Returning to Prayer

As I got into junior high
and to those teenage years, my self-esteem really
started to struggle. I was trying to
find out who I was, and I got involved with
drinking and drugs. I felt like it was
making me happy, so I kept going
until I was hooked. One day my father called
me out of the blue and said, “Son, I’ve
got a lump in my brain.” And 11 months later,
he had passed away. My father was my rock. He was my foundation. And so when he passed
away of cancer, I didn’t know what to do. It was like part
of me died as well. I was a full-blown alcoholic. I was waking up in the morning
wishing that I didn’t exist. It wasn’t that I would
just die and move on; I wanted God to get rid of me. I thought He had made a
mistake in creating me and that I was worthless. And the thought had crossed
my mind several times of ending my life, and I didn’t
think there was a way out. There’s a picture of
Christ that my father drew, and this picture has always
been part of me in my life. I took this picture with
me everywhere I went. And I had the thought
come into my mind, “Mike, get down on your knees
and say a prayer.” I slowly got on my knees. I had no idea what to say. The only thing that I could get
out of my mouth, the only words that I could get
out, were “Help me. Help me.” And as soon as those words left
my lips, I felt His embrace and I knew that He loved me. I knew that I was
worth something to Him. I decided I was going
to go back to church. And I tried really hard, but
the habit was still there. At that point I felt like I
could forgive other people, but I couldn’t forgive myself. Two weeks after going back
to church for the first time, I’d just purchased this scooter. My girlfriend, Alicia,
and I were hit head-on. It was bad. We didn’t have helmets on, and
Alicia broke her neck and back in several places. I broke my skull in three
places and had traumatic brain injuries, and I was in a coma. And three days
after the accident, I woke up from my coma. There was a lot of healing
that needed to be done. As I was laying in bed, I had
a very distinct and very real feeling come to me. In the scriptures,
there’s a verse that says you’re spared by
“the prayers of the righteous.” And I knew that because of
the faith of those around me and because of the love of those
around me, that I was spared. As I got out of the hospital and
as I started to rehabilitate, I started to go to
LDS 12-step meetings. And I started to get myself
committed to the Lord. It is by the grace of God
that I was in that accident. And it’s not something I’d
ever want to go through again, and I’m glad it’s in the past,
but that accident spared me. That accident gave
me the circumstances that I need to start
to humble myself and to look to Him again. And as I looked to my Savior, He
came to me and He redeemed me. He saved my soul,
where I didn’t think it could be saved anymore.

Jerry Heath


  1. This is a beautiful example of the power of 'choice' which we are all blessed with. He could have used that accident as a crutch to wallow deeper in his misery. He had the perfect excuse to drink more and abuse pain meds. Instead he chose to change his life for the better. He chose seek the Lord's help. With the Lord he found his footing, got back up and started to live a fulfilling life! Each one of us is given that ability. πŸ™‚

  2. Well almost same thing happen to me but only i ended up worst than i thought. but i`m back you mu usual self and i can`t thank God enough He saved my life.

  3. This is such a wonderful message! I have missed having mormon messages (they have vanished recently), so this has filled that testimony strengthening mormon message void that has been missing. Thank you for sharing your experience and how God worked in your life. πŸ™‚

  4. I love when Mormon Channel posts new videos! They are super uplifting and motivate me to continue on in my life!
    I make surfing videos and I am also mormon! Life is good and prayer makes it even better!

  5. I am fulfil of rejoice and happiness , because I'm a Mormon . My Faith in His True Gospel strengthening me in my life that full of trials snd afflictions .I am really Thank full to be one of a Mormon for almost 46 years on next April 25th.

  6. I love and appreciate you and your journey Mike, thank you for your story and example!

  7. Thank you for sharing Mike! You are a great example for those of us that need it!

  8. Thank you for sharing this story Mike. I am so proud to call you family. I too am so grateful for the Savior, for the gift of of the Atonement. I know with Christ's help, we can change and be what our Heavenly Father wants us to be. I love Jesus Christ with all my heart and soul. I know he lives. Love you so much Mike!

  9. I add my testimony to that of his. Our Savior lives, and He is powerful, and filled with so much love and compassion.
    I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my mother's prayers, and the prayers of all my loved ones.
    Jesus does saves his children even from the depths of hell. He lives. He is powerful. I know it with all my heart.

  10. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself. Needed the reminder the Savior is there for all of us.

  11. Very Powerful! I love prayer, and I've been trying to pray more, because it is so easy in this world to forget our identity and forget our Father in Heaven, and to forget to seek his guidance. Thanks you for sharing your story.

  12. Thank you for sharing this, Mike. It really helped me out today.

  13. Wow, thank you.
    I also have felt his powerful arms around me.
    Christ truly is our Redeemer. He saves our souls from hell.

  14. I am struggling with prayer now. I used to pray 5 or 6 times a day. I no longer pray. I guess it's my lack of faith now

  15. God doesn't make mistakes, thank you for your touching story!!! God bless

  16. Mike this is moving for me and prayer is powerful and I wish that others will learn from this and I hope my faith and love and hope will assist someone in my family. Thank you.

  17. it is beautiful what faith in Jesus Christ can do for us

  18. I love these videos. The Lord loves all people. Those who have wronged Him but turn their back to sin and follow God are loved and helped

  19. I am grateful to my heavenly father and his only begotten son Jesus Christ for always hearing my prayers with great anticipation and I am proud to be a mormon and will ever be a mormon

  20. I love my father in heaven and his only begotten son Jesus Christ who give every souls hope and redemption today by laying down his life and dying for our sins. ……

  21. We in some ways, a similar truth yet varies greatly. A southern Baptist and brought up in a loving family, a time came when I found myself set apart from this. I felt alone, when I say alone I mean separated from my family, so I turned and ( realized ) I was not alone. Long , long story short, it never stops , it just gets better. The Blessings, things I see now I and have yet to see, absolutely amazes me . We are here but for a short while, temporary and then I know I will see HEAVEN for all Eternity in GODS presence. Praise GOD the FATHER.

    GOD BLESS you

  22. Why Mormons are Mormons why they don't call them Christian. and why they are so obsessed with Joseph Smith, we hear less of Jesus but more of Joseph why is that?

  23. Thank you for sharing, brother Mike!!! Blessings be upon your head!!!

  24. thanku brother mike for your courage to share really for your testimony abt prayer heacenly father always there for us waiting for us to call him but it up to us individually to call him love you brother for sharing

  25. I feel when I watch these videos that there is something God wants to tell me that day. Thank you for sharing this story.

  26. Please Lord Jesus Christ. I want to feel your loving arms around me. I don't want to hurt anyone else or myself any longer. I want to be yours and yours alone. Amen.

  27. Sir, you have a beautiful soul β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ Thank you for sharing your story. I needed this.

  28. Wow. There was a reason god led me to this video at this specific time. Thank you for sharing your story

  29. Thanks for sharing your message. I find myself in a similar situation right now, I know that what I'm doing doing is not right. What I got from this message is, it's better to place yourself in God's hands, rather than fall in God's hands. Falling in God's hands is not a good thing, it gives me some peace to know that Heavenly Father is still with me because every time I do wrong, I am tormented by my thoughts. I'm getting a new job that will allow me to be off on Sundays, as soon as this happens I'll be returning to church. Thanks!

  30. LOVE this video, thank you for sharing your difficult, yet beautiful journey!!

  31. Id be getting on my knees and ask the Lord Jesus to forgive you ur sins and realy say it and mean it .We are in the last time perid. As described in Daniel

  32. We know Mike well and he is as committed as they come to this day.

  33. Self harm and eating disorders were making me Happy it was not reall Happy it was fake I was addicted I wanted to die I am still stuck I was saved and I am really trying

  34. Father targets His "STRONG SOLDIERS". He knows we can overcome all those trials and tribulations only if we are willing to accept Him in us. Love the video and thank you for sharing

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