Shailputri Jaap Mantra 108 Repetitions ( Navdurga Series )

I am Shakti. Brahma’s Shakti Brahma is formless and I am the form of the power He possesses Just as the flame has no existence without the light similarly Brahma has no existence without me Brahma is the flame and I am the light Brahma is Man and I am Nature Thus I am the active energy that both creates and dissolves the entire universe In my previous birth I was born as a daughter of Daksh Prajapati and was married to Lord Shiva but in a sacraficial ceremony organized by my father Prajapati Daksh I burnt my body in the yogic fire because I could not bear the insult of my husband Lord Shiva by my father in the sacrificial ceremony Thus in my next birth I reincarnated as Parvati the daughter of Mountain King Hemavat and I am the first among the Nava Durgas and my Name is Shailputri

Jerry Heath


  1. Please consider making Mariamman, Meenakshi, Angala Parameshvari and Nitya Devis videos. Thank you.

  2. please do a periyachi amman video pleaseeeee

    and happy navaratri to you chant central

  3. the mantra chanting is with acoustic effect due to which the mantra could not be heard properly

  4. the chants is more sweet in male voice as you ppl have done in ur dash vidya .may be due to acoustic effect the female voice is not able to be heard properly .moreover the male and female duet is also not good.

  5. मन्त्र मे यसा झुनझुनाट अच्छा नहि होताहे

  6. I have a question Is it prounouced as "Hhhreeem" or Is it prounuced "Reem and the the letter H" is silent?

  7. Jai maa sailputri magha Gupta navratri and chaitria navratri ashada Gupta navratri shardiya navratri 1st day

  8. Jai mata sailiputri💐💐🙏🏻🙏🏻🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️

  9. Do you have jaap mantra for Durga maa
    And for saraswati mata except the beeja mantra

  10. Hello chant central,
    The other video of Shailaputri mata mantra is OM SHAAM SHEEM SHOOM SHAILPUTRI NAMAH.
    But this is different
    Which one is accurate to chant?
    Pls reply

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