Third Eye Meditation: The Eye of the Soul. Ajna Chakra. Acharya Shree Yogeesh

Acharya Shree, what is the third eye? 3rd eye is very popular in yogic system.
It is called ajna chakra. Chakra means wheel. The energy moves like a wheel on this
3rd eye. 3rd eye is between your eyebrows. And it is the center part of the forehead. Actually it is very difficult to
explain what it is, but I can call it it is an inner eye. Underneath when you focus yourself there all the energy from the body begins to rush towards that
point and then the energy makes this warmness, this heat makes the energy move even faster. Underneath when you focus yourself there all the energy from the body begins to rush towards that
point and then the energy makes this warmness, this heat makes the energy move even faster. Underneath when you focus yourself there all the energy from the body begins to rush towards that
point and then the energy makes this warmness, this heat makes the energy move even faster. So it goes, it is the passage, it goes to the consciousness. There is
no other way because that is why 3rd eye is also called wisdom center. Ajna means simply wisdom. It is the wisdom center. Person becomes wise
when this chakra, this point which is called 3rd eye, is activated fully. And don’t be mistaken because if you will try to activate by yourself energy
might go wrong. It might not go straight to your consciousness. So you need to seek the guidance of a master. So if you will do under guidance,
this chakra, this center, or this 3rd eye, the energy which will go straight to your consciousness. And consciousness will be unfolded and revealed fully. You will see all
the things like crystal-clear. So that’s what you need to understand. This is a very dangerous point, but it is the best point in the body. And it is, I will point out, it is
right there. It is between your eyebrows and the center part of the body. Usually the indian ladies put the dot there. And ajna, ajna is wisdom. You want to be wise, you just focus there.
Concentrate there. And there is underneath a deep and very long tunnel. And that leads you to your consciousness. But you have to have patience
to open this chakra, open this point, the 3rd eye. It is also called shivasya 3rd netram. The 3rd
eye of Shiva. Shiva means consciousness simply. Don’t think about the Shiva person. No.
Shiva means also in Sanskrit consciousness. So 3rd eye will take you all the way to consciousness if you know how to concentrate, how to focus. The more you
focus, the more you concentrate on this point, this point will get activated and it will go straight towards your consciousness. And that is the consciousness, when I say consciousness means your soul, your aatma.
So I say this is an eye of the soul. And an eye of the soul will unfold all the
mysteries. Whatever it is in your mind. Because when I use the word mystery, mystery is in your mind. Mystery
is not in the soul. Soul is fully crystal-clear. Open. And it is just a light. And through the 3rd eye
you can enter into it and you can see the truth. That is the 3rd eye. [Interviewer]: Acharya Shree, when other teachers say to focus on the 3rd eye during meditation, and they say that you see things,
that you’re supposed to see something, can you explain that further? Are you supposed to see something at the 3rd eye? 3rd eye, when it is somebody’s concentrating on it, on this eye, it is because in our
body there are many colors. Actually our body contains all kind of things. Our body contains gold, our body contains silver, iron, colors, light, green, red, white. So actually
when people begin to see when they concentrate and focus on this center, what heppen? Because you’re focusing there, the light which is spread, the color which is spread in our body, it becomes visible.
So I still call it, it is like a little hope people get it. “Oh, I have seen something”. But it doesn’t mean that it is you are going towards consciousness yet. It is
still physical, it is not even mental. It is still physical. But it gives you little hope. That’s what people see it.

Jerry Heath


  1. i dont see any colors when i focus there..unless i look at the sun….i do feel movement in that area pretty often

  2. Master Shree, may I ask: what about threads? I see threads everywhere, moving here, there, around peoples heads when they are thinking, the threads move towards objects of attention… they look like little nadis. they also radiate from people, their hands (mostly white or blue) but some are grey or silver and it only comes after awakening Ajna and Bramacharya…. Please please a response?

  3. Massage the third eye with your thumb index and middle fingure of your right hand, until you feel warmth then stop the massage and concentrate on the warmth.

  4. namaste
    might be their thoughts 🙂 you are seeing their intellect forming ideas and thoughts,if you arent lying you can scale it and probably read minds and help people always use your abilities for good

  5. what do you mean, "scale it"? I've stopped meditating because these things were getting a little out of control. I'm not interested in siddhis, but low and behold, there they are.

  6. Shiva SYMBOLICALLY means " consciousness" in Sanskrit but literally a "The SEWing one" (of the net; of Brahma; JIVA-loka; this is "Alive paradise"

    Jiva, Shiva, Zhiva in Slavic also means "Alive" and Shivat – To sew (similar as in English)…

    The consciousness comes with the incarnation and formation of the DNA through the torsion of the cells (materialization, genetic (DNA) memory; a measurement of the frequencies and self-appear…

  7. know yourself , the breath is the life , simply breath , there is no master , just simply being what it already is , it needs not consult the external agencies religion ritual , it is already what it is within so without no sepeRAtiON

  8. before i was born i could see , ONe never loses the sight when ONe is aWAre of ITSELF 🙂

  9. Observe yOurself as the breath with eyes closed until breath is the smallest , not focusing on breath but spiral light wave that becOMes ONe and presents itself as a window that gets bigger and goes all around you , within so without , as above so below this flow is one without direction , frOM tHE cENter of ALL BEING

  10. you are your master, find out for yourself, nobody can tell you, only the way can be taught

  11. If you loose one of your eyes or are born with only one eye, does the third eye become the second eye?

  12. you may deep focus ur God in third eye and practice meditation for sometime to get powerful and positive energies from universe……..)

  13. When i focus on between my eyebrow when i meditate i feel like vibrating and bubble in very small area. I don't see anything but i can feel that . I don't know what to do and how for another step plz ..Help me

  14. Guruji pranam. How can i find out a perfect master when there is no specific guidelines on this.Everyone claims himself to be a sadhguru.

  15. May I share with people, that I went to Angkor Wat and became oneness. I swear this is the truth. I focused on stillness by looking into the light on the forehead of a Buddha statue, life sized, in my minds eye while walking around. I literally became that stillness light of oneness and everything changed. 5 days later in the same state of bliss my mind slipped and a scroll shot out in front of me pulling me out into infinite space in a flash, along with it. Without going into detail I saw the famous white radiant cloud with beams of light coming out of it and was able to examine it at will. No information came in from my eyes during this event. It was all consciousness. If anyone would like a full description let me know. I can't write it all here. Egolessness awaits those who experience the third eye opening itself. It literally does open the mysteries to you. That is true. Wisdom is therein. Just look at the videos I put up recently. That is just some of what comes from this event. It is awesome. Btw, physicists have a hard time with this subject, Just letting people know up front. I am a "physicist" and mathematician and musician and other things. Bless you all.

  16. his speech is hynotic, i felt the tickle around the third eye just by listening to his speech. May the force be with you 🙂

  17. How to focus on third eye? One should keep it's eyes open or closed?

  18. We are the team of co-thinkers and soul-mates, we adhere a healthy lifestyle, do yoga and meditation for finding harmony in our life and realizing ourself as part of a whole integrity. All that allows to live with joy and it is easier to cope the difficulties, in spite of hectic life. Dear friends, if you want to learn feel youself, your heart, to build relationship heart to heart and to devote yourself for good – please welcome!

  19. you can take it literally, but the so called third eye is only a figure of speech for being to be able to see without time as a filter…

  20. I want to meet you so bad my soul hurts BC I can't touch you I love you

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  22. sir how much i need to pay u to open my third eye. and what will u do with that money if u have opened ur third eye.

  23. I  never understood why my third eye opened years ago before I even heard of this chakra. I was not at all a spiritual person back then. As a matter of fact, I was filled with negative thoughts and fears due to living with a toxic family. I've since learned about Narcissistic Personality Disorder and have gone No Contact with my narcissistic family. I'm now on a very beautiful, spiritual journey – but I still wonder why my third eye chakra opened when I wasn't the least bit prepared for it.

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  25. I DON'T SEE ANYBODY APPRECIATING HINDUISM for giving you such a knowledge.
    You eat the fruits from this tree and don't water it?

  26. Hello..I do lot of meditation from many yrs and I go in trance and get intution.in dreams.but Some I can't interpret.and than I check in google..hehe.. sometimes I get This beautiful floral smell suddenly ..whats the meaning.?.Ur talk on karma is appreciable.thanks..

  27. मनुष्यलोके सकलं मनसः परिवर्त्य वस्तुनः क्षितिमण्डले अर्थात यह संसार असार की शूली काम क्रोध से भरी भरी बिन सत्संगति बिन सद्गुरु राह न पावै गुरु चरनन में तरी तरी। कहने का तात्पर्य यह है कि, मनुष्य शरीर में मनुष्य का एक बार जन्म होता है। पर सद्गुरु की ज्ञाना 🔥 में तप कर मनुष्य नश्वरता से ऊपर उठ कर शाश्वत सत्य की ओर निकालने के लिए तैयार रहना चाहिए सदा और ऐसे मुमुक्षु जिज्ञासा व्यक्ति का हकीकत में दूसरा जनम होगा जो यह सद्गुरु ज्ञाना 🔥 को पार कर लेगा और शरीर के मरणा धर्म को पारकर शाश्वत्तममे प्रविष्ट हो जाएगा। ऐसे हरेक व्यक्ति को संवेदनशील रहकर इंसानियत इंसाफ़ पाने के लिए हर दिन मर मर जीने से अच्छा गुरु ज्ञाना 🔥 में तपकर नये जन्म मे जरुर जाना चाहेंगे। पर यह बात क़ुदरत कभी भी पूरी नहीं कर सकती आपके लिए। एक बार जन्म में आपको दुबारा जन्म हो जो बिलकुल ही शाश्वत सत्य में मनुष्य प्रविष्ट हो जाए। यह हरेक व्यक्ति कि पर्सनल अर्थात् व्यक्तिगत जिम्मेदारी यां जिम्मेवारी है। जीसका शाश्वत सत्य कारण इतना ही है के, ईश्वर के अंश जीव अविनाशिता के जड शरीर अनेकानेक और अजन्मा अनादि अगम अगोचर अनंत ईश्वर एक ही है। ॐ सत्यं शाश्वतं ब्रह्म सनातनपराक्रमःसद्गुरुवर नम:सत्य आत्मा कि पहचान है ऊर्ध्वं प्रवक्ष्यामि समासतः कार्त्स्न्येन कर्तुं समर्थः भवति इति।अर्थात हमे ओऽम् शोऽम् जी की कोपी टु कोपी न करकर अपनी चाल ढाल पर चलना शीखना होगा, तो ही जान पाएंगे मै कया हूँ कौन हुं क्यो हुं इस पृथ्वी रुपी मरुभूमि पर। बाकी जो समर्थ गुरु है वे तो पा लिए शाश्वत सत्य को और उनके लिए आत्म कल्याणकारी जैसे शंकराचार्य जी की लीखी शिव मानस पूजा ही आराधना ईश्वर में आस्था है। जो भी करे वह सब शिव आराधना है और ईश्वर भक्ति है।

  28. .•..¸.•*¨ 🌹💖 🌹💕 🌹 .•..¸.•*¨

  29. im living in America I try to be nice about the whole thing but have many fools around me so yea ajna kicks in and doesn't like disrespect and fierce of another kind comes out when disrespected its hard brother

  30. you know what really pisses me off is when they say it's a in grown hair and I know what a pimple is at the age of 32

  31. Third eye is the eye of slavery..!

    You have to disactivate your real eyes and real mind to open up third eyes and mind of illusions..

    In short , you have to leave the world of reality and move to the world of illusions…, You have to let your yoga master to hack and distort your inborn mindset..

    Someone wants to become GOD..

  32. this guy is not even
    aware that his videos only hear
    with one ear
    my left ear
    he needs to fix
    his mixing board
    to have balance
    for hearing.

  33. baba g u need to practice a little more to ensure that viewers do not come to know that u are reading .. 😂😂

  34. How do you know that your third eye is opened?

  35. Thank You so much for your enlightenment! Blessings to you from Miami!

  36. Sir how can I contact you . I have some peronal question. Share with you some meditation experience which I have feel . Unfortunately I don't have any guru. I leave in kolkata . Plez

  37. He blinks through his 3rd eye, therefore doesn’t need to blink his real eyes..

  38. You know nothing about 3rd eye and You are not really bothered about it…
    Stop mocking…

  39. You should have gone through your note sheet before delivering the speech…Just stop mumbling for god sake…you have not experienced it yet that's why you are looking nervous…

  40. acharyaji also guide us on how to concentrate between eyebrows?? can you be our master and upload videos to guide us?? kindly upload it

  41. Whenever I am focused or concentrated on something I feel that part of my forehead becomes like a ball is there. It usually happens when on an empty stomach or if I am fasting for 12 hours or more.

  42. Does he possess natural eyes? Or are they artificial? No blinking. Maybe he is reading aloud from a screen.

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