WhispersRed ASMR ❤︎ Essential Face and Scalp Massage with Hair Brushing For Relaxation 💖

Hello It’s nice to see you again Today I want to bring you double the tingles with our special guest you may already know my model for you today This is Emma (Emma) Hello Emma Whispers Red A S M R We’re so happy to make this relaxing video for you today (hair scratching noises) I hope that it’ll take a little bit of your stress away and add more peace comfort to your nights (taps fingers on bottle) I wanna help give you some aromatherapy for your relaxation we’re gonna be using my favourite Argan oil infused with lavender and sandalwood (noise of hands rubbing together) Just breath in for me And again I was told that this is a very strong trigger well tonight we can take you to a more relaxed place (hair scratching sounds) Just breathe out the day This day has come to a close It’s all about you now I’m just going to just brush a little bit while gently scratching the back of the neck (giggles) (scratches the bristles) I really want to massage this temple area so I’ll focus on that side for you first You have really nice hair Emma: Thank you Thank you for letting me brush it Emma: I didn’t think to ask you though (sighs) (hair scratching noises) Lift your head up a little There you go I hope that this is feeling nice for you for me the massage is great helps make all the fast running thoughts just melt even for a little bit okay (hair scratching noises) (pings the prongs of the massager) First a little tickling on the back getting to the base of the spine all relaxed base of the neck and we go here and here Just for fun This is the first time I’ve used this one I think it’s great Emma: That’s so nice on my back (giggles) guilt free back tickling I’ll see you in tingle town It’s okay to acknowledge the other sounds you can just let them pass (hair scratching noises) A head massage is one of the nicest things you can do Or hairbrushing especially if you hold a lot of tension right here Just let it heal you guide you to be that calmer person that you are You’re relaxed now And let go And let go Finally we’re just gonna do a favourite just some back tickling with face brushing This is such a soft brush Thank you for joining us tonight We hope that you’ve felt some healing with these sounds We appreciate you Goodnight! from Char and Emma Emma: (sighs)

Jerry Heath

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