Sleep Hypnosis For Inner Peace And Happiness Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Inner Peace and Calm

Hello my name is Matt and I welcome you
to this sleep hypnosis for inner peace and happiness. This hypnotic guided
mindfulness meditation for inner peace and calm was carefully created to help
you be the master of your state so you can stop stress or worry and consciously
observe any anxious thoughts and choose to respond differently. I wonder how much
better life will be when you learn to choose calm acceptance and come to
understand that worry stress and overthinking is just our intelligent
brain doing what it does best keeping us alive. And through awareness and practice
you can decide how you respond to any negative thoughts and choose for
yourself inner peace and positivity in any moment. At Self Health Hypnosis we believe there
is always light somewhere in the darkness guiding you to discover your
personal strengths and be the hero of your own journey and we want you now you
have found us to change your life because you choose to regularly listen
to our hypnosis and guided meditations and create for yourself
inner peace happiness and Calm. And I wonder what happiness looks like for you
what do you see and I wonder what inner peace feels like how do you feel in a
peace and where in your body do you feel calm imagine the amazing possibilities
when you discover you have the power within to take control of your state and
change your thoughts your body your mind to be better now I will suggest that you
take time now to prepare yourself firstly to find peace and find an
environment where you can focus on you and allow yourself to relax
and in your own way find calm and I will give you a minute or so to find quiet to
close doors of the lines and isn’t it wonderful that you have taken this
moment for yourself to discover the resources within you and
to bring them into being so you might just like to carefully listen to my
instructions as we ready you to search within yourself now and find the skills
always available now to choose inner peace I wonder if you would be curious to
explore how much easier it is to bring your abilities into conscious awareness
and commit your focus to this hypnotic process of self-discovery to help you
choose self compassion and choose calm and now you are seated or laying
comfortably I wonder if you might like to direct your focus your eyes up to a
place on the wall above your normal line of sight and I will gently and simply
explain what you can expect as you enter a relaxed state of being a simple state
of focused awareness a powerful everyday state therapists often pull trance it’s very positive and comforting that
you have chosen to join us now because we believe you have everything within
you to create something special to make yourself the focus and I wonder if you
can imagine finding those inequalities that spark inside of you and an
awareness to discover how you can mindfully accept the special being you
are and the possibilities that await you perhaps you have found your place of
comfort and you are ready and I suggest that you take time now for yourself to
find peace you are safe now and aware and you can
focus on you and allow yourself to relax and in your own way find calm the space
you already have chosen maybe your chair in a quiet room where you can be alone
with yourself or it could be the warm soft comfort of a bed whatever you
choose it can be anywhere that you can find a comfortable ease perhaps you have
closed your eyes new but if you are focused with intent on the wall still
what I suggest you do is to just allow your eyes to comfortably close and maybe you can feel free to allow
yourself to observe your thoughts and anything in your daily life with alert
interest making a commitment to yourself now to
put a stop to any judgement and with intention find understanding and a full acceptance of whatever may
emerge I would prefer that you discover how much easier it is simply to allow
events to occur in their own time and in their own way noticing any feelings in
your body as you continue to listen to the sound of my voice the sounds that
surround you paying close attention to those feelings in those changes now as
you find absolute wonder your own ability to let go completely and drift
into a trance while your conscious mind has already begun to drift off somewhere
else allowing your body to relax and your mind to relax without knowing at
all how much more comfortable in car you have become and I wonder if
you can imagine the power that comes from a full acceptance the present
moment an appreciation of anything you are feeling and what you perceive to be
happening now it can be deeply comforting to know that
in these moments there is no need to change anything at all and allow
yourself this moment to just pray and let go
breathe and let a and surrender to having anything be
different in this manner and in your mind and in your heart give
yourself a mission to allow this moment to be now what I suggest you do is to just start
now and take some deep relaxing breaths slowly inhaling deeply and slowly
exhaling like you are blowing air into a strong in whatever time that feels right for
you now and using whatever length of breath that feels most comfortable that’s right there is no right way or
wrong way to do this just breathe deeply you know whatever way that works for you and as you continue breathing in deeply
and out deeply you might find yourself relaxing further with the sound of my
voice or perhaps you will relax even table in
the silence between my words it’s totally up to you this is your trance
and you are in control of how you will enter trance now that’s right all the
hypnosis is self-hypnosis the truth is you can only take a path to change
yourself because you want to do it for yourself and in the moment that you
decide that what you are experiencing now can be exactly as it is and you can
allow yourself to be exactly as you are the joy in mindfulness is that nothing
else needs to happen or this moment to be complete and perhaps you don’t know
this but you already have all the knowledge you need to understand how to
just be and how to enter your own trance and you have experiences of entering the
trance many times each day and I am sure you can recall times you
have been wondering about your day and discovered your mind begins to wonder to
thoughts ideas and dreams well maybe it’s that experience of waiting we all
so often encounter where there is little need to pay attention and you can drift
in dream and allow your mind to wonder and you may like to imagine as you start
to daydream now your own experience as you sit there beginning to drift off
into a comfortable relaxed less the truth is you really don’t have to
know what to expect but when you take the time to go inside just like you are
doing now it’s easy to notice that there is a part of you that knows how to
breathe deeply and you can expect that part of you to always be there so that
those deep and comforting breaths just naturally come and a calm washes over
you at this moment take comfort in knowing
it’s you that have created a sense of very deep relaxation notice your
breathing is smooth and rhythmic in your heart rate as slurred and your muscles
are relaxed this is a state that you have created and it is uniquely your
experience and I wonder now if you would be curious to learn an exercise that
uses the powerful skills you already possess did you know you can combine the power
of your mind your creative imagination with the cleansing energy of our breath easily amplifying what you are already
doing now a simple task you can come back to whenever you can and as you
follow my voice we are simply going to progress through
a cycle of seven complete rhythmic frets and with H deep breath in through your
nose and out through your mouth you can imagine yourself saying the words I
share seeing those words in your mind feeling the energy flow of those words
through your body and experiencing the powerful emotion
that comes from setting yourself free starting now I breathe in calmness I breathe out stress I breathe in comfort
I breathe out worry I breathe in peace I breathe out anxiety I breathe in bliss
I breathe out Hoover well I breathe in gratitude I breathe out
fear in for the final two important breaths as you breathe in imagine white
healing light entering the top of your head as you say in your mind or out loud
I love myself and again as you breathe in imagine that
wonderful healing light as it feels your body as you say in your mind or out loud
I am enough remember you and only you can be the
hero in your own journey and it is comforting to know that you have chosen
me to be your guide and teach you how to return to this state at any time into
any place you choose a wise man once said that meditation is
not doing it is more accurately described as a being and in that moment
we accept where we are and how we are that what you are experiencing
is it and I don’t know if you consider yourself an eternal observer and that you have the confidence of
knowing we can all let go of the past and the future and wake up to what we
are now in this moment and I wonder if you know in your heart and in your mind
a great benefit to you as you use your new skills of meditation and in this
powerful state of self-hypnosis this state of ultimate learning you can
begin to uncover the potential that was always within your grasp now I wonder as you continue to allow
each and every muscle of your body to become more and more relaxed that more
than my voice is speaking to you and in your body you can experience a peaceful
power that comes from within now as you hear my words I wonder if you can bring
awareness to your left hand and as you focused on your left hand taking a deep
breath and as you exhale being surprised at how
relaxed you have become for the next part of this powerful lesson I would
like you to clench that left hand into a fist tightening the muscles in your hand for
a second perfect now as you concentrate on the feeling in
your clenched left hand relax those muscles and as you relax them allow
yourself to feel the sensation of relaxation extend through each loosened
finger sending you into an even deeper state of calm that’s right perfect and when you have felt that relaxation
radiates throughout your whole thing again taking another deep breath now as
you exhale double the sensation of relaxation everywhere except at left
fist and if you wish bring any tension that remains in your body and feel it
flow to that point in your clenched left fist and hold it there tightly like a
warm glove and when you feel the rest of your body
is completely relaxed and all the tension is in your clenched fist you
will know when and when it is time spread your fingers and exhale letting
go of all the tension then allowing your hand to become loose limp heavy and
relaxed perhaps even taking a special kind of
enjoyment in your ability to use what you have rehearsed to experience the
sensation of deep relaxation in your mind and body that’s right and I don’t know if you know this but
you have just created for yourself an anchor and anytime you find yourself
needing to instantly return to a state of physical and mental calm the states
like the one you have created here and now just tighten your left hand into a
fist hold that tension for a moment in to release your fingers and as you do
you will find that every muscle in your body and every stressful thought in your
mind will instantly relax and bring you back to this sensation that you have
created today and I am sure you already know on a deep
level you probably already know that you can continue to expand your skills and
that you can use your anchor at any time you feel a physical or mental rise in
tension and I know it may seem simple but I wonder if it’s comforting to you
that you can momentarily close your eyes clench that left fist and release it in
this simple act you have made a decision to change your state and you will feel
any tension any stress worry replaced with calm and fear will be overcome with renewed
sense of self-confidence as your trusted guide I wonder if I can ask you to
reflect on yourself in this moment and be again that humble observer and step
out of yourself stand off to the side and look back at yourself noticing just
how calm and relaxed you are and I don’t really know our seeing
yourself in complete comfort and ease will make you feel and if you will
notice your deep breathing and how the muscles in your face
have softened and I wonder if you will feel a sense of gratitude and
fulfillment that you have taken this time here and now to just be and to
learn something new that is useful now that you have simply and
effortlessly used your own body to take back conscious control maybe you are
ready to have another new experience and isn’t it interesting that you skillfully
utilized the power of your body to quickly make meaningful change simply
because you want to do it for yourself and imagine how you can expand how you
could amplify your life every day when you combine your body with your mind and
use your own powers of visualization now as you continue to relax more and more
deeply just allow yourself to float across time
in space and in a moment your unconscious mind is going to suddenly
take you to a very special place and the truth is I don’t know what thoughts if
any are going through your mind as you enjoy your bed incomplete come in
comfort I wonder if you would like to make a commitment to yourself now and
know that it is perfectly okay that each time you get into bed to fall asleep
that you can allow yourself your body your mind your soul a moment of self
love and self compassion and I wonder what that means for you and
if you are consciously choosing to put any concerns to the side as this is your
time and you will allow yourself a gift that only you can provide and use your
imagination to create yourself a moment of waking bliss
now as you slowly drift off to sleep as you relax into bed or the chair he in
completeness and comfort you might be finding your inner voice is still
talking to you about many things there then that’s okay as you follow my voice
and my voice goes with you that internal dialogue may be there and you can give
it permission to chatter away and as you notice it choose to change the tone of
your inner voice and make it a really tired yawning voice slow and exhausted you only need to talk to yourself in a
sleepy Dave comforting voice relaxed perhaps with the odd yawn or a date as
you settled down in bed that’s right maybe you would like to calmly listen to
where your inner dialogue wants you to focus and whatever that is
thank you’re slow sleepy tired in a voice for having the energy to share
with you any helpful reminders and help your inner voice understand in a calm
slow relaxed in loving time nothing is more important in this moment
than a natural deep Slade into dream to recover to heal and I don’t know if you realize that you
can always be your own best friend and tell yourself wonderfully positive calm
and peaceful stories you can describe in all the exquisite detail you can imagine
your wildest dreams in incredibly vivid scenes and it doesn’t even matter whether they
are true or not you are in control and I don’t know where your mind will wander perhaps you could visualize being
somewhere where the light is soft and soothing your mind is relaxed and your
body is comfortable and warm you could be on a much-needed holiday on
a tropical island and I wonder how you would choose to relax are you walking on a beautiful beach as
the Sun sets or laying comfortably in a hammock evening and I wonder if you can hear the waves
as they reach the shore or the wind as it brushes through the trees and it must
be so very comforting as you notice yourself breathe deeply into your body
relax deeper still and how satisfying it is that you can
make your scene as vivid as you choose and I wonder what you see hear smell and
feel as you slow down and take your time to see hear and feel every beautiful
detail as you drift down into deep sleep now if you find you are now not still deep
in sleep maybe you would like to turn your attention to the beautiful blue
ocean and focus your attention on water as it
moves in shimmers in lieu in light and I don’t know about you but I love water
for some reason watching moving water always brings me a sense of peace perhaps it is because moving water
represents the power of life perhaps the movement simply distracts me
from any stress evil way I find that every time I watch water in its movement
whether it is the ocean waves as they rhythmically come and go from this shore
or a beautiful waterfall I feel calm now as you relax scan your whole body if
there is any place where you are holding tension let those muscles become loose
and relaxed often we don’t even notice where we are carrying tension until we
make the conscious choice to scan our body and when we do this we can make the
choice to let those muscles relax continue to focus all of your attention
on the beautiful ocean that you have created as the gentle waves of water
flow toward you let any immediate stresses or anxieties flow with the
water away from you into a far in distant place somewhere across the sea perhaps you might like to reflect on
what your inner voice is telling you now that isn’t useful in this moment and for
each idea that your critical inner voice brings to your attention pick up a shell
from the beach and use your powerful imagination to see a picture
representation of each idea and thought offered by your inner voice drawn on
each of the shells and as you stand on the beach looking out upon the water
imagine how fun it might be to throw each of the shelves with all the images
that are not useful in this moment out into the water feeling a sense of
greater comfort as the shells slowly sink into the ocean deep moving back and
forth as they tumble down with the gentle tropical tide many will find it easy now to drift off
to sleep however others might experience initial
difficulty perhaps this is because stress has been part of your life for so
long that letting it go is something that takes time that is perfectly okay
perhaps you will notice now how your body has become more relaxed after
focusing your attention for so long on this beautiful vivid scene you have
created your eyes might be tired and heavy and it is perfectly okay to drift in
dream and use this time to calm and heal the body mind and soul you

Jerry Heath


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