Welcome to Valinda’s Yoga

Valinda makes yoga accessible to
everyone and it’s really been an uplifting part of my life because she
gets really deep and she really gets in there and helps you change your life
thank you so much for clicking this video I so appreciate you being here and
I can’t wait to help you! Before I found kundalini yoga hatha yoga movement
therapy meditation and energy work I was depressed and anxious and worried at
times I didn’t even want to be on this planet anymore why was I even here when
I moved to California from Mississippi in 1989 I thought all my problems would
disappear I graduated college I had the world at my fingertips I thought my
depression would go away as soon as I got out of Mississippi because I figured
it was the rain or the alcohol abuse that I came from I was working as a
bartender cocktail waitress and all of a sudden you guys I was standing behind
the bar and I started having panic attacks I just couldn’t breathe and I
would shake but it’s actually what catapulted me into therapy I ended up
going to grad school at UCLA and becoming a dance movement therapist so
the panic attacks were actually a “gift in the garbage” is what i call it now and
it’s actually ultimately what led me to yoga meditation energy healing Kundalini
Yoga the first thing I noticed was my depression began to lift I began feeling
safe and confident in my own skin I started taking more risks and
accomplishing more in my life since then 22 years now I can actually say I feel
joyful content and peaceful and the best part is now I get to share everything
with you now I get to help stressed out anxious people who are ready to shift
people like you ready to take action and spark your inner joy and experience
immediate results don’t take my word for it listen to some of my clients: my
children tell that when they see the yoga mat that
they say yes because mama went to yoga coming to you valinda yoga class is like
going to the gym going to church and going to therapy all at once so it’s
really been a transformative experience and I just feel so blessed that she
became my teacher because she’s the real deal she lives and breathes Kundalini I
searched all of the world for happiness I read every spiritual book I could get
my hands on I even went to India and met the Guru’s sai baba bks iyengar and TK v
desert Qatar I curly believe we have the power to heal ourselves but action is
required and we have to be open to receiving the healing I have so many
techniques that I’ve now put together in a comprehensive program to help you in
your daily life I teach you daily techniques that will help you in less
than 15 minutes a day be centered be peaceful be present you might be saying
if only I weren’t so anxious all the time if only I could stop yelling at my
kids or be present or just be happy well i can help you because i was right where
you are and i have the tools to help you so i really hope that you’ll join me on
this journey the techniques that I teach you will help you transform ignite and
activate your authentic self I look forward to seeing you in the program and
be sure and send me a message I want to know everything going on with you thank
you so much for watching this video you guys still your mind open your heart
speak your truth and live your dreams I am Sat Nam (That means Truth is Your Name)

Jerry Heath


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