Underwater Ambience | Under Water White Noise | Deep Sea Relaxation Sounds

Shallow and deep underwater sounds for relaxing, meditating, etc. Asleep yet??

Jerry Heath


  1. I like how muted it sounds. It's almost as if I can feel the weight of the water pressing down on my chest.

  2. I really like this one. I keep coming back to it for sleep. I dunno why I enjoy it so much.

  3. Best one, actually sounds like your ears are blocked, having in-ear headphones helps the illusion

  4. go,go,go to the deep,
    follow water,
    back to the sea.

    fall in darkness,
    fall in deep,
    go back to the sunless sea.

    the beauty in the ocean deep,
    the even young prince,
    never come back,
    never awake,
    stay in the abyss,
    rest in peace.

    go,go,go to the deep……

    I don't know why but I just wirth it down……😓

  5. After several videos of achieving my goals, several backtracking, and surprisingly high disappointing prices, I'm now back at square one, and my dreams have no true purpose other than to disappoint me even more. What even is the meaning of life anymore if it's all about chasing your dreams? Might as well shoot myself and go to heaven, it would be a whole lot better. 😞

  6. Actual underwater visuals would be nice but I kind of like the hypnotic almost thing ya got going on . Also like that I’m not hearing some scuba diver breathe every couple of seconds , sounding like darth Vader underwater . For some reason , that kills the ambiance for me , making me aware of the innate element of breathing , drawing attention to my own breathing patterns and making me more aware , as if i have to Breathe in sync with the person I’m hearing so loudly .. heck , I can’t stand the sounds of someone breathing so loudly ( especially snoring ) that sadly as it’s come down to this lol , the man I’ve been with for about 18 years now and I have separate bedrooms bc of it. Ans I still have to use headphones and sounds to help me sleep , so I’m not kept awake hearing it from the room across the hall … I’ve given him my medical opinion and my personal advice , but he doesn’t realize the impact to his health that it’s creating and like many other areas of his health of concern , never wants to seek medical attention or any preventive treatment or. Examinations. Guess that’s wht he’s got me for 🙄… sadly isn’t supposed to be in my care ethically , nor can I actually prescribe him anything as he’s not my patient , but all the recommendations and referrals I’ve tried to set up , just never wants to do a thing about it. At least trying to have a healthy lifestyle and introducing healthy habits into your daily routine are very important to me. Not expecting him to go run marathons or lift 500lbs over his head …. but anyone that keeps on the slippery slope of bad health may find
    Themselves carrying 500lbs like it or not , before being overcome by illness or dying due to things they could’ve easily prevented. And it’s not that some ppl just don’t care , but need proper motivation and positive reinforcement… which I’ve done my best to give but can’t give it all for the two of us being the only one in so many areas .. not that this YouTube comment space is being rented out for therapy sessions , lol sorry for rambling on lollol. I’m just gunna go now 😂 and enjoy the calming sounds as I fall asleep …

  7. I suppose you listen to shallow pond sounds when you put your head down on your desk!

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