send it back, Extended Child’s Pose. Knees as wide as the mat. This time fingertips actively,
actively reaching towards the front edge of the mat. Lift the elbows. Elbow creases shine up towards the sky. Great, then press into your
fingerprints even more. Tug the shoulders back, and
let the heart slide through all the way onto the belly. Mindful of the knees here. Press into the tops of the feet. Now slowly we’re gonna walk the fingertips off the mat here. Tent the palms so lift
the center of the palms but press into all ten fingerprints. Watch out hoodie. Press into your foundation. Pubic bone into the earth. Inhale, tuck the chin into the chest. Slowly roll up through the spine. Exhale, release. (exhaling) Inhale, maybe grow a little taller. (inhaling) And exhale, release. Don’t push it. Shoulders and ears have lots of space so if you find yourself
here, you need to keep it nice and low, working on the shoulders. In time, I’ve been doing this a while, you’ll be able to shine the
eyes of the elbows forward and find length, a little King Cobra here, but take your time, right? If it doesn’t feel, it doesn’t feel good. So, back up the truck. (laughing) One more breath wherever you are. (inhaling) And then let the exhale release you down. Awesome. Plant the palms. Last plank here, you got it. Curl the toes under and press up strong. (exhaling breath) Five breaths here. Strong body. (deep breathing) Long neck. (exhaling) Strong foundation. (inhaling) One more breath. Hugging the lower ribs in. Navel up. Find that sit bone to heel connection. Sweet. Then slowly lower the knees. Send the legs to one side. And come to seated. Hmmmmm. Mmmmm. So good. When that plank starts to get easier, even if you’ve been
doing this a long time, and some of you know
what I’m talkin’ about, like when that plank, when holding a plank starts to feel like, “Yes,
I’ll have a little cup of tea.” You connect to your strength. You start to feel really empowered. Endorphins start going. It’s really great, but
I do know what it’s like to get into that plank, and sometimes if I just
don’t do a bunch of planks, and then I do it, you know it’s tough. So, just be where you’re at today, and stay open to like
those yummy feelings too. Try not to focus on the negative. Let’s come all the way down. So back to that big ole X, which is where we’re gonna settle in. Sending the legs out to
the outer edges of the mat. Sending the fingertips
out up and overhead. And once again, take it nice and wide. Big breath in. (inhaling) Big breath out. (exhaling) Big breath in through the nose. On your exhale, take a little sigh. (sighing exhale) One more, inhale in. Don’t be shy. Exhale, sigh it out. (sighing exhale) Nice. Slowly walk the right foot
over towards the left, and then head and shoulders,
head and shoulders up towards the top left. So, heels are at the
bottom left, excuse me, head is at the top left. And just stay here. Keep the arms nice and wide. Breathe. If you want a little more,
you can cross the right ankle over the left, but we’re
just keeping the arms where they are. (breathing) And then back to center. And then we send the right
heel back to its corner. (laughing) And then cross the left ankle over or draw the left heel over to the right. Head, neck, shoulders inch their way over towards the top right corner. So we’re going for a
nice, gentle but juicy, so you shouldn’t feel anything sharp here. It should feel nice. Stretch in the left side body. Should feel a nice, little stabilization through the sacrum, the sacroiliac joint there on the ground. And then, should be no
pinching or fussiness in the head and neck so if there is, just ease up a little bit. And then close your
eyes and let it all go. (exhaling and inhaling) And then slowly walking
the head, the neck, the shoulders back,
keep the arms wide here. Slide the left leg over. This reminds me of that Eternal Sunshine movie poster. I get to be Kate Winslet. One more breath here, just playing. (inhaling) And then slowly sliding the wrists down. (exhaling) Snuggling the shoulder blades underneath the heart center, opening the heart. And boom, here we are. Shavasan. Close your eyes. Repeat the mantra one last time. “I Am Secure.” Connect to it. Believe it. Or just do your best. It’s all we can do. Great work today. Super excited that we’re
on this journey together. I’ll see you tomorrow. Namaste. (lively, uplifting piano music)

Jerry Heath


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    I Am Secure.

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  19. This was super duper lovely! And since I did Yoga Revolution last month and now I'm doing Yoga Camp, I have noticed that planks feel more powerful… and less challenging. 🙂
    The only problem I have, is with twists and sometimes lying on my tummy. I feel like I can't breath if something is kinda pressing against my chest or tummy – or both. It feels like it sometimes blocks my ability to breath deeply and then I start panicking since I've had asthma when I was younger and I've recently had some anxiety related issues where breathing has become somewhat a problem.
    Does anyone know why this could be? Because I physically feel like the pressure is blocking my breathing, it doesn't start as something mental, I think.

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    I must say I'm starting to really enjoy downward dog, i do find stillness in that posture and am able to move past the slight discomfort in my wrists.

  41. When I started this series I thought it would be "yoga boot camp"….it's actually mind camp, heart camp, soul camp. That's tougher, and also, I think, more helpful. Been at this series for a couple months, btw. Shout out to those of us who miss days! Because Life!

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  66. 230 days of yoga, I feel secure in that Yoga has become a daily habit. Sure some days are harder than others, when the body feels a bit stiff and achy or when you are in a small hotel-room and keep bumping into side tables and stuff (just like today, had to rearrange some furniture mid-session). But it never feels forced, it is just part of the daily routine. Thanks!

  67. Tough, doing it late afternoon! Appears harder! Thank you 🙏 Namaste 🙏

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