SMOOTH JAZZ Playlist Soothing Music for SLEEP Relaxing Soft Slow Songs Sleeping Sleepy Ocean Babies

SMOOTH JAZZ Playlist Soothing Music for SLEEP Relaxing Soft Slow Songs Sleeping Sleepy Ocean Babies from Californian Dreams DVD.

Jerry Heath


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  2. @ALBASCOT21 – I agree, our new piano mixes from our HD Florida Beaches 2 DVD put the ocean in where it needs to be in the distant background. 😎

  3. It was 10:30 PM I got tired needed something to put me asleep in about 5:00 mins from the song and I fell asleep

  4. I personally like the nature sounds taking the forefront, with a touch of music in the background. Thank you for posting – you made this California native proud! 🙂

  5. Thanks! That was my original intention like sitting on the beach with an iPod. However, the longer I stay on youtube, the more the music purists want music only. I'm not going to cave into that, but I am listening to them by mixing the music on top of the waves rather than under. I prefer the Nature Sounds versions myself.

  6. ahh i've searched so many videos and this is the best before bedtime!

  7. STUDY on the BEACH Virtually. 😎 Relaxing ocean sounds for studying and a restful sleep. SUB for more.

  8. MAKE your own MUSIC VIDEOS (NON Commercial license) with our WAVES Video Footage. Add your own music, re-edit, re-title and upload. NOTE – Youtube will auto claim and monetize the video. (No Spam)

  9. Now I will only listen to wavesdvdcom's music before I go to bed

  10. Thumbs up for that. But I only shoot the videos and pick the sexy, sad, romantic, lost love songs from other talented artists that flow with my visuals. Goodnight my friend.

  11. not sleeping, but now i have to go to the bathroom from all those water sounds

  12. You're feeling sleepy, sleepy, yawn…. this video gets me too… check out our Hawaii Jazz track for similar music in Hawaii.

  13. This is divine! Thank you so much for making this. The scenery is beautiful and the jazz is wonderful to listen to. I had a family member in the hospital last night and it's been a stressful 24 hours so this is really really helping the blood pressure lol. Thank you so much! I love these videos – we have a Smartboard in my classroom and we put these up there and it really relaxes the kids and they concentrate better. Thank you so much!

  14. I hope I can buy this one – I'd love to have it on the TV for a dinner party or something! It would be awesome for that!

  15. Sorry, this is a WEB ONLY – Music Video. However, the music track is from our HD HAWAII BEACHES DVD's Bonus 22 minute music Video. California Dreams is like most of our DVDs – nature sounds only.

  16. Music is nice but nothing on YouTube makes me sleep so exhausted but can't sleep wahhhh ;'(

  17. Is it weird that I love that one song from Club Penguin? It's just so catchy…and smooth…

  18. If you have a Wii play it from the internet channel. Otherwise, download this video on realplayer and burn it to a disc. 😀

  19. 1. Turn up volume a little high on iPod
    2. Put next to or under pillow
    3. Find a good position on your bed
    4. Open up this video
    5. Instantly fall asleep


  20. It's the middle of the night … 6%.. this thing is somehow helping me sleep… Somehow.. first song to ever tire me down… This.. reminds Me of something, makes Me feel at home.

  21. 3:00 … GREAT surfing waves!
    And club penguin? LOL!
    I have to admit, when i was younger, i was like those retarded birds at 3:00 though, "Can't let the water touch me!" game. best. game. ever!

  22. Yes, we are awake as you sleep. We have started MUSIC ONLY Versions of most of our longer videos as requested by you, OUR FANS. I can't find this video to remix or remove the waves otherwise I would, and create a MUSIC ONLY version. I will look again for you. Thanks for the feedback. We listen to all suggestions. 😎 SUBSCRIBE NOW, we have lots of new exciting things coming plus new workout channels – beach walks & more great music with 5 new artists for hours of coll stuff.

  23. OK, I've spend a few hours looking for the original edit and can't find it. However, this sound track is mostly from our HD Hawaii Beaches DVD where I combined a few of our music tracks to make this video. If, I find it, I will post a clean version. Until then check out or search – music only Hawaii Beaches for the tracks. Yes, I admit I mixed the waves a bit over the music like sitting on the beach.. I get it.. you want the music over the waves… so I am doing both… and better – music only.

  24. well at first it kind of creeped me out… but it worked… I don't even remember falling asleep… although the fact that I had about 3 xanax bars and like 5 bees helped 😛

  25. Yes I agree, the waves are a little loud, I would make it like, imagine you are in a beach, with your headphones on listening to this music, and just hearing soft waves

  26. "Of all the youtube videos, in all the channels, in all the internets, she comments on mine"

  27. This is a royalty free song, I don't believe they offer affordable retail purchases. However, if you subscribe, I will be uploading a music only version of another mix from our Hawaii Beaches 2 DVD. The CD, I believe is called piano Memories.

  28. I like this music! Its really good (:
    But can you make one without the ocean noise in the background?

  29. check out our music only videos on our sister channel hdnaturetv – we have 3, 20 minute videos, that we borrowed the music from for this longer video. Also, I've looked but I can seem to find the original edit of this to remove the music, but I'll look again.

  30. Many thanks – excellent work. Some say the waves too loud – it depends what for… It is perfectly balanced to me…

  31. Love the mix with the sounds of the wave beach but, if only it was a subtle background and not over-powering the music. However, I still love it.

  32. It is my favorite music, thank you very much for this selection – regards from LIMA-PERU

  33. this is awesome- used it for a spa day with my bestie. Thanks so much for putting it on the web!

  34. Please make more of this. I listen to it everyday before falling asleep. Thanks for your great effort on making it. Regards.

  35. Thank you soooo much for this. My niece was in the crankiest of moods, 2 minutes into this and she slowly fell asleep. Thanks again!

  36. Reminds me of the soft jazz from the Peanuts TV specials! Love it.

  37. do you by any chance have the name of these songs and band!??!?!!

  38. I have the name of the songs… but no band credit as it is all licensed from Royalty Free Stock Agencies that normally do not sell downloads to the public – they license the music to us filmmakers to make movies, ads, etc… so enjoy it here for free as I already paid for it. 😎

  39. Nice but the dynamics need adjustment! the waves are way to loud, they knock out the jazz! Like, bummer dudeeee!

  40. Just replace the waves sound into the rain sound and that's make this the MASTERPIECE

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