What is the Flower Ornament Sutra? Robert A.F. Thurman : Buddhism Explained – Force For Good

Are we
live here now?

Jerry Heath


  1. Interesting that this would pop up only days after I ordered the Flower Garland Text.

  2. I love this teachings! You said: The law of nature is continuity, yes! and can somebody find nothing? no of course not! I am glad I did not get confused about that (smile) thank you again for this wonderful teachings!

  3. Robert Thurman is a treasure and unique in how he explains the Dharma, especially with such enthusiasm and conviction.

    The Avatamsaka Sutra is similar in that its speaking to us from another level. It's how reality would look if we would not buy into our perceived limitations and delusions – which we're "conditioned" into us by growing up in such a cynical and fearful world.

    This Sutra is the best response to the Zen Koan "show me your face before your parents were born."

  4. Thank you Robert Thurman for this teaching!  You have inspired me to purchase this Sutra and study it for the benefit of all beings

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