Satisfying Video that Loosens Up Your Nerves | Relaxing Video for Mental Rest and Sleep

Satisfying Video Oddly Satisfying Video Relaxing Video for Sleep

Jerry Heath


  1. Somany amazing things in world.
    Thought life will give little happiness to enjoy but it ended up in disaster which cannot be repaired anymore no matter how much I try.
    The pain of lonleyness and multiple thoughts of past plus imagination.
    No matter how good things are but looks meaningless and cause more pain…
    Wish no one should ever face this in life even for a minute let this end with me …

  2. 90% of the people who watch: woooow so satisfying!!
    9% of the people who watch: oh so thats how they make it
    1% of the people who watch: trying to guess what the thing shown is

  3. I know I'm late and it's around late here, but I'm sipping hot coffee and just relaxing to this. Perfect end to my weekend.

  4. Did you know all electronics produced in Japan and China have "back doors" remotely to your phones and computers, etc.

  5. Anyone get pulled out of the trace when you notice that they used the same egg clip twice in the same video

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