RMT 7 – Differences Between Easterm Mindfulness & Right Mindset For Salvation

Seven differences between Eastern
mindfulness and right mindset for your salvation. First of all, your mind is
designed to have thoughts not empty or going into blankness that would be
tranquilizing the frontal lobe of your brain almost like going into a coma. Now
some people’s thoughts are often more rapid than others but the speed or
slowness of your thoughts has nothing to do with your spiritual maturity. Number
two, you are to wake up not go to sleep in your watching and prayer. Shutting
your eyes on one level is telling yourself to go to sleep on a deep level,
like speaking to the subconscious. The eyes should be open slightly if you’re
starting to feel drowsy if you’re praying for a long time or you lose
alertness while praying, eyes wide open if you feel very sleepy.
You can even stand up. Your frontal lobe is – number three. Your frontal lobe is
to remain in control, therefore if strong feelings arise like pleasure or sorrow
then acknowledge them but avoid entertaining them or absorbing into them
this would be surrendering the front of the low front of the brain to the back
of the brain. The hippocampus wants to take over from your frontal lobe. It
wants you to obey self and your feelings not God. Praying or spending
time in nature or quiet space may lead towards absorption and in tranquilizing
peace. And the Christian is to move on from these states by faith towards the
throne of grace and/or prayer for others, remaining at peace but not distracted
and absorbed into the feelings of peace. Number four. Watch out for your own habitual stories. Those kinds of repetitive thoughts will lead you away
from right mindset if you let them. Let them go like the clouds passing before
the sky and come back to the reflection on the life of Christ or
whatever it is that you’re a–you’re reflecting on. Number five.
Whatch the senses and watch out for reactions to prevent any distraction
from looking towards Jesus. Not looking towards a picture of Jesus but towards
his matchless, perfect character by faith looking towards the Most Holy Place of
the heavenly sanctuary. Rejoice evermore pray without ceasing in everything give
thanks for this is the will of God through Christ Jesus concerning you and
so we’re training the imagination here away from self centeredness. Number six
True biblical meditation not with confidence in self, but confidence in
the leading of the Holy Spirit. Your watching and prayer always supports your
connection with Christ. Now with these guidelines in place you
can enjoy your communion with God safely, your rejoicing, prayer always and
gratitude in all things, your reflections on the events of Christ’s life,
particularly the closing scenes, your questions on His Word and his teachings,
your intercessory prayer your reflections on the events of Christ’s
life particularly the closing scenes your questions on his word and his
teachings your intercessory prayer for others and your communion with Jesus. Number seven. The plan of addition that’s
our role and the plan of multiplication that’s His role. Biblical right mindset
focuses on the loving character of Jesus Christ and it develops a vigilant
watchfulness to avoid temptation. The main point is the abiding loving
connection with Chris,t the watching and prayer always guards this precious
connection against distraction and disconnection that would come through
the senses, automatic reactions, stories and emotions and an overturned
conscience. With diligent effort and persistence in
watching and prayer the eye of faith will open and the watching and prayer in
connection with God becomes continuing. That’s God’s plan of multiplication and
His effective blessing. “Be sober be vigilant because your adversary the
devil as a roaring lion walketh about seeking whom he may devour.”
1 Peter 5:8. “But we all with open face beholding as in a glass the
glory of the Lord are changed into the same image from glory to glory even as
by the Spirit of the Lord.” 2 Corinthians 3:18

Jerry Heath

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