The Benefits of Meditation (from ‘Conversations with Shri Babaji’)

Babaji, can you explain a bit about the
benefits of meditation for daily living and also, what would be the benefits
of regaining the consciousness of the real Self that you are talking about?
For the daily living means, this body of yours is born which you have identified
as yourself and one day it will die. This is the fundamental truth. In between this
birth and death the time factor, that you call it as life, to live in this world you have
to live, whichever way. However, one important thing that knowingly or
unknowingly you would like to live happily and peacefully. That is what you are
looking for. But often this mind, due to its own cravings and habits of
running uncontrollably into distractions gives rise to unhappiness, stress, confusion, fear, all these things keep happening. This is what every human being would be
trying to avoid, overcome but if the path is not known properly, they will be
creating more such situations of fear, confusion, frustration, depression, stress,
all these things, giving rise to total unhappiness, total loss of peace. Your
mind is the powerhouse. If you practice meditation you will be
able to live a total stress-free life at all times, whatever might be the
situation around you. Like for a valiant soldier if the situation is of a war, a
battlefield, that would not be giving him any stress, pain,
fear, or any such confusion. It will be an opportunity for him to show his valour,
what valiance is. His will be one single-pointedly do or die, he will simply fight.
He won’t have any stress. That is because of his mental training, a training
to the temperament of his attitude. In the same way if you practice meditation,
this world also, you will be able to face it without any fear, without any stress,
totally you can remain stress-free, still you will be able to attend to your
problems in a cool way, properly thinking and with much more
concentration of the mind and its better application and utilization of your
brain’s power. So like this you will be able to live a
very happy, more successful life. In fact I would tell people, you can live like a
genius. A genius means for me, a person who is able to apply the brain with a
hundred percent concentration of the mind. It is the mind which has to apply the brain. So such a person can be known as
genius because he is likely to achieve maximum result, his efforts will be
hundred percent and maximum, he shall never get confused, he shall never get
distracted from the job that he has undertaken. He will be able to apply
total concentration. So this type of benefit would be available where you
can live a stress-free, peaceful life, happy life, yet you can remain in your normal way of life that you have adopted. You can be working, facing the
challenges of life without any fear, confusion or stress. These are the worldly
benefits that one person can achieve. So eventually this meditation, if you pursue for more meditation more deeper one, this can lead you to the real existence, your real identity which is the source of all peace, supreme peace, happiness and
immortal existence. There is no birth, no death, total security. Security is another
thing which every human being is looking for, apart from the peace and happiness.
When you come to become aware that you are totally secure, you also become
contente. You shall lose all your desires because for your existence you don’t
require anything. Yet, you can remain a normal life also in this world. But this
will be possible that one day you will be able to become aware. That is what is
called, you will be able to realize yourself as that immortal soul, that you always exist whether
this body only is born and this body dies. You’re never born and you never die.
So this is the ultimate goal that you can achieve.

Jerry Heath

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