The Big Bang Theory 11×03 Promo “The Relaxation Integration” (HD)

Next Monday. Save the date! I picked 80 dates. And I need you to save them all
until we narrow it down. Being engaged is easy. Planning a wedding? What happened? Not so much. Can I just ask —
This is a long story, why don’t you please
save your questions until the end. A new Big Bang Theory, CBS next Monday.

Jerry Heath


  1. I don't remember seeing any black people on The Big Bang Theory, but I could be wrong……

  2. Is this suppose to be funny? If you want to watch shows about relationships (sitcoms) then you can watch friends/how i met your mother and so much more. i mean i used to big fan BUT EVERY DAMN. SHOW. ENDED. WHY CAN'T THIS?

  3. this one was awesome,they made a "big" scene again,the one with all the sheldons. they ain't loosing imagination

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