What is Yoga ? The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation | യോഗ അറിയേണ്ടതെല്ലാം | Ethnic Health Court

Ethnic Health Court Presents Yoga Yoga In Beach Ethnic Health Court Yoga Spirit of Yoga Namaskar I am Yogacharya Thara Laju For 17 Years, I have been teaching Yoga in Trivandrum My Yoga center is in Kanaka Nagar. Named as Yug Wellness Center Yoga for Beginners What is Yoga ? Normally People Thinks Yoga is Inhale & Exhale or Highly Spiritual Meditation Process But Actually Yoga is not Like That.. Some People told me They Doesn’t Like Yoga because It Doesn’t Have Cardiac Workouts, or No Sweating But Actually Yoga is not Like That..

Jerry Heath


  1. madam…njan ithu vare yoga practice cheythittilla…ini cheyyan agrahikkunnu… enganeyaanu..start cheyyendath…pls..

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