The Relaxation and Meditation Benefits of Smoking a Cigar – Cigar 101

Hey, I’m Tommy Zman and I’m here for
Famous Smoke Shop and I’m an Editor- at-Large at Cigar Advisor Magazine – and
guys we get questions – we get lots of questions. There are no bad questions.
questions. We love to answer ’em and I got one from Billy
in the Bronx who sent an e-mail. He’s from the Bronx, yo. He said,
“Yo Zman… Well, that’s how I figured he would sound… But he asked
me about the meditative and relaxing effects of cigars. He says he’s heard this.
Is it true? Why? You, know.. Explain it to me,” he said.
“Meditation, relaxing. Why? What happens? Well I could tell you that cigar smoking is
a ritual, you know, and rituals cause you to feel certain things. And there
are certain rituals you go through when you actually meditate. I’m I’m no guru, but I know this. When you
meditate… You sit down in the same position, you turn the lights down, maybe you
play music or light incense – now all that stuff is ritual. So, when you
start doing a ritual, your brain instantly says, says, “Calm down. This is what you do
when you calm down. ” And it’s the same with a cigar. At the end of a
long day, you know, it may be a stressful day, you come home, you take your cigar,
you go in the backyard, you cut, you light, you take that first puff, you smell
that delicious sweet aroma of the smoke.. I t’s totally meditative. It’s a total ritual and it’s
just wonderful. Cigars really do relax you; it tells your brain – it’s time
to relax. You don’t smoke cigars when you’re running around like a psycho when
you’re angry, angry, when you’re upset nobody smoke cigars at funerals. They smoke
at weddings and when babies are born I t’s celebratory, it’s relaxing, and the
benefits of relaxation – well I’ve read and I’ve actually done articles
on this and done research where there are many doctors – now, this is not a medical opinion;
this is what I’ve read – that many doctors believe that the benefits,
the relaxation benefits of smoking a cigar far outweighs any types of physical
damage or dangers that, you know, people have concerns about smoking or tobacco
– they feel it far outweighs it if it’s done in moderation.
that’s the whole deal. It is meditative I t is relaxing. There is almost science
behind it, basically, if you think about it. I don’t mean to get complicated on here,
here, but I don’t think it is Just light up and watch your brain
just unwind, and you relax, and you sink back into your chair, you might have
a drink, you might be with friends… There is nothing better, right? At the end
of a stressful day to calm yourself down with a great cigar. So, the next
time your wife gives you crap that you’re smoking and it stinks. You say,
Hey! Leave me alone! I’m meditating out here! All right? I’m Tommy Zman
for Famous Smoke Shop and Cigar Advisor Magazine. I will see you next time.

Jerry Heath


  1. On point…. Exactly…. It is about he ritual. I'm glad you did this video. I'm sending this to my wife… Let's see if see finally gets it. LOL. (no, really…I'm sending her this link)

  2. Nice mentality there and you're right.
    But what do you think about really big and large cigars? Because it seems to be an upcoming trend in the US, since I have read a comment from a cigar shop, that they were sold out pretty fast and that such cigars became very popular. And I am not referring to ring gauges of 60 – 70. That are still pretty "normal", I would say. I am talking about 80, 90… F***, I have even seen a person here on Youtube smoking a cigar with a ring gauge of 133! I mean, it is still a matter of choice and if you personally like such big and large cigars or not. However, what are your thoughts on these cigars on CigarAdvisorMagazine? Would you smoke it, if for example you would get it as a present? Or would you even buy it? Could you ever enjoy such a cigar?… Even if it means to buy a machete to cut it and to empty two triple jetflame lighters in order to get it properly lit? Do you think it is worthwhile to dislocate your jaw up to 3 hours over and over again to get smoke and taste out of it? Your opinion (if you like you can say it in a video) would be interesting^^

  3. I'm not a smoker. should I be one?
    does cigar help to relax more than another healthy way like yoga?

  4. so true, I just started smoking cigars and there's nothing like coming home after a long stressful week and having a cup of coffee and a cigar.

  5. Well said Tommy Z. I'm reposting on cigar exchange. The Reps will love this. But ill do it after I meditate: 😙💨 https://cigar-exchange.mn.co

  6. Can you tell me that what is different bw handmade cigar and machine made cigar and which cigar is good for health and how know that is machine made cigar or man made cigar pleases

  7. I agree, the meditative benefit is better than the taste. When I'm smoking a cigar, I am doing just that for it's own sake. I leave my phone inside and it's just me and my backyard and a still, peaceful mind. Sure you could do that with other methods, but I like this one.

  8. I heard that meditating on Gods word is very beneficial. With a cigar? Even better!

  9. The FDA did a study which found that one or two cigars a day is entirely harmless to health. So, enjoy the ritual and the relaxing effect of great tobacco smoke.

  10. Just had a lovely H.Upmann Junior here in sunny England, to go with my milky coffee. I can honestly say that it was a very relaxing smoke, with a smooth draw right up to the business end of the stick.

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