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  1. Everything you need is in the description, take a look 😊

    Tracklist for mobile users:

    00:00 – Link's Memories: "Urbosa's Hand" ~ Breath of the Wild

    01:15 – Divine Beast Lookout Post ~ Breath of the Wild

    04:01 – Field (Day) ~ Breath of the Wild

    08:05 – The Temple of Time ~ Breath of the Wild

    11:09 – Ruins ~ Breath of the Wild

    14:55 – Sacred Shrine ~ The Wind Waker

    16:31 – Great Plateau ~ Breath of the Wild

    18:56 – House ~ Breath of the Wild

    20:41 – Wasteland ~ Breath of the Wild

    23:07 – Sheikah Tower ~ Breath of the Wild

    25:08 – Dragon ~ Breath of the Wild

    27:03 – Chamber of Stone (Past) ~ Twilight Princess

    28:48 – Kara Kara Bazaar ~ Breath of the Wild

    31:55 – Harp "Ballad of the Goddess" ~ Skyward Sword

    32:36 – Flight Range ~ Breath of the Wild

    36:17 – Champion Shrine ~ Breath of the Wild

    39:37 – Link's Memories: "To Mount Lanayru" ~ Breath of the Wild

    40:56 – Blessing Shrine ~ Breath of the Wild

    43:37 – Deku Tree's Congratulations ~ Breath of the Wild

    44:47 – Temple of Hylia ~ Skyward Sword

    48:23 – Waterfront ~ Breath of the Wild

    51:58 – Cave ~ Breath of the Wild

    55:00 – Cave ~ Twilight Princess

    57:18 – Field (Night) ~ Breath of the Wild

    01:03:16 – Link's Memories: "Resolve and Grief" ~ Breath of the Wild

    01:03:44 – Link's Memories: "Slumbering Power" ~ Breath of the Wild

    Thank you for listening!

  2. Love how it turned out! Perfect and peaceful. Thanks for putting together such a great playlist 💖

  3. I never play at Zelda but the music is so relaxing and very beautiful !! (sorry for my bad English qwq)

  4. I already know that i will come here almost every night before an important exam

  5. Such a beautiful compilation. Something about this music that just makes every ounce of stress go away, if only for a little while.

  6. Blessing shrine isn't relaxing, it's nightmare-inducing… the gyro control puzzles shivers

  7. Great video! Could you maybe do a similar one for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon or the main series? I love the Night Ambience. Keep it up anyway 🙂

  8. And this is why I subbed you are seriously becoming my fav music channel I use you for studying and stuff glad I subed keep up the good work

  9. When I'm drawing, I tend to build up a lot of tension in my arm, but this helps me relax. Thanks for uploading 🙂

  10. Wow today the video was released, Im glad this amazing soundtrack is not forgotten, and Im sure it never will. Serenity and calm, relaxation and reflection. Love it

  11. I absolutely love how seamless BOTW's music is, almost all of it just falls right into place without any notice from the player usually. Its sooo good!

  12. The Skyward Sword music brings back a lot of childhood memories. I really should play that game again soon just for nostalgia's sake.

  13. It’s still dark in the morning when I’m driving to work so this was the perfect playlist to wake up to.

  14. Night time music and ambience keep me sane 😌🌙🌌☔🎶🎧
    Just want to say you and Délice Musical are my absolute favorite music channels to relax to 💖

  15. just what I need to correct an essay written based on the Legend of Zelda Series

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