Prophetic Prayer: There’s DISTRACTORS and DETRACTORS In The Floodgates

being conformed in my image about
hanging on a tree and I was the lamb slain before the foundation of the world
and love is poured out life it’s a poured out life it’s not fighting
for your rights good morning I love this sauces yeah la
Bashara baa baa sheep cuz you good morning shout out and share hello
subida love you too my friends can’t wait to meet you one day it’s gonna
happen Northern California in the house come on
Gold Coast Australia oh my gosh I see the one and only baby profit on the mic
I’m just gonna travel all over her come on now let’s roll good morning Ohio Kentucky come on this
is one of my favorite songs press in shout out Cher
press in I smell popcorn and if I’m never walking
water if I’m they see the miracles if I never hear your voice so just know that
your love is enough to keep me here just hear those words is enough Dean when you
smell popcorn in the spirit except me shout out and share you do god
bless you say missouri philadelphia PA meet me in the house africa vermont come
on it start in 30 seconds let’s get crazy up this day nine of the floodgates
prophecy will print it out press it in revelation of the house New Jersey Anya
Dennis I can start now that you’re on silent I was waiting for you yeah boshy Rebecca Tara boshy come on Cobra hallelujah good morning everyone Jennifer LeClaire
here with you author of our devotional mornings with the Holy Spirit listening
daily to the still small voice of God I’m the senior leader of the awakening
House of Prayer in South Florida check us out online if you’re not in Davie a
hop dot on line come on today’s devotional titled I
enjoy being with you and here’s what I heard the Lord say do you know what I
really really enjoy just sitting with you just engulfing you with my love just
watching the peace that comes over you when you feel my presence
it’s those quiet moments when deep cries out too deep that I relish during those
times the connection between us is strong you know that I love you and I
know that you love me without either of us speaking a word I enjoy you says the
Spirit of God amen I like that today’s scripture references
psalm 42 verse 7 lamentations 3 and 26 and Psalm 62 verse 5 and the prayer
started for today I enjoy your presence more than words can express you delight
me will you please help me reach that place of being still and knowing that
you are God even when the hustle and bustle of the world around me is
demanding my attention father we give you praise we honor you today as the one
true God the Living God the the just God the God that sees the end from the
beginning the God that knows how many hairs we have on our head the God that
knows how many grains of sand are on the seashore and who separates our sin as
far as the east is the West who cast our sin into the sea
of forgetfulness and will remember it no more we give you praise God we honor you
today for there is no one who compares to you your mercy it endures forever
your grace your long-suffering God we thank you we thank you Lord we thank you
that you found us you saved us you picked us up and cleaned us off and
sent us forth with power come on now kashikar abbas a father we thank you
that you are the all-powerful god no one’s power compares to your power not
the enemy’s power not the government’s power not the world’s power not the
power of media or entertainment or medicine your power is it well you are
omnipotent Khan you are all-powerful and that power that raised Christ from the
dead dwells on the inside of us his name is Holy Spirit God we thank you for the
Holy Spirit the spirit of grace the Spirit of Truth leading us in guiding us
making a way for us God ordering our steps lord help us to be more sensitive
to your heart God help us to be more sensitive to who you are what you’re
saying what you’re doing at any given moment not just when we’re desperate God
not just when we need something God Oh Jesus would you give us a revelation
that we are needing all the time we’re needing eating eating any people we’re
desperate caught we can’t do a thing without you
a Chaba shake eight embrace t would you help us date to God to really understand
that the the the the the contradiction or the the the the the the parallel
between the realities that apart from you we can do nothing
Jesus you told us that you were very clear-cut apart from me you can do
nothing but then you turn it around and you said in me in Christ you can do all
things so father we thank you that we are super conquerors we can take the
mountain week take the devil we can take whatever it
is that comes at us whatever it is that’s thrown at us we can take it we
can endure it we can overcome it we can rise above it we can go forward even in
the midst of a drag I just saw that somebody like dragging dragging I just
dragging like there’s just a drag it’s like you know when you’re pulling Sun as
a matter of fact you know yeah captain I’m a shaky t like when you’re dragging
something behind you how about the the wheel on a suitcase when it’s broken or
how about the the shopping cart that you’re trying to push and there’s like a
drag because one of the wheels is pulling in the wrong direction or one of
the wheels doesn’t spin anymore so the wheel is just dragging well there’s two
different scenarios there the wheel on the shot let’s use that the wheel on the
shopping cart is dragging it is dragging because it doesn’t roll anymore and so
it’s like it just is hard to push it suitcase that you’re pulling behind you
when the wheel is broken it’s hard to pull father I thank you today god I saw
somebody just dragging just dragging just dragging father I thank you Lord
today that you fix whatever it is in our lives that causes us to feel like we’re
dragging ourselves along in life father we don’t want you to have to drag us
along we want to rise up in the power of God we want to rise up with the sword of
the Spirit we want to plow through enemy opposition we don’t want to drag through
life we don’t want to drag we don’t want to like feel like we’re just pushing and
pulling and pressing so hard and not getting anywhere we want to feel like no
matter what we do the resistance is too great for us to stay on a straight line
there you go you know when you’re when your wheel on your shopping cart come on
I know you’ve had this it’s not just me you get the bum shopping cart and the
wheel wants to drag in the other direction or how about when your car is
out of alignment and it just wants to pull and if you don’t keep your hands on
the steering wheel you’ll go right off into the ditch if you don’t keep it
steady like holding on it pulls what am I saying what’s the Holy Spirit saying
here car brush deity they say some of you are just out of alignment so be you
just need to get an alignment a holy ghost
alignment some of you are aligned with the wrong people and that’s why your
life is so hard that’s why it’s so hard to go to church that’s why we knock at a
time I shake a tail that’s why when you step into church you feel like you’re
walking into a war zone because there’s something that’s out of alignment
there’s something that’s causing you to feel like it you’re just dragging
something that’s resisting you to the point that it takes so much energy to do
something that should be so easy to do it’s not right beloved you’re either in
sin or you’re out of alignment shock embrace did it is she oh sure da ba ba
ba shake a terribie she let me tell you something I mean we’re gonna go back
into prayer but let me tell you something you ministers you apostles
prophets evangelists pastors and teachers if you don’t have an alignment
you need to get one because your ministry is not going to excel at the
rate that it needs to and you might take a lot more hits spiritually than you
need to because you don’t have an alignment you don’t have I
you don’t have to use the word covering I don’t particularly like it but that’s
what it is there’s a reason for it and if you’re out there like a lone ranger
running around wondering why you’re not getting anywhere it’s because you’re not
yoked it’s because you’re not submitted it’s because you’re not pressing with
the group of people that understand what you’re going through and are willing to
fight for you when you’re too weak to fight for yourself shorter da ba ba ba
shaky embrace get it is she when you’re out of alignment everything is a lot
harder when the wheel stops working everything is drags everything just
drags everything distracts father help us Lord to realign ourselves to realign
our lives to your spirit to your plumb line I see God just dropping a plumb
line today because we’re in day 9 of the floodgates day 9 day 9 you know what day
9 is it represents a perfect move of God and it also represents the judgment of
God 9 the gifts of the Spirit but also judgments listen God is going to judge
some things in our lives and he’s going to judge some of these distractors and
detractors that are standing in the flood gate trying to keep you from
receiving your miracle comb brush da da ba ba Shi sha da ba ba ba Chiquitita
baby she ordered ah ba ba ba Chaka tambri Steketee Ralia catarrhalis oco-2
masha come on now a cheeky Team Russia key t-ara baba kety ramesha Jesus Jesus
Jesus Jesus I don’t know if y’all can handle this today I don’t know if I
should take you where I’m looking to take you by the Spirit of God today I
don’t know if I should do it today I don’t know if I should just pull back
and play some nice pattycake prayers today and send you on your way it’s a
Friday should I just pray some Friday party prayers I don’t know if y’all can
handle this today oh jesus oh jesus oh jesus oh jesus oh Jesus do your thing
God somebody need to judge your hearts and you wouldn’t be judged some of you
it ain’t that everybody is gossiping about you is that you’re giving them
something to gossip about honey if you’ll just live right some of these
people so shorter I’m I shut up my shit there’s two times people slander
maligne and gossip about you when you’re doing something right when you’re doing
something wrong look if you’re givin people something to talk about quit
complaining that they’re talking omekata robo shake a teddy bear she can brush da
bobba shake a tail shake it in the name of Jesus Oh in the name of Jesus in the
name of Jesus God help us to rightly align our hearts with your heart Lord
send us to the people to whom we can submit send those people to whom we can
mentor send us people that can help us Lord to walk along this journey with
accountability and with purity oh my god did I just say a dirty word oh my
goodness I said accountability I’ll probably lose half the broadcast now
what has gotten into you today apostle I think it’s the Holy Ghost whoa I just
said accountability oh my goodness all the rebels are gonna drop off the car
well praise God will have a more pure atmosphere hallelujah a show Cottam
Ratana baba Sheikh 80 rocket embrasure ah ba ba she
k-tel robo shake a tiara bakit ah yay Katie Marie Chaka Bruma yo ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha oh we’re gonna have fun today God is moving for whoever can handle it
move on with me Kotaro sh t hallelujah hallelujah he’s dropping a plumb line if
you judge your heart you wouldn’t have to be judged it’s what Paul says judge
your heart least you have to be judged well court order da ba ba ba she get
rightly aligns you guys some of you ministers out there running around and
got no spiritual mother and he got no spiritual father and got no home Church
just running from place to place I caught town but race day Cape today
Beijing get rightly aligned we’re in the flood gates
day 9 of the flood gates and the Lord told me yesterday began to speak to me
about this now we’re gonna dive into this flood gates part of the prayer
listen I know we’re in the flood gates but I got to pray what I have to pray
we’ll always get to the flood gate part okay we got 40 days in this there’s more
there’s more that God wants to say besides the flood gates but he’s
pressing on this I saw my there’s detractors to Strickland distractors and
detractors in the flood gate what does that mean I said a distractor is someone
who distracts you someone whose trial isn’t I want you understand what we’re
praying about because we’re about to break some assignments against your
miracles against your blessings okay track with me now track with me a
distractor that’s easy a distractor is somebody that distracts you listen when
you’re up at the head of the floodgate and you’re looking for your miracle
you’re looking for the deliverance you’re looking for that healing you’re
looking for that rest you’re looking for all these things that God has promised
that are in the flood gate and all the things he’s personally promised you
because I know there’s people around the world that are emailing he’s saying
here’s what the Lord said about the flood gates people are painting
paintings about the flood gates several people somebody gave me one in Louisiana
a painting of the flood come on people are expressing this word in many forms
memes artwork messages prophecies but there’s distractions in the flood gate
there’s distract doors you thought this was all gonna be 40 days of nicey-nice
no let’s get to the bottom of it listen yeah there’s always going to be warfare
there’s distractors and the flood gates there’s those that try to distract you
to get you out of the head of that flood gate say oh you’ve been pressing for
nine days now it’s Saturday tomorrow you can take
a break let’s go out to the club let’s go out and just you know numb our minds
and just watch a movie after movie after movie after movie let’s just go out
listen I’m not against having fun but we’re in a season here of the floodgates
how bad do you want your breakthrough how bad do you want the things the devil
stole from you it’s in the flood gates and there’s distractors that are trying
to tempt you try to get you off your focus try to get you to stop running
your race to the end there’s 40 days there’s distractors there / – assignment
from the enemy to keep you out of the flood gate to keep you from focusing on
Jesus who is pouring out blessings from heaven that we cannot contain and
there’s detractors detractors what’s a detractor it’s not a brand of farm
equipment beloved it’s a person who disparages someone or something a critic
a disparage er ad integrator a Dupre cat or a believer or an attacker a fault
finder a back biter there in the floodgates – you know what they call
those a lot of times this will describe a religious spirit so you have all these
people around the world millions saying floodgates floodgates yay and then you
have these religious peers to say well I don’t see that in the Bible I just you
know you’re wasting your no you’re not prayer is never a waste of time or
they’ll they’ll try to slander and persecute you
you know Jesus said of the Pharisees you know woe to you because you you won’t go
in the gate ah but you won’t you and you won’t let
anybody else go in either ha ha ha ha ha there’s there it is Jesus said to the
Pharisees woe to you scribes and Pharisees because
you won’t go in through the gate and you won’t let anybody else go in either you
block the way there are people that are trying to distract you and bring
detractions gossip slander backbiting Krita
sysm to try to keep you from pressing into this for the next 21 days I’m sorry
31 days can you persevere can you press all the way through
can you hold steady for another 31 days have you ever held steady anything for
40 days I’ve never pressed it hard to God for 40
days in a row have you many of you have some of you never had the opportunity to
but I know that you can I know that you can do this whether you’ve done it
before you’ve never done it whether this is intimidating to you or this is like
oh this is a breeze either way I believe in you
now we’re gonna pray against these detractors and distractors I want you to
be aware of it awareness is the first step to victory awareness is the first
step to overcoming are you with me are you with me
BP are you with me let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go father the name of
Jesus I thank you Lord that you give us doves eyes how haha she doves eyes eyes
only for you God eyes only for you that we would see you at the head of the
flood gates and then above all although we’re looking we’re seeking we’re
searching for those miracles for those lost things for the for all the promises
all the blessings we’re looking we’re searching but Lord most of all were
searching for you most of all our eyes are on you because you Hakata you if we
keep our eyes on you you will say look over there there’s the key look over
there there’s the provision look over there so father help us Lord not to get
distracted from your heart not to go I see that Lord some of you are like going
on a scavenger hunt in this floodgate period you’re going on like a scavenger
hunt or like a like a like like an expedition but your first expedition or
your first focus is him because he’ll show you where everything else is so
when I say search for the keys if you look at him he’ll tell you where the
keys are you might have to do some digging father help us Lord not to be distracted
help us Lord not to be distracted help us to focus on your heart focus on what
you’re doing in the season that we don’t miss it God we don’t want to be those
ones where everybody else around and said I got my blessing in the flood gate
I got my breakthrough in the flood gate and we’re like uh and we’re feeling
resentful and jealous and left out because we didn’t get our blessing our
breakthrough well we want to be like that we want to be like that we don’t
want to be that one who’s who’s bitter because ha ha she Katie because we
didn’t press him because we allowed ourselves to get distracted we allowed
ourselves to get pulled over here into this that or the other instead of
focusing on the momentum that’s building in this season of the floodgate god help
us help us God we bind all distractions in the name of
Jesus but you know we can bind them and we can bind them we combined the
distractors but the distractions are still gonna come at some level some of
you oh boy the Lord just showed me some of you you don’t need any help
externally to get distracted you’re distracted on the inside though the Lord
wants to deliver you from that today the Lord wants to set you free from that
today well you’re just so distracted internally it doesn’t take anything for
anybody else to you know dean any demon or any person to distract you because
you’re just distracted on the inside you’re consumed with with the past
you’re consumed with with fears and that’s not even a spirit if you’re
coming at you it’s just your own worry it’s just your own issue can’t even
blame the devil matter of fact we need to stop blaming
the devil for everything we have authority over the devil father I thank
you today that you deliver us you deliver us from evil help us Lord to
keep a still soul to be still and know that you are God to keep a quiet soul to
understand and know that you are the Lord give you praise and honor and glory
we refuse to be distracted by outside forces or internal forces but Lord we
will focus on eternal forces your son your spirit your face seeking
it the angelic messengers short Abbas Chiquitita D she ah ba ba ba ba ba
Shakira be she I see that Lord is Chiquita katana by Shakira by Shakira ba
ba ba she I have to write something down I just had a revelation hallelujah
we thank you Lord not be distracted and father as far as the detractors the
detractors the detractors those who want to back bite those who want to malign
those who want to gossip and criticize those that want to denigrate those that
want to tear down what we’re building at the head of the flood gate the
habitation that we’re building in the head of the flood gate those religious
spirits are Shaukat all those religious spirits at Cana bah-bah-bah shake those
religious spirits that want to hang out at the head of the flood gates with
stones ready to throw them at us for past sins that are under the blood with
accusations against us that the Lord will not hear any longer though with
with all of this these rules are by shake a tail and regulations all of
these rules and regulations about how to stand rightly in the flood gate how to
lift your hands in the flood gate how to what volume your to pray in the flood
gate I bind all these detractors in the name of Jesus God we forgive the
detractors but God get him out of the way move him out of the way God or teach
us how to deal with them teach us how not to I see that Lord there are that’s
part of it I see it that’s why he paired them he told me distractors yesterday
but this morning I was like well you know is it destroy he said distractors
and detractors because the ha ha ha shake it a because the the the
detractors will distract you there that’s their assignment can you see it
when Nehemiah was building the wall the detractors came they made accusations
they brought false prophets they say come down off the wall and talk to us
Nehemiah said why should I come down there and talk to you when there’s all
this work for the Lord to be done and that’s your key beloved don’t get down
off the Waal don’t get don’t go don’t don’t move
off the floodgates because of the detractors they want to come talk to you
who is this Jennifer LeClair you’re following I don’t know about all this
head gates floodgate stuff I don’t know about all these things that’s prophetic
what is this prevent apostolic what is that there’s no apostles don’t start
listening to the detractors that will try to break the faith that you walk in
we break the power of these detractors who seek to distract us who seek to
destroy us in the name of Jesus we will not be distracted we will not be moved
we will not be pushed back ye Bishop we will not be pressed down hallelujah we
will be lifted on high because we’re seeking your face and you’ve called us
higher you’ve invited us come up here you’ve said come up here my beloved one
we give you praise God for the floodgates are open the floodgates are
open they’re open I know they’re opening wide in my life I’m in such a rhythm
I’ve not gotten in this kind of a rhythm very often since I left charisma has
always been warfare warfare warfare warfare stopping the rhythm I told
prophet Vanessa yesterday I’m in a flow and we are pressing we are moving it’s
about to burst wide open hallelujah we are in a flow you got to get in the flow
listen when you get hahaha when you get in the head of the floodgates you’ll be
in the flow remember what I taught you you got to position yourself at the head
of the flood gate when you get in the flood gate you’ll be in the flow you’ll
be in the flow you’ll be in the flow somebody you feel like the flea there’s
just no flow it’s like a struggle when you get in the flow whoo it’s easy it’s
not me that doesn’t mean it’s not hard work but when you get in the flow so
father help us to get in the flow hallelujah help us Lord to position
ourselves at the head of the flood gates so we can just flow like a river with
that liver a river of living water that’s flowing from our bellies gotta
let us let us ride the flow help us Lord help us Lord
help us Lord hallelujah we give you praise today we give you praise today we
give you praise today for you are good and your mercy is they endure forever
there’s nobody like you you are awesome you are so good you are so good thank
you lord thank you lord thank you lord thank you lord thank you lord thank you
lord thank you lord thank you Lord for the season of the
floodgate thank you Lord we decree today that we will not be distracted by the
detractors but we will rise up and the power of the holy spirit and continue to
press for these next 30 these 31 days that we have left in this spiritual
campaign as Holy Ghost campaign by campaign I don’t mean marketing by
campaign I mean like a they call it they call it campaigns when you go to war
it’s a campaign it’s a campaign so we thank you Lord for the spiritual
campaign this opportunity to press in to everything you’re saying and doing in
this season of the floodgates and I think you learned for all of the things
that are in the floodgates that you’ll never have me call out because they’re
so personal to the people that are listening
hashtag flood gates prophecy we give you praise God in Jesus name Amen
in amen praise God god is good god is good he’s a good god he’s a good god
something is happening I’ve never gotten so much response
I shouldn’t say never it’s rare to get this much response from a prophecy and
it’s because so many people are bearing witness to it this is what the Lord is
saying this is what the Lord is doing it’s phenomenal and it’s so personal to
so many people it’s so personal because many people are getting their own
revelations of what God is doing or wanting to do in their life in this
season I’m telling you it’s time to press into this if you’ve not heard
these one’s beloved don’t be afraid to go back
and listen this weekend you know to the the past ones they’re on periscope
they’re on Facebook press into it because it’s good it’s good it’s good
it’s good amen it’s good praise God I want to give you an opportunity to give
today into this floodgates flow I saw one lady she was sowing a seed for
every day of the floodgates it wasn’t a thousand dollars but it it was something
it’s something to remind her it’s something she’s sowing into every day of
it I thought wow that’s a strategy I didn’t think of that but that’s her
strategy she’s sowing a seed of every single day
I didn’t know she didn’t tell me she was doing it I saw I saw it come in on the
cash app because it comes up on my phone I normally don’t see everything but that
comes right up on my phone I’m like this woman is sowing a seed for every single
day of the floodgates that’s amazing I know she’s gonna get maximum blessing
out of that because she’s investing all of herself I know that same person look
people don’t give money who don’t also pray people people were you know the
Bible says that where your where your treasures are that’s where your heart is
that’s where your treasures are gonna be and so this particular woman of God
treasures this prophecy and this what the Lord is doing so much that she’s
sowing a seed every day she’s putting her money where her mouth is it’s not
amazing it touched my heart I said wow I should do that amen hallelujah
god is good listen if you want to sow a seed today you can do that at Jennifer
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dot a / Jennifer LeClair praise God baby profit I have a word that your ear to so
ten thousand dollars every day baby profit she’s like what you’re crazy I
just had a baby I’m teasing you I’m just want to see if you’re paying attention
you’re probably often the spirit somewhere having visions and dreams of
things to come I found you ha ha ha
I found you you know what your husband would say if I had an apostle I to give
it to you praise God if I had apostle I to give it to you your husband told me I
look forward to the day I can sow $10,000 into your ministry praise God
amen hallelujah God is good I want to pray I’m just having some fun with baby
prophet today because she’s usually on the broadcast as much as she was before
before baby Judah so I’ve just got to just show her some love you know I just
got to show her some love amen listen I want to pray into this offering today
father I thank you for these floodgate offerings and I thank you Lord that that
seed unlocks harvest that seed unlocks things that that are that are otherwise
at times seeming as if they’re locked up but I thank you Lord for the floodgates
and I thank you Lord that they are open and I thank you Lord that you help us to
stay focused and I thank you Lord for this seed lord I ask you Lord to
multiply it in the name of Jesus multiply it God for
your glory multiply it God because you’re a multiplier god that was one of
the parts of the prophecy in the the flood gates prophecy he says I am a
Miami I’m a multiplier God so father we thank you that you multiply this back to
the givers in Jesus name and father I ask you to just cover an increase my
awakening blaze intercessory prayer movement leaders all the intercessors in
the awakening blades movement all the awakening house members the awakening
house of prayers that are rising up all over the country it’s crazy those
leaders those directors Lord bless all of my students all of my volunteers all
of my staff all of my donors Lord bless them indeed enlarge their territory let
your hand of power rest upon them and keep them from evil in Jesus name Amen
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ignite network the URL is ignite now so it’s not called
ignite now people always come well I want to join ignite now they don’t mean
they want to join now they mean they want to enjoy their miss it that it’s
called ignite the reason the URL is ignite now org is because you somebody
already took ignite the human alignment in commissioning extreme prophetic
mentoring the company of scribes lighthouses
seven mountains mandate the Caleb company all of this is there at ignite
get involved in what blesses you amen get involved with what blesses you
listen we are building a mornings with the Holy Spirit Apple coming into our
five year anniversary on this call and we’re what we’re going to do is we’re
gonna have a special sweepstakes and you’re going to be able to win when
educational prizes and you know different things that we do in the
ministry gonna be able to get free stuff it’s going to be prizes I want the world
to know what the Lord has done this and and I want more people to sign up to be
part of these broadcasts it’s free I don’t charge for it people people
there’s about a million people a month that listen to this broadcast there
might even be more than that now honestly I don’t know but we’re building
an app it’ll be done really soon free stuff okay amen there there’s going to
be prizes you’re gonna enter the sweepstakes there’s no cost to it
there’s going to be prizes it’s just I want to make a big bang I want to
celebrate what the Holy Spirit is done do you know how many people have been
set free how many people received miracles physically like physical
miracles how many people receive financial miracles through this
broadcast is the Holy Ghost through this broadcast people are being delivered
they’re being set free a man through this broadcast and through all the
things they find out about it on this broadcast the deliverance services we
have the church a hopped out online the Ignite network this
gets the word out to so many people who would have never heard of these
opportunities and we’re literally I have a customer support would call the
customer it really should be called believer support we have a believer
support line and this woman this worked for me for 20 years you know what every
day she’s because I told her I said would you start sending me the testimony
because I used to get them directly through another channel but I everyday
all day long testimony testimony testimony testimony
testimony testimony testimony all they like he didn’t keep up with them you’re
gonna want to read this one pay close attention to all over the place why it’s
the holy ghost five year anniversary of mornings with the Holy Spirit two-year
anniversary of ignite so I’m going to tell you how to get involved in that
sweepstakes so I’ve got a it’s gonna be you know a couple weeks before it’s all
done and there’s gonna be a nap and everything else we’re going for it
listen this call has changed my life and it’s change the lives of so many so
there’s going to be a sweepstakes I’m letting you know about that decoding
your dreams decoding your dreams school of the Spirit TV you’re gonna want to
get involved in that if you don’t understand your dream life listen you
can watch this online as many times as you want you can come in person to South
Florida get involved with what blesses you I always say that you hear me said
it over and over and over get on my email list because there’s certain
things they don’t translate well on social media go sign up for my email
list you’ll get a free mp3 when you do go to Jennifer LeClaire.org they’ll see a
pop up there or you can just hit the newsletter button and go get on my email
list you’ll be the first ones when you’re on email well I do tell you guys
sometimes here sometimes I tell you stuff here before I tell anybody else
but generally speaking the people on my email list are the first ones to hear
about it you get the link so you can just click through you don’t have to go
looking on my website listen I know that so many of you have said oh your website
is like a labyrinth it’s not really it’s very easy to navigate it does take time
to find everything cuz there’s so much I’m thinking maybe that’s what some
people are saying but it’s not hard to navigate but see when you get
them on the email list that I can just send you links I actually we take the
time to put the links here’s this free event here’s that free event here’s this
free event you can go to Eventbrite Jennifer LeClaire dot-com
I’m sorry Jennifer LeClaire that Eventbrite calm and see all the stuff
there there’s the there’s the ascend Conference of over 600 people now
registered for this conference and usually people register in the last 10
days so it’s gonna blow up get involved in it please if it bless if it’s gonna
bless you amen hallelujah if you can’t come in person please consider going to
watch online you have to register for that though Jennifer LeClaire dot
eventbrite.com it’s there for you you’ll see the different options for streaming you’re not going to want to miss this
this is my first national conference and I’ve got heavy hitters coming in to help
you to ascend in the prophetic we’ve got an awesome t-shirt it’s called let me
see if it’s on my website it might be on my website actually right now it’s for
the conference but it’s not a conference t-shirt I personally don’t like converse
t-shirts because because they’re there they get dated I don’t like stuff that
has oh it is on there the conference t-shirt is already on the website it’s
in the apparel section and the and it says it’s time for Sears to soar and
it’s a unisex shirt it’s white with a marble like a marble ash texture and
color in it and it says it’s time for Sears to soar so we’re gonna have those
at the conference will probably have some before then but you can find them
if you’re not if you just can’t come to the conversation one of these t-shirts
they’re on there does it have a date it doesn’t have a conference name it
doesn’t have a URL none of that promotional stuff this is just a
statement it’s time for Sears the sword is so cool it’s a unisex shirt it’s a
really really nice shirt it’s got ribbing around the sleeves and around
the v-neck you can choose small medium large and
extra-large there should be a double X on there it doesn’t look like my
developer put that so I’m gonna have to go back and get them to do that we don’t
usually have two X but we do on this one profit jameelah thank you for your
support thank you for your text message yesterday I was stuck in the airport
most of the day it’s time for CSS or quotas general Leclerc we have lots of
cool t-shirts and stuff there that we’ve made over the years hallelujah amen I
think that’s it look for the sweepstakes you’re gonna want to share this I’m
gonna give try to give every I don’t know haven’t getting worked out although
I don’t want to misspeak cuz I haven’t worked out all the details yet but I’m
excited and this is to bless you my supporters and it’s to raise awareness
so that more people can be blessed amen all right bless you Facebook have a
great day I’ll be back to pray some on tomorrow

Jerry Heath


  1. Popcorn! I remember years back, Jesse DuPlantis was in a terrible car accident and the Lord miraculously protected him. Not a scratch! And, he shared that the car was filled with popcorn!

  2. On day 8 of your floodgates prophesy, you mentioned "rubber-lipped prophets". Please be careful, woman of God. Don't dabble in offensive depictions of people that can be easily viewed as racist. Don't open that door. May God continue to bless your ministry exceedingly.

  3. Alright alright refreshens my mind body soul spirit to rerun the floodgates sometimes there is an "Awakening " and eye opener when you play back and listen!! Wow

  4. Apostle Jennifer this is wonderful you are doing a great job teaching on the Floodgates

  5. Haha I played this when I woke up this morning and I wasn't sure if you said "I smell popcorn" lol
    When I read it in the comments then that confirmed what I heard was correct🤣 wow would love to know what popcorn would mean in the supernatural.

  6. Glory!!!! Praise the Lord, Jesus. I needed this. Thank you, Lord! Praying for and need a move from God!

  7. Sister Jennifer, God used you sooooo Mightily in my ❤ today! I am so broken & have been for my entire nearly 7 year marriage. My husband DOES NOT understand my calling or why God STILL calls women into leadership/apostolic positions today. Satan is using him to be my DISTRACTOR!!! He says he believes in women in a few offices in the church & yet God called me as a Teacher & Prophet while I was in highschool, but I'm just now beginning to understand my calling. It's so incredibly painful when your spouse doesn't understand you or encourage you in your gifts. I don't even follow you…the Holy Spirit literally led me to this specific sermon on encouragement today because He knew how terribly discouraged I am. Please pray my husband will submit to Christ so we can finally find a church home together. He's saved, but has many blinders on. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU DEAR SISTER IN CHRIST!!!

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