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Hi Youtube! Hi Helo! How can you be prettier every day? How can you be pretty and smart at the same time? Today we are going to react to a song very recommended in the channel to a man or a boy, I don’t know I had never listened before His name is Marcelito Pomey recently he is competing in American Got Talent Champions here in USA they are doing the reality with champions from other countries He won in Philippines He is going to song The Prayer The one sang by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli It’s a really beautiful song two voices I can guess He will do the two voices Let’s see what’s happens It’s new to me too I didn’t knew him If I had to do a comparison with Dimash I love both I would say Dimash has the strongest voice and this guy does prettier in my very personal opinion And we didn’t know about him and his story his background story an orphan yes ! He has a baby Follow her in Instagram!

Jerry Heath


  1. Im glad that AGT has this kind of segement.champions versus champions..so marcelito shows his real talent in Universe

  2. Before he win in plipinas got talent
    So many many pilipino can do that
    Sing a double kara can sing female voice and male voice
    Most of them can sing a double kara is a gay in the philippines

  3. Dimash- sings in falsetto has a very high range… (sometimes it sounds like he isn't singing anymore no denying his voice is soooo high and is out of this world!!)
    Marcelito – on the other hand sings with falsetto and the best part his male voice is as just as awesome as his headtone/falsetto both voices has strong register.

    Maybe they'll face off in the final!

  4. Two beautiful people reacting to a beautiful and amazing performance. Thank you. Subbed.

  5. New sub here! Watch full version of The prayer cover by marcelito in Wish 107.5 Bus

  6. I have goosebumps listening to this video and his angelic voice. Proud pinoy here from United Texas of A 綾

  7. Hi, thanks in reacting to Marcelito. I think he sang for the King and Queen of Spain too. If you wish your subscription jump high then React to Morissette, KZ, Katrina and TNT from the Philippines. We appreciate if youll Introduce our singers to your country. Thank you.

  8. She is very pretty like a Hollywood star Her reaction is appropriate and nice. Here is my support from Hong Kong.

  9. Marcelito is very talented, not only he can mimic multiple voices and sounds, he knows how to beat box and a great comedian too…

  10. You react to kz tandingan, morisette , lea salonga,regine velasquez, and tnt boys.and many more.

  11. He isn not excatly at Dimash level, but lose. Andhe was a street kid in Manilla. Imagine him if he would have had a musical education added to this huge talent.

  12. Aim very happy for your both reaction, the reflexion of a dream poverty it's more powerful to achieve and goal of life to success behind,,,,,

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  14. Kind regards from Sweden again.

    You are so nice when you watch and comment on your video posts … have you seen this with Dimash and opera singer Aida as Dimash duet and one trio

    If you want to reflect on a new video with Dimash when he sings opera in a trio with AIDA & Lara FABIAN Aida is one of today's biggest female opera singers that video starts at 23:35 in this show (Ti Amo Cosi) which is also performed in an absolutely wonderful concert environment an ice hall in Moscow here is the link


    This is the one with perfect sound. Hope you include it in your posts

    Best regards: Kenny with family from Sweden

  15. Try to react the full version of "the prayer" and "the power of love" by marcelito pomoy on wish 107.5 bus.., salamat mabuhay..

  16. New subscriber here…Try marcelito pomoy The PRAYER in the wish bus. He sang it better in the wish bus

  17. U look great together love ur reactions !Heloisa u are perfect Pls react to Chris Stapleton ..u will love it i promise https://youtu.be/IBLruNfUqUs

  18. watch Marcelito Pomoy The Prayer (Celine Dion Andrea Bocelli) LIVE on Wish 107.5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4X7MB8x4eTg

  19. GO THE DISTANCE WITH LYRICS – (COVER) KATRINA VELARDE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPPmH_Da0YE

  20. The Greatest Showman – NEVER ENOUGH (Cover) Katrina Velarde https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSjDPF3I_Wk

  21. perd籀n por insistir pero reacciona a "My hearth will go on" de Dimash plis!!! c:

  22. Muito bom!!!! Por favor, faz react do Jordan Fisher!! Ele tem o Whistle perfeito!!! de outro planeta

  23. Wow Marcelito !!!! Thanks for watching my friends , I hope you enjoyed it! Remember to subscribe
    Follow 潃儭 Instagram.com/rafareactions

  24. If you haven't seen his full rendition of this song here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4X7MB8x4eTg

  25. Siete fantastici e bravissimi trasmettete divertimento e passione. Grazie!!!
    Heloisa sono seriamente innamorato di te!!!

  26. Proud of you marcelito pomoy .
    Proud To Be Filipino ..蛤唐
    Im new .. Thank you

  27. Marcelito performed in a party Spain Spain infront of the Prince snd Princess.

  28. New Subscriber here from 劾佞劾佞劾佞劾. Thanks for reacting to Marcelito Pomoy.

  29. All filipino love pomoy we are all full support to him go marcelito proud pinoy

  30. Rafa is right , you look more beautiful everyday :PP (that's 2 eyes of the beholder now :PP)

  31. You should react to him sing My heart will go on at Philippine Arena. MAGICAL. SUBLIME only a week ago

  32. To complete the reactor's trifecta (Dimash, Marcelito and Morissette), you now need to react to Morissette Amon "Akin Na Lang" or "Rise up" in Wish 107.5. We Filipinos love it when foreigners react to our talents.

  33. Time for Filipina singer Morissette singing AKIN KA NA LANG on WISH 107.5 BUS. you will be blown away!!!

  34. Please do react to Morissette Amon cover of "Rise Up" On Wish Bus 107.5 Also thank you for the reaction.

  35. Most haters use Dimash as an excuse against Marcelito. It's not fair when you're comparing an innocent contestant to Dimash which is already a celebrity star and we obviously know that Dimash already on top level.

  36. Morissette Amon, KZ Tandingan Katrina Velarde and the TNT Boys, Please check them out,

  37. If you like marcelito pomoy you will love to hear the voice of morissette amon singing never enough and rise up on wish bus 107.5 live..

  38. Thanks for your Amazing reaction, the reason why there's a lot of good and amazing singer in the Philippines because videoke was invented in our country by Mr. Del Rosario, God Bless Guys, More Power

  39. Hi im your new subscriber please react to him singing MY HEART WILL GO ON plaseeeee https://youtu.be/8i1nKdm-_v8

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