Prophetic Prayer: Releasing The Sound Of Now!

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here with you author of our devotional mornings with the holy spirit listening
daily to the still small voice of God on the senior leader The Awakening House of
Prayer in South Florida the mothership the model for the other a hops around
the world today’s devotion titled you were made
for love and here’s what I heard the Lord say you were made for love so loved
you were created to love me so love me refuse anything that hinders love reject
any voice that distracts your heart from love drink in my love which isn’t better
than wine receive the love I am pouring out on you
and then pour it out on others there is more than enough love to go around be
liberal with your love be lavish with your love be extravagant with your love
and remember it starts with me you love us because we first loved you praise God
amen amen amen today’s scripture references Song of
Songs 1 and 2 John chapter 13 verse 34 and first John chapter 4 verse 19 and
the prayer starter thank you for your love teach me how to love better how to
love you better how to love myself better how to love others better I want
to love the way you do help me to walk in love speak the truth in love and
think loving thoughts in Jesus name Amen and amen
father we thank you today that you are loved you are perfect love your perfect
love cast out fear cast out torment cast out rejection cast out doubt when we
meditate on your love who you are who you really are we will be transformed
into the image of love into the image of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit
working on the inside of us transforming us indeed from glory to glory father we
give you praise we adore you this morning there is no other god like you I
thank you Lord that you dwell on the inside of
you did not leave us or forsake us you did not leave us without a comforter but
when you ascended on high Jesus you sent another counselor another comforter the
Holy Spirit to live on the inside of us to lead us and to guide us God we’re so
grateful for you you are awesome you are so powerful you are magnanimous you are
an overwhelmingly good god there’s no one like you no one to compare you to
there’s no language to describe your holiness your goodness your perfection
your power your might we thank you Lord that you are for us and if God is for us
who can be against us you are awesome you are mighty you are holy you are true
you are faithful you are the miracle working God the promise keeper we thank
you Lord that all of your promises are yes in amen even when we’re not faithful
you are faithful you are faithful and diligent to watch over your word to
perform it you never fail therefore we will never fail in you when we live and
move and have our being in you when we follow your leadership we will never
fail you don’t lead us into failure you lead us into victory
you don’t lead us into deception you lead us into truth you don’t lead us
into sickness you lead us into healing you don’t need a sin to bondage you lead
us into deliverance god I thank you for your leadership Lord you are the
greatest leader the world has ever known there’s no other leader like you you
don’t have to read how to win friends and influence people you are a friend to
sinner’s you are a friend to your children we are Friends of God we thank
you Lord that you are willing to count yourself a friend to anybody who will
turn from their wicked ways and run into your presence with repentance you are a
friend you are the friend that sticks closer than a brother you are the leader
that’s greater than all the Lord we thank you that you are our everything
you are our Savior you are a healer our deliverer our provider our stand by our
advocate our counsel our wisdom our grace you are our peace
you are the Prince of Peace you are our everything god we draw everything we
have and everything we are from you you are the author of our faith you are the
finisher of our faith you are the Alpha you are the Omega you are the beginning
you are the end you are our everything God our everything everything we have it
depends on your goodness it depends on your grace apart from you we are nothing
apart from you we can do nothing apart from you we don’t have anything worthy
God we thank you Lord that all of your promises are yes and amen that you have
made a way for us to live with you forever that you have called us to come
up higher that you have paved the way to an eternity with no more tears and no
more pain and no more sickness no more sorrow you have set us up for eternal
success it’s not just about next Friday when payday comes it’s not just about
crossing the finish line of the next promotion it’s not just about that
temporal victory even though we love those even though it’s sweet even though
the vindication feels good it’s not about what happens in this realm
ultimately there’s a better promise there’s a better way there’s a better
covenant there’s a better portion it’s called eternity with the Living God
forever and ever and ever and ever with the Living God God give us today an
understanding of the eternal Hacha cotton barista and how everything we do
in this life everything we think everything we move toward it matters
every deed we do it counts it’ll either be burned up in the fire as we walk
through the pearly gates or it will accrue for us rewards in heaven that
gain interest god help us to see how our words decree our destiny Hackett Ambrose
D help us Lord to understand that the words of our mouth will be judged every
idle word that man speaks will be will be judged in that day that by our words
we are justified and by our words we are condemned lord help us to win the war of
words in the name of Jesus under stating that our decree determines our
destiny come on our decree determines our destiny just like the spies who went
into the promised land to see what was the condition to see what were the
people like to see what the fruit was like and they came back and they
admitted and they confess it is indeed flowing it is indeed flowing with milk
and honey it is indeed a land that is prosperous and fruitful and here is the
fruit of it oh I thank you Lord that when they went in they went in through
obedience but Lord when they came out they came out in disobedience and in
disbelief with a decree of death we are not able to defeat these enemies and
they decreed their destiny in that moment and died in the promised land God
would you help us today to stop decreeing death over our lives to stop
decree a sickness over our lives to stop decree that we are not able oh Jesus
when it’s not at all that we’re not able so many times we’re just not willing
we’re not willing to renew our mind with the Word of God that would release the
faith to overcome everything that stands in the way we’re not willing to spend
the time in your presence to push out of us the fear that tries to stop us from
entering into our promised land we’re not willing to crucify the flesh and
stop allowing the lustful desires of the carnal nature to lead us when your
spirit is right there saying come come come come this way this is the way to
life this is the way to destiny this is the way to prosperity this is the way to
breakthrough and that nasty flesh there’s no good thing in our flesh
there’s not one good thing in our flesh there’s nothing good in our flesh got to
help us today to crucify our flesh that puts pressure on our tongue I want I
think I feel give it to me now I want it now I want I think I feel when
in faith and patience we inherit the promises of God lord help us today to
stop decree death stop decree failure stopped occurring lack stopped
occurring poverty stopped decreeing all these things that are leading us down
the path of a demonic destiny the path to sickness and the path to failure the
path to broken marriages the path prodigal children the path to these
things that we don’t want to see in our heart of hearts but our tongue is wicked
it is full of poison it is set on the fire of hell and no man can tame the
tongue but the Holy Ghost can sow Holy Ghost would you please help us today to
tame our tongue so we can refrain from decreeing death over our families with
occurring death over our finances decreed death over our minds decreed
death over our generations God decreed death over our destinies god help us
Lord to flip the script with the words of our mouth help us Lord to write a new
story with our tongue we thank you Lord that our tongue is the pen of a ready
writer a bottom brass Takata our tongue is the pen of a ready writer lord help
us to write a new story help us to decree a new thing oh I hear the Lord
say behold I do a new thing I am ready and waiting I am able and willing to do
a new thing in your life says God and now thing in your life says God just
agree with me says the Lord agree with my leadership agree with my plan says
God agree with the purposes that I’ve ordained for you I have a future for you
and a hope and it’s good says God so put your mouth in line with my mouth put
your ear in line with my mouth put your spirit in line with my spirit and begin
to understand and know what is my will for you says God not my broad will but
my specific will because the Lord says now faith is and I want you to tap in to
the sound of now and understand your Kairos moment understand your times
understand your seasons and release the cry that brings down heaven release the
cry that taps into my promises release the cry that causes a move of my
spirit in your circumstances and the sound of now is the sound that I’m
looking for now faith is says God now faith is now faith is now faith is the
substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen
faith is the title deed to all of your promises faith is what
signs the papers faith is what releases the Angels is that sound of faith is
that sound of now says the Lord so begin to release it through your mouth not
just in the fuss of your mind says the Lord it’s good for you to think about
now it’s good for you to think about the Kairos it’s good for you to think about
my goodness but release it now from your mouth
release the sound of now from your mouth release the cry like blind Bartimaeus
when he knew that Jesus was walking by and he knew now is my time now is the
moment of my visitation now is this issue going to come to a head I basho
Cotto now is my healing in my presence now is the one who can change my life
walking by now and he cried out now he didn’t wait till Jesus passed him by
blessed God he didn’t wait till Jesus was five miles down the road and began
to cry out hoping Jesus would hear him hate it and shut up when everybody
around him said shut up man shut up shut up shut up
nobody crying anymore hallelujah faith is now released the sound of now says
God I want to hear the sound of now coming from your spirit says God I want
to hear the sound that penetrates heaven says God I want to hear the sound that
penetrates the oppression the dark cloud hanging over you says the Lord you do
your part says God and I will do my part I’ll always do my part says the Lord
your part is to release your faith your part is to step into the now stop
wishing stop wishing stop wishing and start praying with the faith that
demands and now answer and I myself will usher in that which I promised you it’s
the only way it’s the only way says the Lord it’s the only way faith is the
currency of the kingdom says God faith is the currency of the kingdom you can’t
buy a breakthrough Cara Basha que tienes de Carrera Baba Shoko to embrace take a
tea yet a terrible shock acaba cherchez ke ke o
shaumbra snake hit a faith is now now faith is the substance it’s a substance
beloved it’s sticky hallelujah when you speak faith you draw to you other people
who are full of faith who want what you carry your negativity draws around you
negative nancies and Debbie downers your negativity draws to you demon powers to
enforce that which is coming out of your mouth I said angels are coming for your
words demons are coming for your words who are you going to agree with faith or
fear because fear is also now fear has torment faith has peace who are you
going to agree with faith is now and fear is now who you’re going to agree
with what spirit are you going to move in the spirit of faith or the spirit of
fear it’s up to you to decide but you will eat the good of it father deliver
us from all fear deliver us from all doubts deliver us from all torment
deliver us from all unbelief deliver us from everything that hinders love from
everything that hinders the yesterday men promises we find in your word 7,000
of them God deliver us from evil by short our honesty though we repent for
every evil decree we spoke over ourselves Abacha Cumbre HD yay Katie
Roboto kotora Basha yaniv educated in is she oh god help us lord help us lord
help us Lord to break free from the evil decree cotton briefs tea to break free
from the evil decree care about Shikata to break free from the evil decree that
we released over ourselves caught oh we like to talk about how so many oh
they’re saying this about me oh they’re saying that about me oh
they’re talking about hi Jesus help us Lord we talk more trash about ourselves
than anybody else does we tell ourselves why we can’t who were not when we go why
we shouldn’t all we could have always should have all helped me Jesus and we
curse ourselves greater than anybody else around us ever could forgive us
Lord for we don’t know what we’re doing we need a greater revelation we need
deeper understanding we need to really get it to dig god help us to see the now
I by shiki T so many of you are stuck in the past
faith is not past a Bosch a yak a Kennedy Chaka Taba chickety things do
come to pass the promises of God will come to pass but they don’t come to pass
in your past beloved they don’t come to pass in your past beloved they don’t
come to pass in your past they come to pass in the now moment in the Kairos
time well Jesus help us not miss the day of our visitation now is the day of
salvation not yesterday not tomorrow now walk in the fullness of your salvation
beloved you are saved you are Sozo the greek word for salvation is Sosa it
means you are saved you are healed you are delivered now is the behavior
salvation why why why do we wait to cash in on the
salvation benefits until the sweet by and by why do we wait to cash in on the
deliverance on the no more pain promised on the healing issues why why why are we
satisfied to content to wait to the other side of glory when the glory is
for now ah Chaka Khan abbas det thank you lord help us Lord to release the
sound of now Habashi help us to release the sound of now kate.ambrose to help us
to release the sound of now of fervent Abbas ticket ed of a state the effective
fervent prayer of the righteous person makes tremendous power available dynamic
and it’s working it’s like dynamite the now prayer the
fervent prayer the effective prayer is like dynamite it blows up the enemy’s
plans it blows them to smithereens it blows them to bits o God help us stop
fortifying the enemy’s stronghold with the decrees of our mouth and help us
Lord to release the effect of fervent prayer of the righteous
that makes tremendous power available dynamic in its working God would you
help us Lord would you help us Lord would you help us Lord would you help us
Lord to decree words that release Dunamis power your word tells us that we
have power over all the power of the enemy we have authority over all the
power the enemy we have Dunamis over all the power the enemy the power that comes
from you the power that resides on the inside of us the power that raised
Christ from the dead it’s dynamite power it’s Dunamis power its power that blows
everything that stands in the way to bits but you’ve got to release it and
the way you release it beloved is by the words of your mouth is not through
thinking oh we think good thoughts praise God think good thoughts beloved
but decree a thing a socket ah and it shall be established the kingdom is
voice-activated you can’t fake a thing and think it’s going to come to pass
your thoughts will change you beloved but your thoughts ain’t going to change
the things out in the realm of the atmosphere are by Shoko to embrace da da
ba ba she Katie I am out of breath I am praying hard
somebody needs to agree with me bless God I’m breaking through kibosh daca
tombery stay Cara ba ba ba shorten brush to help us Lord we break every evil
decree in the name of Jesus God set a guard over our mouth that we might not
speak anything that grieves your spirit that repels you God that caused you to
say oh we want to release words that cause you to say yes and amen not words
that grieve you not words that cause you to say Oh beloved you were so close to
your breakthrough but they evil decree you just spoke set you back from the now
there was a now time for you it was appointed for you
you’re now time could be later today your
time can be tomorrow but there’s a sound that releases the now it’s called the
sound of now is called the cry like bartemaeus is called understanding that
you have authority and whining doesn’t repel the devil
whining doesn’t put you over the top whining and complaining does not get you
where you want to go the sound of now now faith is decree decree your decree
determines your destiny could watch this whole message from Sunday a hop dot
online about your decrees determining your destiny a generation died in the
wilderness because their decree was full of fear and unbelief and doubt it was a
bad report father help us stop releasing bad reports there is no bad reports from
a good good father every bad report is coming from the pit of hell is not
coming from the good good father it’s not coming from heaven it’s not coming
from the throne room it’s not coming from this place of life it’s coming from
a place of death and destruction the enemy comes but for to kill steal and
destroy I’ll buy shake a tea but I came that you
might have life in abundance to the full till it overflows god help us Lord to
get our decree in line with your decree Hoshi Kenan HD help us Lord to get our
decree in line with your decree you’ve given us all things pertaining to
godliness you made us partakers of the divine
nature therefore we can decree divine decrees kata Bosch a key to help us Lord
help us Lord to press into this today help us Lord not to get a goose bum
say a hallelujah and go back to the evil decrees we continually speak over our
lives and over the lives of others that we know and that we don’t know God would
you help us help us lord help us lord help us lord help us lord help us lord
help us lord help us lord help us lord help us lord help us Lord
help us Lord help us lord help us lord help us lord help us lord help us Lord
son of David have mercy on us today God have mercy on us God son of David have
mercy on us oh sure Ibaka Tana Bosh tickity oh you
sent Jesus to die for us what more would you not give to us what more would you
not do for she made the ultimate sacrifice you are ready willing and able
to give us so much more and yet Lord we whine and we complain and we murmur and
we grumble and we say oh I wish we could go back to Egypt lord help us to climb
and maintain to not just get into Pachacuti help us not to just get out of
Egypt and stay in the wilderness huh help us nor not to just break out of
Egypt just to live in the wilderness what does it have help us Lord to build
the faith in a heart that not only delivers us out of the out of Pharaoh’s
grip put into the promised land or we want to stay that we don’t want faith
that just takes us to the wilderness we want faith that takes us all the way
through the Promised Land that’s what I’m trying to say does anybody
understand what I’m saying the Egyptians had enough faith to get them out of
Pharaoh’s grip I mean sorry the Israelites Jesus help me Lord I’m buying
this confusion in Jesus name this is something this is something profound and
you need to get it the Israelites had enough faith to escape Pharaoh’s grip
but they did not have enough faith to enter into the promise that I’m talking
about the generation that it originally came out of Egypt it was their children
who entered in to the promised land they had enough faith to break out of the
bondage of Pharaoh but they didn’t have enough faith to break into the promised
land so they walked in the wilderness for forty years but God was faithful
their shoes their clothes never wore out and they had food to eat every day they
didn’t labor a toil for any of it it fell from the sky
they had manna for breakfast and quail for dinner every day collecting the
portion they lived with just enough but they weren’t allowed to live in the more
than enough the manna it would rot they could only take enough for the day
depended on God day-to-day they didn’t live in them more than enough they left
they lived in the just enough to get by their needs were met but they didn’t
have an excess God wants you to have your needs met but he wants you to have
an excess so that you can bless somebody else hear me God wants your nice look he
wants you to have nice clothes he doesn’t none of this bothers him nice
clothes no she have a nice house a nice car
David and Solomon weren’t poor Abraham wasn’t poor job wasn’t poor hallelujah
he wants you to have nice things he doesn’t mind you were driving a nice car
he doesn’t want you to just have enough for yourself he wants you to have enough
to give to somebody else Ephesians says if you don’t work you don’t eat that’s
what it says if you don’t work you don’t eat that do you ship actually that’s not
Ephesians that’s proverbs but Ephesians says that it that you should work hard
with your hands that you would not just have enough for your own needs but that
you would have something to give to somebody else Paul said if you don’t
work you don’t eat I bind this confusion in Jesus name the Bible says if you
don’t work you don’t eat if you’re lazy bones then you need to
you need to get hungry so that hungry drives out your laziness but Ephesians
says you should work and labor with your hands so that you have not just enough
for you but something to give somebody else that means you have what more than
enough if you’re not in a position in your life where you have enough for
somebody else that you can sow and bless somebody else then you’re not living in
abundance and you need to start decreeing abundance over your life and
then stop negating your decrees stop being a spiritual yo-yo one minute
your decree something and the next minute your decree something else it’s
all based on circumstances rather than being based on faith hear me a yo-yo
goes up and down you can do all kind of fancy tricks with a yo-yo but ultimately
it’s not going anywhere but up and down a roller coaster goes around and around
up and down you can ride a roller coaster as many times as you want and
you have not gone anywhere you need to stop allowing your emotional roller
coasters to determine your destiny to determine your forward trajectory to
determine how far you’re going to go and how long you’re going to stay today I
want you to release a seed that decrees for you let your seed carry a decree
let’s you’re seated a decree that poverty is broken over your life let
your seated a decree that sickness is no more in your household
let your seated a decree that you are the head and not the tail above and not
beneath let your seated a decree that you are delivered let your seated a
decree your future let your seated a and release it with the sound of now now
faith is let your seated a do your talking for you do your declaration so I
want you to sow a seed today I’m challenge you today to sow a seed and to
make your decree with your seed this is what I did when I was going to Nigeria
the tickets cost five thousand dollars beloved and I had raised four thousand
dollars for the tickets and I had two days and I said Lord I’m a thousand
dollars short he said so $1,000 seed I said no Lord you don’t understand I said
I’m a thousand dollars short he said so a thousand dollars see it I said no
you’re not do not you’re not doing the math right Lord if I saw a thousand I’ll
be ll I’ll be down mm I need a thousand he said so a thousand are you serious
yes so I sewed a thousand and within
the two days I received mm I blessed somebody else you can never sow a seed
without receiving a harvest but it was a now harvest why because I read I
released an au seed with a now decree and it produced a now harvest are you
hearing me there was an immediate need to do the work of the Lord now don’t
take this wrong you can’t say well bless God I want a new Mercedes tomorrow so
I’m just going to crius a now see I’m gonna get my Mercedes in two days and
work that day that way it has to do with a real need the Lord wanted to meet
because I was walking in his purposes look if you’re if you’re seeking first
the kingdom of God and His righteousness Matthew 6 and 33 promises that
everything else you need will be added to you God does not want you to have
problems from not paying your mortgage problems paying your car there’s
somebody listen to me you’re just on the verge of repossession and it ain’t
because you’re lazy it’s because the devil has come to harass you and maybe
you didn’t know how to fight back or maybe you got blindsided I don’t know
but the Lord is faithful Philippians 4 says my God shall supply all of your
needs according to your riches in glory I want to challenge you today to sow a
seed and release your decree with it with now faith and don’t be canceling
your harvest with the evil decrees in your mouth don’t blame me if you’re
going sow a seed make a decree and then go out later and say I’m broke oh god
I’m broke don’t know how I’m gonna pay my bills come on now don’t do that
beloved stop cancelling your decrees with declarations from hell come on so is seed today I’m challenged
you to sow a seed today and let your seed decree your future unless you’re
few let your let you’ll cry bring your future into the now there is a time for
you go to Jennifer LeClaire.org slash give Jennifer LeClaire.org slash give you
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Jennifer LeClaire.org slash give you can become a partner there get the free
partner resource every month this month it’s activating angels you can use
PayPal PayPal dot M East last Jennifer LeClaire decree let your seed decree for
you today lay up to decree with your seed what you’re believing but make the
declaration don’t just listen to me beloved
don’t just sow the seed when you so make your decree as you sow say I decree in
the name whatever it is decreed in the name of Jesus you can use the text to
give seventy five four seven zero one two one six one text the word pray you can use the cash app dollar sign
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use the peel box peel box three oh five six three Fort Lauderdale Florida three
three three zero three peel box three oh five six three Fort Lauderdale Florida
three three three zero three hallelujah hallelujah god is good I want to pray
with us Father I thank you for this for the seeds and for these decrees and I
agree with the decrees that your people are releasing the decrees that are in
line with your heart and according to your will I agree with these decrees I
decree that the decrees that are in line with your heart and your spirit shall
come to pass I decree that people’s bodies will be healed I decree that
people’s minds will be whole I decree that people’s deliverance will be
complete I decree that people’s relationships will be restored I decree
that your perfect will will be done in their lives in Jesus name
I ask you Lord to multiply this seed not just through the manifestation of the
decree but through other needs that you’re so good you’re a multitasking God
that you can bring multiple issues to pass a multiple multiplied harvest
whatever you want that to look like Lord we trust you for the timing of your
blessings in Jesus name Amen hallelujah god is good I lift up all my
awakening blaze intercessors and prayer leaders I lift up all my ignite network
members the churches and ministers that are aligned with ignite I lift them up
to you in the name of Jesus ask you to bless them my staff my volunteers my
Awakening House of Prayer global family I blessed them in the name of the Lord
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Osteen or TD jakes or Joyce Meyer you’re not making
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important message spiritualize gotta defeating water spirits overcoming
demons that twist suffocate and attack God’s purpose for your life go get this
book today amen go get it today god is good join our online campus a hop
dot online you can watch all my messages there I’m going to be I think I believe
unless the Lord changes it I’m going to Minister today are on Sunday on the
sound of now releasing the sound and not decreeing the sound of now letting that
decree carry the sound of now I’m talking about decrees this month so goat
it’s it’s there’s no charge on a go to our online campus a hotdog online
there’s also an a hop a global family where is the fist secret Facebook group
but you’re not going to get a whole lot out of that group if you’re not part of
the the online campus because you can’t interact about something you haven’t
watched amen it’ll still bless you but go sign up for that hallelujah
god is good the Ignite conference is the ascend conferences in December in Tampa
listen if you’re in Tampa I’m really wanted to see a House of Prayer raised
up there and Awakening House of Prayer if you’re interested in helping with
that let me know I really want to launch that in January I really do but I won’t
do it without the right people in place just won’t do it
knocking I’m not going to run myself raggy there’s got to be a passionate
people there in Atlanta I’ll be there tonight
Atlanta I’ll be in Atlanta tonight at a hop Atlanta and we will be I’ll be doing
a teaching on prayer and also we will be praying and also praying for people so
come out if you’re in Atlanta you can find the information on awakening house
at Prairie comm slash Atlanta and you can get involved in that there as well
register for the ignite conference at Jennifer LeClaire. eventbrite.com
Jennifer LeClaire. eventbrite.com Jennifer LeClaire. eventbrite.com Jennifer LeClaire. eventbrite.com go there is there anything else I need to share
the pocket Ambrose dashiki Tina be stay on Saturday I’m doing a leadership
training leadership training on Saturday breaking the leadership lid you can
watch that on a hop TV I’m sorry no it’s on a hop u org I’ve got so many
different there’s different platforms for different purposes so a hop a hop
you org is for education ministry training deliverance training healing
training a hop TV is for conferences so on Saturday we’re going to be doing the
breaking the leadership lid that’s on a hop you if you’re in South Florida just
come to a hub Python prayers that paralyze the Python spirit you can sign
up for that it’s free Jennifer LeClaire.eventbrite.com the
school of the seers is on the twenty first five o’clock
I’m going to be talking about applying what you see in the spirit last month we
talked about interpreting what you see in the spirit once you’ve interpreted it
you have to apply it if you don’t apply what the Lord is showing you then you
may as well not have had the vision not have had the dream not not have seen in
the spirit why because if you don’t apply it if you don’t do anything with
what God shows you what’s the point of knowing it there’s no point so you must
apply what you see in the spirit how do you do that I’m going to teach you that
on Sunday at 5:00 p.m. that’s right Benjamin sleep hallelujah he says amen
that’s right and then next week we have the Ignite Tier three call it’s extreme
prophetic mentoring also I have a webinar and if you’re on my email list
you received it if you’re not let me see if I can get you a tiny URL link real
quick to where you can sign up for this seven ways the Holy Spirit speaks to you
let me see if I can create this for you really quick if I can find a way to do
that let’s see let me see that’s not working let’s see
it’s a free webinar seven ways the Holy Spirit speaks to you mmm that’s not
working either let me see nope I’m not able to do that right now
but I will try to do that for tomorrow if you’re not on my mailing list and you
need to get on the mailing list because I sometimes forget to do all of these
things for you you try it one more time nope it will not let me do it so you’ll
have to find it on Facebook or you’ll have to sign up for my email list I will
put out an email again for that but you can it’s free seven ways God speaks to
you I’m convinced God speaking way more than we’re hearing and I really believe
that you know instead of creating a culture where everybody has to run to a
prophet for a word constantly that we need to learn how to hear the voice of
God for ourselves in the ways that he speaks there’s different ways I’m gonna
share with you scriptures and experiences and this will be a free
webinar it’s going to be you need to sign up soon it’s gonna be on October
24th which is next its next Wednesday it’s just a week from now so you’re
going to have to get on board with that if you’re going to get on board with it
you’re gonna have to get on board if you’re going to get on board I’m gonna
try one more time to do this this tinyurl thing is just not wanting to
work for me and I’m not sure why let me see this one more time I’m going to try
it one more time to know some of you really want to get in on this okay let’s see because there’s only so many
slots and once it fills up you can’t get in that’s the problem and I’d like you
guys to get in on it first nope it just won’t let me do it so you’re
going to wait wait wait wait wait I think I got it yeah okay here it is
listen for all those who waited through all that rigmarole tinyurl.com slash
seven ways God speaks you got it I would really suggest Thank You Tonya
Dennis I would really suggest you get on my email list because you’ll get
reminders and edited at most of you don’t stay to the end if you do stay to
the end you’ll hear it please get on my email list
Jennifer LeClaire.org this makes a lot easier for me but it is tiny URL
dot-com slash seven ways God speaks tiny URL dot-com seven ways God speaks
beloved if you do sign up you’ll get a confirmation so you won’t have to you
won’t have to wonder about it you’ll definitely know because you’ll get
reminders and everything like that tinyurl.com / 7 ways God speaks that is
the one I just created for you is a free webinar listen get involved in what
blesses you if it does if it’s not going to bless you don’t get involved in it
but I’m going to be talking about this I think it’s important hallelujah
also for the prayer listen the prayer school my prayer mentoring this month
I’m going to be teaching on on Thursday I changed the date problem in essa on
Thursday I’m going to be teaching on prayers that release power increase and
favor how to tap into prayers it will release power increase in favor and I’m
going to be teaching on that so when you sign up for the mentoring and praying
intercession you actually get the whole prayer vault there’s like 10 teachings
in there you can listen to them at your leisure as long as you’re a part of the
program you can go to school two-spirit TV so I’ve given you way too much to
chew on this morning some of yours heads are probably spending I’ll talk to you
more tomorrow I’ve got to go have a blessed day
bless you

Jerry Heath


  1. Amen! War of Words! It's a fight 2 the finish! Tame my tongue Lord & help me 2 let the Rivers of Living Waters Flow that I might not sin against u.

  2. Amen! Thank you sister! I partnered with you yesterday Praise God! Hallelujah! God bless you! Shalom🦋

  3. Jennifer prophesied, "Faith in now and fear is now," who are you going to move with? The clear answer is 'Yes' to faith and 'No' to fear. Anything apart from the 'yes and the no' is justifiably the enemy to setup confusion in us. God doesn't leave us to fill in the blanks, He is the whole story the whole truth. Amen.

  4. Thank you Lord, for this prophetic word from Jennifer Leclaire!! Holy Spirit guard my mouth, so that it's ONLY the WORD OF GOD that I speak, no matter what I see/feel in Jesus Name Amen!! I hear & speak the sound of NOW!! Hallelujah!! Opportunities NOW!! Financial turnaround NOW!! Money cometh NOW!! I'm blessed to be a blessing, NOW!!

  5. Amen and amen. I believed and received this prophetic words. Thank you Jesus 🙏🏻

  6. At the beginning of the video while the music was playing I was praying. God those who have used word curses and their thoughts and will to destroy me amd my family God use their words against them. Wow Sister Leclaire confirmed Gods messages to me again!!!

    I posted on Facebook this is 🔥. 12 minutes later.
    I said this is 🔥… Then ten seconds later she says burned up in the 🔥!!! Oh I love her ministry!!! Bless the Lord

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