Sun Fun Yoga Flow | Gina Murdock

start with your hands in prayer position
take a few deep breaths to really root and ground yourself into this space bend
your knees inhale up into chair pose lengthen the tailbone down and then
exhale and fold inhale lift and lengthen exhale step
your leg back into warrior one inhale arms up exhale warrior two position take
a few deep breaths here really feeling the power four more you’re to move into
reverse warrior looking up at the hand above your head
opening up the side body and now into extended side angle pose elbow on the
knee and then your arm right up over your ear take a few deep breaths here and come back into warrior two from here
inhale touch your palms we’re going to switch to the other side warrior two
reach through your fingertips and reverse taking deep breaths in every
position moving with the breath extended side angle bringing the arm over the ear
reaching through the fingertips inhale up
move into reverse warrior looking up at the hand above your head opening up the
side body warrior two and now we’re going to
cartwheel the hands down come back to plank pose and lower down halfway inhale chest up
heart open exhale downward-facing dog take a few deep breaths here reach the
heels down towards your mat and the left leg comes forward for the other side
inhale arms up open into warrior 2 position reverse
warrior 2 extended side angle arm goes right up over the ear stretched through
the fingertips nice smile on your face enjoying the
process to warrior two inhale up star and exhale
warrior two other side reverse warrior extended side angle pose and warrior to bring the arms up touch
your palms arms out to the side we’re going to take a forward fold hinging
from the hips hands down on the floor reach lengthen the spine and then exhale
interlace your fingers behind your back and pull your hands away from your spine
reaching the top of the head down toward the mat engage your legs lift your
kneecaps up to protect the knees pulling the arms gently away now inhale come up
halfway and all the way your feet together hands to heart take
several deep breaths namaste

Jerry Heath

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