This Means Peace

[music] Oh Earth Fear not On this night When the day has ended And darkness surrounds you And the cold sets in Light is nothing but a shadow Fear not For this long night has ended Do you see it? Something new Infinitely big Intimately small Peace is here Take courage Everything will be changed Your anxiety and loneliness The hopelessness, the desperation The fretful, restless thoughts of self-doubt, hurt and shame Your darkness is ending Freedom has been born Take courage Hope comes in the darkest hours Light has broken through the void Peace is here Jesus God with us Right here in the flesh To take the darkness in you And recreate it into light Celebrate, oh Earth God is here Not far off Not disinterested Not disgusted by you Full love Jesus is here God’s outstretched hand Transforming this chaos Into peace Fear not, oh Earth Be still Listen God is with you Finally, peace

Jerry Heath

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