Wilmington Yoga Center: What To Wear To A Hot Yoga Class

Hi, my name is Keegan White, and I an instructor
at the Wilmington Yoga Center.  Today, I am going to give you some tips what to wear
to one of our hot yoga class offerings!   For women we recommend:
Breathable fabric, but dress down so your skin can do its job by regulating your body
temperature. Avoid clothing that restricts movement and cotton fabric that absorbs and
holds moisture.  Women practicing hot yoga often wear workout shorts, tank tops, sports
bras, or spandex. For men we recommend:
Swimming trunks or running shorts make good choices for men in hot yoga classes. If you
choose to wear a top, stay away from cotton and choose T-shirts or tanks made of breathable
fabric. We offer a wide variety of hot yoga clothing
for men and women at the Wilmington Yoga Center- The best options ALL students are ones that
don’t distract you or get in your way during class! Thank you for joining me today!  We look
forward to seeing you on your mat!  For more information on our hot yoga class offerings
and other tips please click on the link below! Namaste’

Jerry Heath

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