The Power of Prayer

Prayer is for the weak. Prayer is nothing but a sugar cube. A placebo for the simple minded,
for the spiritually weak. Prayer is useless. Prayer is pointless. Ever hear things like that before? People say all kinds of things
about why they think prayer is either pointless or powerless. But you know what? People can say all they
want but Christians believe what God says. And this is what God has to say about prayer in James, chapter 5. Here’s what it says, Now this doesn’t mean that if you’re a really, really good person
and do really good things, then whatever you want in prayer,
you get that all the time. No, what this means is
that a righteous person, a believer who’s covered with the forgiveness of Jesus, that person has prayers that are
powerful and effective. In other words, a believer’s prayers work. If you read further in this chapter
of James, James, chapter 5, it goes on to give the example of Elijah. Elijah was a person in
the first part of the Bible in the Old Testament, a prophet. And yet it says here in James that Elijah
was a human being just like the rest of us and yet his prayers were powerful. One time Elijah prayed and it stopped raining
for three and a half years. And at the end of that
time he prayed again and God made it to rain. Now that’s powerful and effective. This always makes me think about another real life story. From my own life, from my
own ministry, my second year as a pastor. We had this annual kid’s carnival
event that we ran. Bounce houses, face painting,
you know that kind of stuff. A big outreach event. Well, in our first year we had maybe
about 200 people come. It was pretty good. But we were praying hard
for God’s blessings. The problem is, as we looked at the forecast, it was supposed to rain
that day in Florida. Sure enough, I woke up that morning
and there were clouds everywhere. It looked gloomy. It said it was going to rain. And so I prayed and I prayed
and I prayed that day, “Lord, this is an easy thing for you. You’ve done it before.
Lord, you did it for Elijah. This is an event for you
and for your kingdom. And to reach out to people
with the good news of Jesus. Lord, make it not rain today. Please, but your will be done.” Well, sure enough, that day, not only did it not rain, but it was completely sunny all day long. And on top of that, we smashed the previous year’s
blessings with almost 800 people in attendance that day. Now some might say we
got lucky with the weather. Others might say, “Well, you
had pretty good advertising.” But I would say what God says. The prayer of a righteous
person is powerful and effective. And there were lots of
believers praying for that event. This story today of prayer
and the power of prayer and how God works in prayer is so important. God always answers our prayers powerfully. Not always how we
want or how we think. But he always answers in love
and according to his will. So come back this week as we
talk about the power of prayer and see God’s work in our lives.

Jerry Heath

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  1. I know Prayer worked for me when I prayed for God to take Booze away from me. I wanted to clear up a statement I made on here last week about being overwhelmed at times when doing my Bible studies. When I get overwhelmed I wasn't referring to sling I feellpending to much time or that I have too many Studies to do. I'm talking about being overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit and Not getting enough of the Word of God. When I get overwhelmed, it's a good thing to me because I can't seem to stop listening to the Scriptures and Hearing what Jesus says. When I start listening to the word of Jesus, I want to keep Listening and I want more and more. The Times I feel Overwhelmed, I just lose track of time and the next thing I know it's almost lunch time. But the word of God inspires me so much that I feel like I'm right there with God. I sure hope others feel the same overwhelmed feeling I get when they listen to their Scriptures especially when Jesus speaks.

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