Total Body Yoga Workout (Super energizing!)

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in every aspect of your life. Hi, I am Leslie Fightmaster
and today I’ll be leading you in a 20-minute total body workout. Begin with your shins crossed,
sitting up nice and tall close your eyes if you like, bring the palms of your hands
in front of your hearts, setting our intention. May you enjoy the present
moment, quiet your mind, connect to your best self. And then on your next
exhale take your left ear toward your left shoulder and reach your right arm out to the right. So we’re not gonna pressure on the head with that hand, but just
a little extra weight. Inhale head to center, exhale. Right ear toward right shoulder, bring your right hand on your head. Reach the left arm out, flexing the rest. Make sure both shoulders
release away from your ears. Keeping your breath steady. Inhale, come to center. Switch the cross of your shins. Sit up tall, inhale,
bring your chest forward, look up widening the
collarbones as you exhale round through the upper back,
pull your ribs in belly in, chin toward chest and again inhale. Gently look up, collarbones widen. Exhale, chin toward chest
rounding through the back. Inhale, widen across your chest, look up gently shoulder blades relaxed. Exhale, rounding the
back chin toward chest, ribs and belly in and up and then roll yourself forward
onto your hands and knees, wrists under shoulders
then walk your hands about a hand print in front. Step your right foot
up by your right hand, tuck your back toes under. Right knee is over ankle, pull the right hip back as
you reach up through the arms. Sink forward any amount. Keep pulling your belly in, lengthen through your lower back, now inhale, take your
arms to shoulder height. As you exhale reach your left arm forward and right arm back. Little twist, try and
keep your hips level. Now lean your torso forward,
stretch out your spine, make a fist with your left hand, wrap it with the right and twist. As you inhale create length, as you exhale maybe twist a little deeper. Relax shoulders away from
ears, come back to center. Stretch up through arrow, straight arms with those
back toes tucked under, press the front heel down maybe
lifting off your back heel. Lengthen through your lower back, you can bend the knee,
tilt the pelvis forward. Make any adjustments you
need for your high lunge and inhale, arms to shoulder height again. Same thing, left arm
forward, right arm back. Take a breath in. As you exhale lean forward
make a fist with the left hand, take the elbow across and twist. Remember if this is too much, you can always leave your back knee down. Pull your left hip back,
or lift your left hip pull your right hip back, sorry. Now walk your hands to
the inside of the foot and take your feet to
parallel, toes pointing in. Look up, lengthen on your inhale and then fold in on your exhale. (speaking in foreign language) Crown of head’s reaching toward the floor, if your elbows bend you
can line up your elbow over the wrists. Pin your outer hips in towards center, inner thighs towards center as well. Then inhale, come on up,
turning the right toes out. I’m just gonna start to bend the knee. So the right toes will be
on a little bit on an angle. Press the back heel down, left hand up, perhaps or down and then
walk all the way to the front and then step back into
downward facing dog. All the way back, arms shoulders distance, feet hips width, begin to
bend one knee and the other, bicycling your legs. Come back to your knees, the wrist will still be a
little in front of the shoulder. Step your left foot up, and then tuck your back toes under, pulling your left hip back
reach up through your arms. Arrow straight arms, keep
that knee over the ankle but lengthen through the lower back, so tailbone lengthens down. Inhale, arms to shoulder
height as you exhale bring the right arm forward,
stretch the left arm back, keep the shoulders above the hips. But you’re turning from above your waist. Now lean forward, make a
fist with your right hand, take the elbow across, wrap the left hand on the right fist. Try and pull the left hip back, keep the right hip lifting up. Keeping the hips nice and level. It’s not easy, come back to center, spinning triceps forward
ribs and belly in. Inhale, lift off that
back knee if you can, then lengthen through the lower back, tilting pelvis forward. Stretch out make sure
left knee is over ankle. It’s important to protect that knee. Inhale, again arms to shoulder height, exhale right arm comes forward
reaches through the left arm take a breath in as you exhale start to lean your torso
over that left leg. Make a fist with the right hand,
take the right elbow across and twist, keep pulling the left hip back and try to keep your
hips as level as you can. Inhales lengthen the spine,
exhales twist deeper. Now bring your hands to
the inside of the foot and take your feet to parallel,
toes pointing in a little. This time we’ll interlace
fingers behind the back. Inhale, halfway lift
and exhale folding in. (speaking in foreign language) Shift the weight a little
toward the balls of your feet. Firm the leg muscles
without locking the knees, and imagine you’re
holding a big beach ball between your inner thighs
and you’re giving it a nice squeeze with your inner
thighs and your outer hips. Soften your elbow joints a bit. Inhale, come on up. This time we’re gonna
turn the right leg out and bend the knee a
little bit on that side and then we’ll turn the left toes out and bend the knee a little on that side. Keeping the hands on the floor and then walk yourself
all the way to the front, pick up the back heel come to plank, exhale chaturanga. Inhaling for up dog, and
then exhale stretch back, downward dog. Even out your breath, draw in
through your ribs and belly, press your thighs back and reach your heels toward the floor. Arms shoulder system’s feet hips width. Exhale everything out, step
or lightly hop to your knees. Knees are hip socket distance apart, bring your hands on your lower
back right above your hips. Roll your shoulder heads
back and start to lean back. Spin the inner thighs
back and keep lengthening through the low back,
widen your collarbones but draw your front ribs
down, lift your hip points up. Both shoulders at the
same time, inhale come up. So you can stay with that, you don’t even have to go that deep or you can reach back for camel pose. So reaching for the heels now tail bones lengthening toward backs of knees. Hip points lift toward the lower ribs, but then soften the lower ribs down. Imagine there’s a string
attached to your chest and it’s getting pulled right up and then let your head go back any amount. Breathe into your chest. Now squeeze your legs toward
each other to come up, both shoulders at the same time. It’s important to keep your back safe. We’re going to sit back
either sitting your hips in between your heels
or if that’s too much you can sit on the heels. And then option to walk your
hands forward into camel with strossen and one more
time from the back way. This will sometimes
give you more openness. Inner thighs spinning
back, lengthen tailbone to backs of knees, squeeze
the outer hips inner thighs and then just start to
sit back and sit your hips right onto your heels, or set your hips between your heels, or if you have a block you
can sit your hips on a block. Make sure your knees do
not go wider than the hips. Bring your hands behind you and inhale, start to lift up off of your buns and then chin into our
chest and come down. You can stay with that or forearms down and again lifting up, lengthening sitting
bones to backs of knees, let your head go back any amount, press your shoulder blades
in toward your chest to widen your collarbones. You can stay with that, or you can lengthen all the
way down into Supta Virasana. Now if you’re in Supta Virasana you probably don’t want
that block under your tush, so move it out of the way, but if it’s too much on your
knees then don’t, just stay up. If you’re in it, lengthen
your sitting bones to backs of knees so your
lower back doesn’t over arch and lift your hip points
up towards your lower ribs. This one can take some time
before it feels comfortable. To come up press on to the
floor making your way up and then stretch yourself
again back into down dog, stretching out those knees. So if that hurts your knees
then that’s not a pose for you. If not it can be nice. Inhale to plank pose, exhale
lower through chaturanga. Inhale into upward facing dog
or Cobra, always your choice. And then exhale back downward facing dog. Spread the fingers wide, press
into the base of the fingers, lift through your forearms. Inhale back into plank pose. Little core work, pull
the ribs and belly in, now where your right hand
was take your right elbow, where your left hand was take
your left elbow dolphin plank. You can also interlace your
fingers here if that’s better. Otherwise wrists are in line with elbows, elbows under shoulders. Pull your belly in and
your hips in the same line as the shoulders, lift
the backs of the knees up, firming the legs, if it’s
too much take the knees down. Now right hand down where the elbow was, left hand where the left
elbow was back to plank, chest forward, heels back. Remember knees can always go down, now the other one left
elbow down right elbow down back to dolphin plank and then this time step your feet together,
squeeze the outer hips, squeeze the inner thighs keep
your chest moving forward. Shoulder blades toward the
waist, pull your belly in and up, lift the backs the knees up, lengthen sitting bones to backs of heels. Press back up to plank, you
can always have the knees down. And then lower chaturanga. Inhaling upward dog, exhale downward dog. Inhale, float your right leg up, as you exhale it’s bend and
open up through that hip, pressing back evenly through
both arms and shoulders. And square off your hips, look forward, we’re gonna take the
right leg into pigeon. Now if pigeon hurts your knee at all, then you’re gonna roll onto your back and take thread the needle pose instead. In Pigeon you can stay
all the way on the hands or come to the forearms or
lengthen all the way down. Make sure your right hip,
if it rolls to the floor that you pad it up with something. Put a folded blanket or a pillow under it. Also, check to make sure your left toes are straight back behind
you and then finally, relax. Even out your breath. Allow your breath to allow your body and your mind to ungrip,
relax and sink in. We’re gonna stay for a
few more long breaths. Again, scan your body and notice if you’re
holding tension anywhere. It’s normal to try to protect your body, but just notice what
happens if you release it just for a moment. If it’s too much then
tighten it back up again, but you might find that you are tensing up over something that
doesn’t need protection. We get accustomed to
doing that in our bodies. And heel come up, take your left forearm parallel with the front of the mat, stretch your right arm up, option to reach back for your left foot. Shoulders away from ears, let’s make sure that left shoulder isn’t creeping up around your neck. One more breath, release
tuck your toes under, stretch your right leg back and up. Bend the knee make a circle, set it down. Inhale, left leg floating up
and then bend the knee again, open up through the hip
as you press evenly back through your arms and your shoulders. I’m squaring off the hips, look forward taking your left
ankle by your right wrist, now even if the other knee
didn’t hurt if this one does roll onto your back, thread the needle with your left ankle just
above your right knee. You can stay all the way
up if you’re in Pigeon, you can come to your
forearms or lengthen out and if your left hip is rolling down and your hips are uneven
make sure to pad it up. Extend straight back through the back leg, all five toes down. Once you’re into the pose,
start to focus on letting go. With every inhale tell
yourself that you are safe. With every exhale release tension. Again as we stay for a
few more long breaths scan your body. Check to see if you’re
gripping, protecting, holding anywhere. If you are just for a moment let it go. If it’s too much tighten it back up. Keep playing with letting
go a little bit at a time. Most likely you’ll find that
you are protecting yourself against something that
doesn’t need protecting. Come on upright forearm
parallel with the front, stretch your left arm up and twist. Option to bend the right knee
and reach back for the foot. Try and keep your shoulder, especially that bottom
shoulder away from your ear. And then release it. Tucking the right toes under,
stretch out your left leg. give it a nice stretch,
circle whatever you like, set it down. Looking forward, bend the
knees step or hop and sit. Slowly make your way onto your back and then simply lift your
legs up toward the ceiling. Bring your hands behind your legs, slide them down toward
your ankles if possible, drawing your thighs in toward your belly, maybe even shins toward forehead. You can bend your knees
here as you need or like. And then slowly release that, take your feet to the floor. Take your hips to the right
and your knees to the left, option to cross the
right knee over the left, looking over the right shoulder for a nice gentle spinal twist. Twists are great for keeping the discs in between each vertebra
nice and lubricated and moist for good movements. Come back to center, and now take your hips over
to the right and knees, sorry hips to the left, hips to the right. Sorry, I got distracted. Look over your left shoulder. I have a friend who absolutely
hates the word moist, and when I said it I just
couldn’t bring my head back, so sorry. Breathe here, turning your
belly up toward the ceiling and then head to center, hips to center, hug your knees in your chest. Lengthen your sitting bones
toward the backs of your knees extending the leg, setting up
for your final resting pose. Let your feet flop open, arms by your side with your palms up, shoulder blades toward the waist. Close your eyes, once you
get comfortable just sink in and relax, relax your jaw. Our quote today comes from Jay Asher. “You can’t stop the future,
you can’t rewind the past. “The only way to learn the
secret is to press play.” Quiet mind, quiet body,
(speaking in foreign language). Rest. Begin deepening your breath. Start to make little
movements in your fingers and your toes, wrists and ankles. Inhale, stretch your arms overhead for a long good morning stretch,
even if it’s not morning. Bend the knees, roll onto your right side honor yourself, you did
great work today showing up. Make your way to seated,
crossing up the shins palms touching. Bring your hands to your
forehead to remind you to have clear and loving thoughts. Hands to your heart reminding you to have clear and loving intentions. Hands to your mouth
reminding you to have clear and loving communication
sending positive energy out to all beings everywhere, namaste. If you want more strength in your body or if you have any low back pain, I have a core class that
I would love to give you. The core is really where
strength comes from and it will lead you to
the more advanced postures if that’s where you’d like to go. First link below, just click or you can click the pinned link and put your email address
in, I’ll send it right over. If you’re interested in how
I got started in YouTube, click this video right here. – [Man] It’s a great story. – Oh, it’s a great story. (laughing)

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