#SkilloftheWeek: Mindfulness of Current Emotion – An Example

On the first time, I try this, I was going on a blind date and I had pre-determined that this is the person that I was going to marry and by the time that date was a half an hour away. I was so revved up. I couldn’t even think straight anymore. I knew that this is probably time to try this strategy out that someone had told me about. [MINDFULNESS OF CURRENT EMOTION] So what I did was I laid on my bed and really just focused on where my body, I was feeling most intensely: my anxiety and my fear about the situation. It turned out that it was really right here. There was a sinking feeling in my stomach and there were also the thoughts that were associated with that feeling. But I really had to let go of those thoughts and keep reminding myself to let go of those thoughts and just feel that sinking feeling. And as I did that, and I did it for a long time – for about 15 minutes. The amount of anxiety and stress I was feeling when done quite a bit and by the end. I could think straight again and I was convinced. [AND I COULD THINK STRAIGHT TO REALIZE THIS WASN’T THE RIGHT PERSON FOR ME]

Jerry Heath

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