Why God Isn’t Answering My Prayers – (5 Reasons) Kris Reece

well hey my friends if you are looking
to defeat life’s devils grow in your faith and become everything you were
created to be then you are in the right place in case we haven’t met yet my name
is Kris Reece and if this sounds like something you could benefit from go
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thing today I want to talk to you about the five reasons why God isn’t answering
your prayers I remember one cold January morning as I
sat on the floor of my bedroom I had been in prayer for weeks over a house
that I wanted to buy and it was a great deal the price was cut in half since the
market had crashed and it was a beautiful luxury condo that had more
high-end details than I had ever seen I was in love and I was determined that
the fact that this was such a great deal meant that all of it was coming together
for my good but I kept running into an issue with the owner of the building
something felt off but I persevered and fortunately I also prayed and print and
prayed and nothing was happening and on that morning in prayer I was directed to
Psalm 84 11 and it reads for the Lord and that is when it hit me if God wanted me to have this house then
I’d have it I just needed to cool my jets and trust that in his silence he
actually was answering my prayers and in my journey with God I have discovered
that there are five reasons why God doesn’t answer prayers let’s talk about
them today reason number one you have wrong motives
James 4:3 sets the stage so well when it says you ask God for something and do
not receive it because you ask with that’s the amplified version ouch God is
not a personal blessing dispenser your desire how desire should be for his
desire to be fulfilled in our lives number two it’s not as will we often
pray the words of Matthew 6:10 your kingdom come your will be done on
earth as it is in heaven but do we truly mean it if our prayers
don’t line up with His perfect will then we shouldn’t want them anyway
and God’s will comes in two forms we have His perfect will and is
permissive well he will sometimes give you what you ask for even if it’s not in
line with his perfect will so be careful you just might get what you pray for
and number three it’s just not the right time delay is not denial and there are
many cases of people in the Bible who waited a long time for a prayer or a
prophecy to come to pass how long you ask well the Israelites waited 40 years
to cross into the Promised Land remember that was an eleven-day journey
and King David waited over 15 years before becoming King after he was
anointed if God is slow in answering your prayer it may not be the right time
number 4 you’re in sin look I realize this one seems obvious and oftentimes
when we think of sin we think of these outrageous blatant sins like murder
stealing etc but sadly in our world many sins are watered down even among
Christians sins like adultery gossiping and lying all have become more
acceptable according to the world standards but God doesn’t change his
mind to fit the culture sin is sin and it can and will disconnect you from God
isaiah 59:2 was very clear when the writers stated but your iniquities have
made a separation between you and your 5 he’s building your faith God’s purpose
in answering your prayers is to draw you closer to him not to make you more
comfortable or happier although he does look to do that but it’s all about him
many people even believers miss that God isn’t here to serve us we were created
to serve Him if we’ve got everything we wanted when we wanted God would
literally be raising entitled bratty children and I want you to comment in
the section below and say I am NOT an entitled brat II kid look there are
times when God pulls away to draw you near but Jeremiah 29:13 reminds us that
we will find him when we seek him with all our heart but God knows the end from
the beginning he isn’t being spiteful or withholding he has your eternity in mind
not just your immediate prayer remember that beautiful condo that I wanted well
know God never gave it to me and at first I was crushed but a few years
later I came to find that the owner was arrested for bank fraud and the entire
building is vacant still to this day that is the amazing God that we serve
well I’d love to hear your story maybe you can just pop down in the comment
section below and let us know how God has moved on your behalf even when you
didn’t think anything was happening well my friend that’s all the time that we
have for today if you are ready to grow in your faith I have a gift for you I
have a five-day mountain-moving faith devotional that I want to give you for
free yes for free it is my gift to you because I believe that you two have
mountain-moving faith on the inside of you I will go ahead and include the link
in the description section below but until next time remember all things are
possible with God

Jerry Heath


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  2. I am not a bratty entitled kid.. GOD as moved me my whole life even when I didn't deserve him JESUS has loved me throughout my life unconditional love and I realize NOW how much GOD loves me not just me but EVERYONE.

  3. This year has been one of the hardest for me in my life. Loss and roadblocks, followed by loss and roadblocks, yet the Lord has made sure that we have what we need.
    Mahalo Kris and have a blessed day.

  4. I am not an entitled bratty kid! I wish I had been obedient to God’s “no” because I forced open a door… and when I walked through it wasn’t what it appeared to be. His rejection was for my protection, which sadly it took me after the fact to realize it. But I’m still growing in God. Thank you for the video!

  5. Thank GOD for delivering me from entitled BRATTINESS! Praise His Holy Name!💯🙏🙌🏽

  6. I am not an entitled brat. I have been going the mountains far too long. Let today be my day of devine connections and appointments in Jesus name amen and amen.

  7. All things are possible with God every thing we pray for will be answered at the right time . Amen

  8. I was a non believer. No one else brought me other than Lord himself all of the sudden this June. I have sinned a lot knowingly and unknowingly.. facing very difficult situation right now. But I am on his path now and I know he will slowly drive me through this difficult situation. I face heaps of problems in the morning, in the afternoon but before the evening things gets settled. Praise the Lord. He is my only refuge. Amen

  9. I am almost 1 year waiting for something I asked for, sometime I lose my trust and sometime negativity stirs my mind about him but YouTube videos including yours always make things right and better thank you so much keep updating us God bless you and keep you

  10. I am not an entitled bratty kid, Amen my sista, he's answered prayers not when I wanted them when he wanted them, I learned that one, I love your videos.
    Before christ all my prayer's were selfish, now with him my motives are good I know when I say his will be done I mean his will be done take care my sista have a great day God bless you and your family God is good

  11. Kris, I pastor a cowboy church in new mexico, I watch your videos on a regular basis. I tell the ladies in the church about you as well, God does an excellent job using you. Thanks

  12. Disobedience is sin too. I am not an entitled bratty kid!!!! God is not a magician or a genie.

  13. He is answering your prayers! His answer is always Yes, Yes but wait, or no, Ive got a better idea!

  14. hi kris. wht should i do if i am nt getting answer for my marriage restoration…?pray for my husband salvation n to come back to me. please

  15. I am not a bratty kid I am just trying to get god to help  me get some thing that belongs to me  from deferent People.

  16. Thank you may be I'm asking in a bad motives its been years praying for healing praying for condition to buy or build house praying for my financial life nd also my lv life but nothing happened. I still have faith that one day He will answer.

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