Yoga Camp – Day 16 – I Enjoy

– What’s up guys? Welcome to 30 days of yoga camp. I’m Adriene and it’s day 16. I’m superexcited. The mantra today is awesome. “I enjoy.” Giddy up! (orchestral music) Okay, today we’re going to begin in extended child’s pose. So bring your knees as
wide as your yoga mat, big toes to touch. And then walk your hands out (sighs). Finally, our yoga practice. Here we are. Today’s practice is short and sweet. The mantra is, “I enjoy.” So as you settle into
your little cave here, spread the palms wide with awareness. Tug the shoulders back just a little bit. Melt the heart. So just notice if you’re gripping anywhere around the chest or the shoulders by going through your checklist. (breathes deeply) Close your eyes, begin
to deepen the breath, and say to yourself, either out loud or in your mind, “I enjoy.” If that doesn’t hit the spot,
then maybe shift around a bit. I choose to enjoy. I choose to enjoy this practice. I choose to enjoy my day. I choose to enjoy the struggles, even, that live throws at me. What I’ve chosen today is … I choose to enjoy the ride. Because it’s day 16 and I
just got my license! (laughs) I’m going to enjoy the ride. Okay. Slowly rocking the head
a little, side to side. Keep it nice and slow, massaging through the brow bone here, stimulating that third eye, if you will. And then bring it back to center. Again, say to yourself, “I enjoy.” Or, “I choose to enjoy.” And then moving in a
circle, inhale slowly, press into the palms, come forward, (breathes deeply) exhale around and back. If it feels good to curl
the toes here, please do. If it feels good to open
the eyes, please do. Spread the palms. Enjoy the sensations in the body. Get in there. Shine some light in the dark places. Reverse your circle. Find what feels good here. And then when you feel satisfied, send it all the way back. Child’s pose. Big breath in here. Enjoy a nice exhale out throw
the mouth. (deep exhale) Good. Press into the top of the feet, inhale, come back up. We’ll walk the fingertips
out just a hair here. Press into the tops of the feet, and then inhale. Rock the pelvis, tailbone
up towards the sky, reach your finger … What fingertips? Right fingertips forward. And then on an exhale, keep the tailbone reaching towards the sky as
you thread the needle here, right arm comes underneath
the bridge of the left arm, we come to rest on the
right ear here, and we choose to enjoy, pressing left palm into the earth if that
feels good, maybe reaching left arm towards the sky (sighs), maybe wrapping around for a bind. Maybe left palm on the sacrum here. Breathe. Press into the tops of the feet. (breathes deeply) And then gently unravel. Smile. Take it to the other side. Tailbone up towards the
sky, left fingertips reach, stretch through the left side body, and then here we go,
threading the needle here. Resting on the left ear, pressing
into the tops of the feet. This helps protect the
knees, so stay nice and aware in the toes and the tops
of the feet, always. Finding what feels good. You can close the eyes here,
or you might open your eyes and enjoy the view. The art that display itself in the everyday. That’s one of the other
reasons I love yoga, is just … I tend to enjoy my life more,
I think, than most people because I’m awake to that beautiful … like, I can’t remember that type of green, but it’s like a neon green leaf amongst a bunch of brown leaves against this blue backdrop. See? Anyway, maybe I’m crazy. Pressing into the tops of the
feet, come back to center. And before we come off the knees here, we’re going to turn the
right fingertips in, press away from your yoga mat, breathe. (breathes deeply) And then bringing right fingertops back, left palm round, press. And then bringing the
left fingertips back, walking the knees in, back
underneath the hip points, and sending it to your down dog. Press into the index finger and thumbs, and the hips up high. Big breaths here. Stretching through the side body, stretching through the legs. And then slowly lowering down. Awesome. Cross the ankles. Use your palms to walk yourself through. Yay. And we’ll come to a nice
cross-legged position. Sorry. Palms to the tops of
the thighs or the knees, inhale, lift, and lengthen. Exhale, grounding, shoulders down, elbows down. Right ear over right shoulder. Close your eyes, maybe repeat the mantra. And then left ear over left shoulder. Repeat the mantra. Great. Inhale back to center. We’ll unravel the legs, toes are pointing forward. We swim the fingertips back. Fingertips towards the heels here, or towards the front edge of your mat. I’m going to loop the shoulders, and inhale, lift up to a table. Make sure your palms are wide enough so that you can press on
all ten knuckles firmly. Lifting hip points up, inhale, press in all four corners of the feet, and then exhale, slowly lowering down. Two more just like that, you got it. Inhale, lift, hugging the elbows in, lifting, lengthening through the crown, breathe. And let’s check out one more. If that’s too much on
the wrists, you maybe use your one more to do thrill the arms. Just checking it out. Oh, my arms. Yeah. And then release. Great. Take a second to just
catch your breath here, hook the elbows on the knees. Maybe it’s more neck circles, maybe it’s creaky old floor. Cool. And then we’ll cross the
ankles, come back to all fours. So keeping it nice and
low to the ground today. Pay attention to your foundation. Press away from your yoga mat. We want to build … So we’re not doing any plank today, yay, but we want to
build just a little heat, a little fire in the belly, so press away from your yoga mat, and
let the knees hover. Lengthen from the crown of the head. Press away from the earth. Big breath in, big breath out. One more breath here. Inhale in, draw the lower belly in, and exhale, release. Awesome. So we want to send the right toes out, find that stretch. Extension through the right leg, sit bone to heel connection. Then stay firm in your foundation as you trace a line with your right toes all the way over towards the left. Then take your head, and bring it over towards
the left side of your mat. Crown of the head extends. Maybe you take a look at your right heel. Breathe. Last but not least, actively
draw the right shoulder down and away. Press into all ten fingerprints evenly. Even that pinkie. And then slowly back to center. And same thing on the other side. Stretch it out, sit
bone to heel connection. (breathes deeply) And then tracing, big semi-circle over towards the right side of the mat. Pressing away … So if you’re collapsed
here, this is kind of pooh-poohy. Press away from your yoga mat. Soft bend in the elbow. Especially if you tend
to lock in the elbows. If you’re flexible there, then … Soft bend, press into
all ten fingerprints. Maybe you take a look
back at your left heel. Strong, strong, strong. And then softly release. Great. Drop the elbows where the hands are. And then curl the toes
under, and send it back. From here, forehead kisses the mat, and wrist relief. Bring the palms together, up and overhead, little namaste shark fin. If this is too much for
the feet at this moment, come off the toes, send it back. (breathes deeply) Maybe walk the elbows a little forward. Maybe you move the fingers here, rotate the wrists. And then we slowly release
the fingertips down, palms down. Inhale, carve a line with your nose. Look forward. Exhale. Slide into home. (makes whooshing noise) (laughs) Probably going to regret that. I’ve never done that before. That was fun. Okay, we come to a little
slumber party shape here. Bend the knees. Just come on to your elbows here, and kick the feet. Stretching through the qua … Quads. And then release the hands back down. Draw the shoulders away from the ears. And then we’re going to slowly reach the left toes back, so straighten through your left leg. And then right knee’s
going to bend up here. So we’ve got a half,
half froggie pose here. So stay here, and see if you can grow a little bit taller through the spine. So think sphinx in the arms. And … breathing here. This will be easier for some than others, depending on your hips. And then walk the right hand out. We’re going to turn the left fingertips, and then we’re going to
thread the needle again here. Here we go. This can be a little tricky on
the video, but you’ll get it. Here we go. Threading the needle. Left fingertips in and underneath the bridge of the right arm, and then we open up. Right fingertips out,
and we enjoy this move. You can center yourself
on the mat if you like. Come into your twist. I enjoy. Close your eyes, couple of
soft, living breaths here. So good for the body. So good for the mind. So good for … Your soul, I think. Just taking away some of that ache, filling some of that space
with a little consciousness and a little love. Draw the right toes down. Reach both fingertips up. This is like a Martha Graham move here. (sighs) Belly flop, as graceful as you can. Back to center. Same thing on the other side. So think sphinx arms. Extend the right toes, right leg out long, and then slide the left knee. Bend the left knee, slide it up. And press away from your foundation, find that length through
the crown of the head. Breathe. (breathes deeply) What we’re doing is so
good, so good for the body. I’m just, I’m enjoying this so much. Press into the left palm,
and then here we go, threading the needle again. Right fingertips come underneath the bridge of the left arm, and we open up, enjoy. Opening up through the
left wing this time. We come into our twist. Feel free to center yourself on the mat. If you have a hoodie, this
is even more enjoyable. I don’t know why I’m not wearing this. Oh yeah, now we’re talking. What is it about a hoodie
that is just so … (laughs) comforting. Tell me. Nice, long, smooth, deep breathes here. (whistles softly) Close your eyes, relax your jaw. And then this time, we’re just
going to come to flat back. So extend the left toes out. Reach the arms up and overhead. Center yourself on the mat. Nice, full body stretch here. Inhale in. Exhale, release everything. Now, if there’s anything
else you’d like to do today, something you would enjoy in your body, maybe it’s a prana yoga practice. Take this opportunity now … To fulfill that. Otherwise, we take a second
to release everything. And enjoy a moment, where
you give yourself permission to do absolutely nothing. Just a moment, even. Just give yourself permission, here, now, to do absolutely nothing. What does that feel like? Can you just enjoy a full … a full-on release? A let go? (breathes deeply) All we can do is do our best. Tend to it. And try to enjoy. (orchestral music) Awesome work. I’ll see you tomorrow. Take good care. Namaste. (music intensifies)

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  1. Short but Oh so sweet! Thank you for sharing your energy and teachings with us! x

  2. Aus 8… Really exhausted when i came home from work But I was relieved to see the title I enjoy…. And man What a feeling at the end…. Amazing !!!

  3. I did this practice again today and when I finished I started crying. That 15 minutes of self-awareness and self love felt so amazing amidst wedding planning, thesis writing, and translating my first actual book. I wasn't crying because I was sad or frustrated. I was crying because I realized that even though I'm stressed, I'm exactly where I want to be and I'm so grateful for it. Yoga helps me connect to myself and my emotions, and that felt overwhelming today. I realized I do enjoy. I enjoy this season of life with all of these huge changes ahead and I enjoy my yoga practice. Thank you, Adriene, for these videos and for helping me connect. And sorry for this long, emotional outburst of a comment!

  4. My cat jumped onto my stomach during table pose, then lay down! Laughed so much I collapsed.

  5. Thank you Adrienne, because of your practice my bike riding is more efficient, I am outputting 10 to 15% more power on my rides! Today I got complimented by 2 women, they asked. .what are you doing?..you look good!…I was like…THANK YOU ADRIENNE!..maybe the mantras I repeat during the practices ARE MANIFESTING outside. ..

  6. Needed! Feeling poorly today and didn't think I could tough a full practice out but this was heaven sent. Also; half frog to twist is my new fave thing. Felt amazing!!!!

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  8. Thanks for the great practice today! I am a recent competitive swimmer retiree after 16 years and needed something low impact that will help keep me toned and my mind relaxed. I have always loved yoga but I needed something that helped me stick to it. So thank you, your videos are amazing. I do have issues with my hands, I can't seem to get all of my fingers on the ground in many of the moves and I know this can lead to wrist problems, any advice?

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