Rotary Peace Center Opens at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda

Makerere University, Africa’s most prestigious university, is located right here
at the center of the Great Lakes region. A region that is very vibrant but often prone to conflict. Here at Makerere University
we do welcome a Rotary Peace Center because we believe it will strengthen the impact which our already existing program on peace studies is having in the region, in the Great Lakes region,
in Africa, and beyond. The peace and conflict studies center has three pillars. The academic, research, and community outreach. Makerere University’s peace and conflict
program is interdisciplinary. Performing arts, music, dance,
and drama are not only a tool, but also a medium for advocating
and mitigating conflict. And we think that gives them an opportunity
to interact better with their material and are able to propose even better solutions for the kinds of realities that they encounter as problems in the community. We run a master’s in peace and conflict
studies as well as PHDs. In addition to that, we run courses for our men and women in uniform as well as secondary school teachers who have a mild play affect and later help to solve and mitigate conflict in communities when they are raised. And when we talk about peace building and peace studies, it’s not just about absence of war. It’s about the entirety of human security, which starts right at the household level to the community, to state, and regional bodies.

Jerry Heath

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