Teach Yoga and Mindfulness to Children

Hello I’m Helen Clare, Senior Yoga
Teacher, Primary School Teacher and Founder, Director
and Course Leader at Class Yoga children’s yoga. I founded Class Yoga to
help more children get to do yoga whatever their background because I know that it raises emotional and mental well-being, improves physical health and
that every child can benefit. So that involves training more people like you
to help reach more kids. Our Children’s Yoga vocational training is designed for
anyone who’s had a regular yoga practice for at least a year, has experienced the
benefits and has a huge desire to share them with children. You might already be
a yoga teacher, you might be a parent or a primary school teacher or a teaching
assistant, or perhaps working with children in another profession. On our
5-day training course we look at the reasons for teaching yoga to children,
and how every child can get something life enhancing from it. We teach you a
foundational sequence from which you can structure your own classes, but how you
can adapt them depending on the children you have with you on each occasion. We
study appropriate poses, breathing techniques and games as well as
mindfulness techniques and guided relaxation. We also study brain
development, growth and anatomy and the implications and benefits of what we
teach. We also study basic yoga philosophy and how this can factor into
your teaching. But it’s definitely not all theory, in fact most of the course is
made up of practical roleplay, heaps of practice teaching time for you plus you
get to observe me teaching 2 kids classes. On successful completion of the
course you’ll receive Yoga Alliance Professionals Accredited 60 hour
Vocational Training Certificate in Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to
Children. If you’re already a yoga teacher or from another relevant
profession you’ll also be eligible for affiliation with the Yoga Alliance
Professionals. So if you’re ready to share the physical mental emotional and
spiritual benefits of yoga with children then get your application
in today. See more information and apply at classyoga.com/tt

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