Visualization: A Relaxation Strategy

The Center for Academic Success presents: Visualization Think of a very relaxing scene. A place and time in your life where you were very calm, very relaxed, very much at ease. A mountain top, your front porch, swing, by the pool, any place that is relaxing to you. Close your eyes and use all of your senses to experience that place and time again. As you walk along the ocean, the cool waves lap lazily at your feet, and every now and then surprise your ankles. The sun feels warm on your face as the gentle breeze brushes softly by you. The pure, sparkling, white sand crunches softly beneath your feet and toes. You can smell and taste the salty moisture of the ocean breeze. You can hear the chatter of the seagulls as they play along the shore. Your eyes soak in the pure colors of the white, puffy clouds floating lazily in the blue sky. The coolness of the water, the warmth of summer, the crunchy sand, the warm salty moisture of the ocean breeze, cause you to feel very relaxed.

Jerry Heath

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