Self Inquiry Meditation – The Thinker Does Not Exist

Oftentimes we feel very controlled by
our thoughts and we take on the identity that the thought is trying
to impose on us. For example, if you’re having a fearful thought, you are unconsciously in the identity of
being scared like the fearful one or if it’s an anxious thought, you are in the
identity of being an anxious person. If you are thinking about, you know,
how am I going to make it this month? How am I going to pay the bills? You are unconsciously in the
identity of one that is lacking, one that is financially not abundant, so on and so forth. So
oftentimes we feel so, um, suppressed by these
thoughts and being in control. These thoughts being in
control of us, right? And the reason for that is not
knowing what you truly are, not knowing what your true position is. And that’s what I want to kind of
share with you in this video. How to be free of whatever your thoughts
may be imposing on you and ultimately actually also just being free of thoughts
entirely and engaging with the mind only if you choose. Rather than that just being your
experience. Just constant thoughts. Because if that’s the case,
you’re identified with your mind. You are not in control of your mind.
Your mind is in control of you. And if your mind is in control of you, then what do you think is controlling
your life? You or your mind? And it’s primarily the reason why you
may continue to find yourself again and again in a situation or circumstance
where you look at life and you’re like, why isn’t life the way
that I want it to be? It’s because you are not
in control. Your mind is. So let’s discuss about how to
actually get in control of mind and how to not allow it to
impose certain realities on you, okay? You are not the mind. You are not the body. Everybody on the spiritual journey says
this all the time. What mind really is, right? You can say is just your thoughts. There’s no separate entity in your head
called mind that is thinking thoughts. Mind is thoughts. You can say
emotions are also just mind. Okay? So if you’re not your mind, you’re none of these thoughts.
And you say this all the time, and if you’re not your body
and you say this all the time, then what exactly are you right? That is the basis of self
inquiry to investigate who am I? Who is this me? That is
always in my experience, which experiences thought
or the lack of thought, which experiences all these
different versions of this body. Who is this me? That seems to
be constant in this experience. This me, if we’re really to
conceptualize what it is, and I don’t want you to just stop at
this answer, right? I’m going to say it, but I don’t want you to just stop at
this answer and be like, okay, yes, I am awareness. I actually
want like after this video, I want you to go practice exactly
what I will teach you in this video. And I want you to experience
this for yourself. Because until you actually
have that as your experience, this teaching has no meaning and
it will not benefit you in what, any way whatsoever. In fact, it itself will just become another concept
which will actually cloud the truth from you. Okay? So if you’re not the
thoughts, if you’re not the body, if you’re not any of these
sensations or perceptions, you are the awareness of
them, right? So what is this? What is this? You, you are the observer. But what is this observer? In a very general way, if we
were to put it in a model, you are the awareness of what is happening
no matter what it is in this current experience, maybe
thoughts, maybe activity, whatever you’re aware of. What are the contents of this moment
are you are the awareness of that rather than any of the contents,
okay? Including your thoughts. Okay? So it is not even the body
that is thinking thoughts. And this is where I want you
to have this key aha moment. It’s not even the body that has thoughts. All it really is is
you, which is awareness and mind, which is all of these
thoughts coming and going. And obviously the further
extension of that is the world, which is everything that is
perceived to be so solid and real, which is just an externalization
of that same very mind. These are the three layers. So this
person is not thinking thoughts. This body is not thinking thoughts, thoughts are happening and you are aware
of them. You are not being the body. You as awareness, stay with me here. Remind the way that video if you have to, you are awareness and
thoughts are coming and going. Thoughts are being experienced
to be there or not be there. And here’s the, the place where you go wrong and what we’re conditioned to actually
believe and live out as real as our experience because this awareness, this consciousness identifies falsely
identifies with the body and the thoughts. It has this experience that I am this
body and mind and that is the way we live, right? When we say I am
doing this, I want that. I’m, I don’t want this what you’re referring
to in your experience as just this person does mind and body, but what is actually going
on. It’s just you awareness, thoughts coming and going and further
extension, which is the world, the place where, um, the incorrect identification happens
is consciousness identifying with I am these thoughts and this body and what
happens when this identification is formed as you begin to engage in
thoughts with interest, with interest, okay? That’s a keyword right there
with interest awareness. What you actually are is simply
just awareness of whatever it is, but when you falsely
identify with the thoughts, when you fall into identification
with the thoughts, there’s interest, there is a version, there’s
resistance, there’s all that. So definitely going deep
in this video, okay? Now every thought that you
engage with you as an awareness, again, not the body. Now the mind, not this person you believe yourself to
be because that itself is just another thought construct. When you engage with mind, with thoughts, there seems to be a thinker. There seems to be a thinker
that is thinking those thoughts and that is what I said in the beginning
of the video where now if you’re, if the thought is fearful, now there is a fearful thinker that is
thinking those thoughts or there is an anxious thinker that is thinking the
anxious thought or there is an abundant thinker that is thinking the
abundant thought or the um, lack full poverty minded thinker that
is thinking the lack full thought, the nature of the thought, right? Every thought that that is being engaged
with comes with a thinker attached but the thinker does not actually exist. There is no thinker. It is just you as awareness, you awareness and thoughts. There is no middle ground
which is called thinker. The the sense of a thinker itself is just
thought mind and this is the trickiest part of self-inquiry.
Does the trickiest part of um, just this whole spiritual journey because
the spiritual journeys essentially you learning that I am not this mind and body. I am that awareness which is aware of
this mind and body and everything else. That is basically the spiritual
journey that I basically the purpose of self-inquiry and the biggest challenge, the biggest trick that the mind plays is
it imposes on you a thinker and if you don’t actually fully investigate
this sense of a thinker, this thinker goes unnoticed and that’s
why she Rama knows teachings Moogy right? Like a Rupert Spire, all of the like the [inaudible] like these
people are talking about self-inquiry because it is the most direct method
to questioning, to investigating, to whom are these thoughts
actually happening? Who is the perceiver of
all that is going on? Because once you start
to investigate this, you start to come up on this discovery
that the sense of a thinker is itself. Just another thought. Matter of fact, there is no meat thinker
that is thinking thoughts, that is controlling what to
think, what not to think. That is making decisions that is
creating or not creating life. There is no separate me that
is doing all of this stuff. That itself is another thought. And that itself is what we call ego. And that is why you know you come across
certain teachings that say ego doesn’t actually exist because it truly doesn’t. Ego appears to exist when you awareness, falsely
identify with thought [inaudible] and that is the primary
delusion right there. That is the divine hypnosis.
As I read in one book, that is a beautiful expression,
divine hypnosis awareness. This infinite awareness you me, right? Identifying as those thoughts as this body for
getting itself the divine of gnosis. So now how to actually recognize this, right? And and what does this actually do
once you beginning to recognize this, okay, it frees you up from feeling
like the victim of your thoughts. It you up from automatically
and unconsciously taking
the identity of whatever thought you may be engaging with the thought comes with
the thinker attached. Every single time you
engage with a thought, you automatically fall into a perspective
of a thinker that is thinking that thought. But all of that
is itself just a thought. So now what is required is for you to
instead of engaging with the thought again and again and again and again and
again, inquire and investigate. Who is this thought
actually occurring too, right? You’re going to say me. Obviously I am the one who
is aware of this thought, so then who is this me? Right? Find the thinker [inaudible] find the one that is thinking. Inquire. You’re not looking
for a conceptual answer. You’re not looking for a
word to describe what me is. No, it’s not so much
about the, it’s not some, this practice is not about getting
an answer. That’s the funny part. When you ask this question,
don’t expect to get an answer. Don’t desire an answer. It’s not
so much about getting the answer. It’s about what actually is
happening to you as you inquire, so just the practice of you inquiring
is the answer because through it, by doing it and by practicing
and consistently your
sense of self shifts from this thinker that doesn’t actually
exist to what you actually are. Awareness, consciousness, whatever
you want to call it, truth. By doing the practice, it automatically shifts little by little. It’s like this little
lever. It’s not a switch. It’s just this little lever that goes
from the decide to decide from delusion to truth. And this frees you up from falling
into identification with thought, with the thinker from the divine hypnosis that it’s, that is right there. Self-inquiry,
the purpose of self-inquiry. It is the only true freedom, right? As long as you believe that you
are this thinker, this Dewar, this ego, no matter how much you empower yourself, you are still caught up in the web of
identification and you will one day cease to be. And so even if it’s so funny, like even if you win at the
game of life, you still lose, which is why the greatest opportunity
in this lifetime for any buddy is to recognize the truth of who they
really are, what they really are, that they are not what can be gone. But instead that through which everything
is perceived that which always is and will be. So realize through this
practice and again, watch my other self-inquiry videos. Um, I link the playlist in
the description box below. The playlist is called self-inquiry
and practice it because through daily practice and consistent practice, it will teach you how to make this
little shift or significant shift. And it’s the most rewarding process.
It’s the most freeing process. And if you haven’t yet tried
it out, I greatly encourage it. Okay. And if you truly want to make
this shift to higher consciousness, you can also feel free to watch my
higher consciousness masterclass. I’ll link that down below as
well. It’s completely free. And in this I talk about self recognition
and self abidance making this shift to higher consciousness and through
that right? Creating a life of peace, joy, and freedom. So make
sure to watch that as well. But let me know if you want more
videos regarding self-inquiry. Uh, I know this is a very deeper topic, so a lot of the audience on this
channel may not resonate with it. So I like to see who’s actually really
engaging with these sorts of videos and is finding them valuable. So if you
want me to make more videos like this, please let me know in the
comment section below. It will greatly help me out with
that. Okay. But other than that, I wish you the best of luck. Let me know
if you have questions regarding this. Um, I will do my best to get back to
you. Uh, so subscribe to the channel. Give me a thumbs up and I’ll
see you in the next video. [inaudible].

Jerry Heath


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