Prophetic Prayer: Crossing the Finish line…

come on day 17 share this with your friends
invites your followers crossing the finish line come on we’re crossing the
finish line share this and maybe some of you that are just starting to listen to
this prayer broadcast engage with the Holy Spirit on this broadcast for the
first time today like what is this 17 you’re gonna find out share this with
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victory vote for wealth and deliverance today it’s your day it’s God’s day come
on share and invite we’re starting in 30 seconds we must get going washer rocket akka come on hell or high water some of you have
faced hell so we’ll go faced high waters God was with you
in the high waters there’s no place you can go God is not when you leave it if
you went out of the shield he would be there Katie
it’s time to stop putting up with some of the things you’ve been putting up
with that’s your word today it’s time to stop putting up with some of the things
you’ve been putting up with tried to stop putting up with the devil
come on but it gets started five seconds I don’t know where the
nations are so I may need to work up a sweat today
you know you spell pray w18 we’re going to sweat it out today
we’re pressing good morning everyone Jennifer LeClaire
here with you author of our devotional mornings with the holy spirit listening
daily to the still small voice of God senior leader The Awakening House of
Prayer in Fort Lauderdale come by and see me if you’re in the region would
love to meet you in person today’s devotion titled do you want to
live in peace oh my my mind do you want to live appease it kind of reminds me of
the man who was waiting by the Pool of Bethesda for the angel to stir the water
and Jesus came up to him and said do you want to be well we can have what we want
we can have what God has promised us we can have we can have those wishes as
desires of his heart do you want to live in peace some people like the drama they
just love the drama they just thrive on the drama do you want to live in peace
today’s devotion if you want to live in peace walk in peace speak peaceful words
and think peaceful thoughts then seek out what I desire I am the spirit of
peace says the Lord if you set your mind on what I desire then you will live in
harmony with me and put to death the sinful nature with its lustful desires
if you give me the reins of your heart you will live a life of abundance no
matter what is going on around you your choice it’s your choice to live in peace
Jesus is the Prince of Peace the Holy Spirit is the spirit of peace do not
allow yourself to be anxious but with prayer and Thanksgiving make your
requests made known to God and he’ll bring you peace that passes all
understanding to guard your heart mind of Christ Jesus Philippians 4 come on do
you want to live in peace today’s scripture references Romans 8 verses 2
through 6 Psalm 26 verse 2 and second Thessalonians chapter 3 verse 16 and
today’s prayer starter yes I want to live in peace I crave your pieces I
commit myself to set my mind on the things of the Spirit instead of all the
things of the flesh I expect to experience your piece I give
you the reins of my heart and ask you to help me stay focused on you
we can’t even stay focused on him without him we need his help to do
everything anything all things we give you praise and honor and glory you are
worthy of our praise you are worthy of our adoration you are a wonderful God
your name is wonderful your name is Reverend your name is holy you are name
is faithful your name is true we give you praise praise to the name of the
Living God we give you praise and honor and glory
we thank you Lord that you are holy and you’ve said be holy even as I am holy
and you called us into a realm of holiness into a reality of holiest that
defies the world’s way that defies our own logic that defies our own view of
ourselves you see us as holy in Christ we thank you Lord that apart from you we
can do nothing but we are not apart from you we are in you we live and move and
have our being in you we worship in spirit and in truth in your spirit and
your truth we love you Jesus with everything in us all that we have and
all the way our we seek and pursue holiness your word tells us to pursue
holiness to pursue peace with all men and holiness without which no one will
see the Lord God we’ve been seeking we’ve been pursuing holiness for these
last seven days we’ve been seeking we’ve been pursuing your holy heart for these
seventeen days Lord we’ve been pursuing we’ve been seeking the holiness the
portion that you’ve laid out for us that consecration that sanctification that
reality of being in you understanding your holiness seeing you in a new light
seeing ourselves in a new light God help us cross the finish line help us to
press past the tape Oh shocker tell me you have been dealing
with red tape the Lord says you’re about to break the tape of victory you’ve been
dealing with a red tape of the enemy but you’re about to break the red tape that
the blood of Jesus afforded you to cross into the holy of Holy’s come on
the enemy has brought all kind of red tape complications distractions red tape
red tape red tape legalistic accusations bureaucracy against your mind and then
be telling you why you can’t cross the finish line why it’s no I hear a yeah I
hear that well enemy’s telling you this is bogus
this is silly this is stupid what do you think 17 days is going to do
when you’ve lived a lifetime when you’ve lived a lifetime the way you want to
live when you’ve lived season after season and disobedience what the enemy’s
accusations are falling to the ground come on I brake the accuser of the
Brethren ‘he’s words all over you’re alive what do you think this is gonna do
what do you think this is gonna accomplish you know what I think it’s
going to accomplish mr. devil let me just tell you let me just tell you let
me just tell you I think it’s going to accomplish that which the Lord said it
was going to accomplish I think we’re pressing past flesh were
pressing past wrong mindsets were pressing past pain were pressing past
poverty were pressing past all the things that belong to hell all the
things that come from the kingdom of darkness from the carnal nature we’re
pressing we’re pressing we’re pressing we’ve pressed past so much already this
is day 17 come on this is the last date this is the finish line day this is the
overwhelming victory day this is the ultimate deliverance day come on
something has shifted something has changed the enemy’s trying so hard to
make you give up before you cross the finish line like that weary runner whose
legs are aching like that weary runner whose legs just feel like jelly like
that weary sprinter whose lows are burning like fire like that weary
swimmer who just can’t seem to make one more stroke but the Lord says to heal I
myself will give you grace to cross the finish line I myself will do it I myself
will do it I am empowering you I am strengthen you
so don’t go weary in well-doing says the Lord because
Juicy’s it you will not Oh Shaka tell you will weep if you do not
faint I just I just saw a picture I just saw pictures somebody is crossing the
finish line with somebody else on their back you’ve been a nurse come on I see
it I just I see it somebody just you’re crossing the finish line with somebody
else on your back in other words your intercession some of you have been oh my
goodness what selfless people some of you are you’ve been pressing so hard
you’ve been pressing harder for somebody else then you’ve even been pressing for
yourself you have literally picked somebody up in the spirit and put them
on your back and you’ve been running this 17 days you’ve been pressing this
17 days more concerned about them some of you it was a child a prodigal tell me
it was a it was a spouse a husband a wife tell me it was a friend someone
that was your pastor you cut them you put I see that you’re carrying them on
your back the ultimate act of intercession and it’s been a burden it’s
been a heavy burden of the Lord upon you oh it’s been a heavy burden but the Lord
has given you grace to carry it and you’re crossing the finish line I said
my goodness I saw right in the middle of prophesied I saw that I just saw this
picture you carrying somebody on your back because you want them to enter into
that place as much or more as you want to enter in yourself and although you
can’t enter for them you’ve stood in that place you’ve made up that you stood
in the gap have you made up the hedge you you’ve cried out to the Lord for His
grace for them to see what’s available to them for them to see the the issues
in their hearts that are holding the back you have put your place in you put
yourself in that place that light a fire we thank you lord we thank you Lord I
think well I bless those intercessors God give them the strength to follow the
finish line give them a double reward God give them honors reward God in the
name of Jesus would you help them today God to cross over and that one they’ve
been lifting up that one those ones they’ve been praying for God or visit
them today is it a fresh a new wake up we know
you’ve been working on them we know you’ve been working on their hearts
oh so many of you on this call so selfish dear God selfless selfless love
selfless I just see the cry of your heart the selfless cry of your heart
thank you lord thank you lord thank you Jesus
thank you lord thank you lord thank you lord thank you lord your selflessness
will not go unrewarded since the Lord because your selflessness it exemplifies
and demonstrates the love of God your selflessness was christ-like in whored
says there’s nothing more attractive to me that when you act like Jesus or I
love you the way that you are but when you embrace the cross the work of the
cross when you embrace my son and his attitude of meekness my face shines upon
you you’ve demanded my attention in an undeniable way that my grace is
sufficient for you because my grace is attracted to selflessness my power is
attracted to selflessness my spirit is attracted of that selflessness that I
will give you the desires of your heart as you contend and plow and press for
the desires of my heart for others thank you lord thank you Jesus thank you lord
thank you Lord we give you glory we give you glory God we give you glory we thank
you Lord we thank you Lord we thank you Lord we pour in our praise we pour in
our Thanksgiving to you because what you’re doing is unmistakable what you’re
doing is remarkable what you’re doing is an overflow thank
you Lord you alone are worthy you are the burden giver in the burden carrier
you don’t give us burdens that you expect us to carry alone this is for the
intercessors today you don’t give us burdens you expect us to carry a little
bit if you are the burden the bear and the burden carrier you carry us as we
carry your burdens osaka’ help me Jesus what a revelation think about that for a
minute he gives us the burdens to carry the burdens of his heart to carry in
this natural realm but he carries us as we carry the burdens thank you Lord that
you carry us as we carry the burdens do you empower us that you give us
revelation but you give us joy thank you lord thank you lord thank you lord thank
you lord thank you lord thank you lord that you give us joy in the burden I
just saw bunnies roots going really deep I think this is a corporate word so
buddies roots just going deeper like like roots that they grow down over time
but I just saw like a I don’t know what they call that when when there’s you
know what when they show the time-lapse of a flower growing or I just saw like
the roots just going down really deep really fast there’s something that has
happened in these 17 days there’s something that is happening where
there’s a nick yeah that’s what it is the Lord told me that that this coming
year we’re gonna see an accelerated acceleration he said a metamorphosis
is underway there’s an accelerated acceleration and what it is is that in
these past 17 days one of the things the Lord showed me as I was talking one of
the things I heard him say was that that you’ve been rooted and grounded in
Christ at a deeper level rooted and grounded in Christ at a deeper level
rooted and grounded like the roots have gone deeper your roots have gone way
deeper and Wow and I’m writing this down on my day timer and you know what the
picture is right here on February that Friday December 22nd it’s 1 2 3 4 big
huge trees with very deep roots this this pressing that you’ve done this this
sacrificial prayer that you’ve done for others it’s caused a deeper rooting in
your life that’s one of the things and you know we abide in the vine we abide
in him Jesus is the vine we are the branches and you’ve gone deeper in him
you’ve gone deeper in him during this time there’s been a depth a deepening of
a revelation of him a deepening of your roots in him I thank you lord
I thank you Lord for those deep roots for those roots roots that go deep in
Jesus name in Jesus name thank you Lord how short a toccata it’s like a time lap
there it’s just going way deep thank you lord thank you lord thank you lord that
you nourish the root thank you Lord that you water that you water us with your
word God thank you Lord seventeenth day seventeen pressing into the holy of
holies day seventeen pressing into the holy of holies it’s crossing the finish
line name but we’re not stopping we’re not stopping we’re not stopping we’re
going 21 days we’re making it a habit we’re not stopping we’re gonna continue
pressing we’re not stopping this is not just an exercise for some kind of
temporary breakthrough or some kind of what do you call it I don’t even know
what the words are I’m looking for but this is not just something we did so we
did this Evan no no this is a lifestyle so we thank you lord I just heard the
Lord say taste and see that I am good thank you lord help us to taste and see
that you are good as heard the Lord say my love is better than wine that’s in A
Song of Solomon he’s calling you that’s that’s he’s calling you into such a
level of intimacy with his heart he’s calling you into such a such a deeper
place he’s calling you into a place of stability some of you when you’ve gone
through storms in the past you’ve been unstable there’s a stability that’s come
to you huh I just saw a picture of the Lord removing the the supports because
your roots have gone deep you were you were you were being propped up by things
that were not of God some of you were being propped up by excuses are propped
up by defense mechanisms you were being propped up by a codependent
relationships you’re being propped up but the Lord saying that you don’t need
those props anymore you just need me and I’ve rooted you deeper in my son and
therefore you will not need these external props any longer but you will
depend on me you will not depend on yourself you’re
not depending on your strength you’ll not depend on the things of the world
you will not depend on the things that make your flesh feel good at a time of
the storm Lord says you’ll depend on me I just saw him removed those like the
three pieces of wood that would hold up a tree that was being rude and I would
hold up a tree that’s been damaged some of you are newer believers some of you
are older more mature believers that have been damaged and sometimes the
tendency the temptation is to depend on things other than God to get us through
a storm the Lord said I myself on your stability when the rain falls when the storm comes
when the hail comes the house the life that’s built on Jesus will not be moved
so we thank you Lord for what you’re doing we thank you Lord for what you’ve
done and what you’re continuing to do this has set the stage for your
metamorphosis I see it so clearly now my goodness
has set the stage for your metamorphosis this has set this I see it now my
goodness I did not know this this has set the stage for the metamorphosis the
word of the Lord for 2018 is metamorphosis you can go on my website
and read the word Jennifer LeClaire.org you can go read the word there
the word is metamorphosis but this 17 days and remember we’re not really
stopping I might not make such a big deal out of it in prayer every day but
we’re going 21 days to make a habit and then some of you that are the especially
hungry ones or this is going to become a lifestyle for you pressing into the Holy
of Holies not being satisfied but this set the stage because the Lord says
there’s a metamorphosis underway you can go read the word I’ll read it see it’s
so clear I’m not going to read it right now I’m battling this demonic cold
symptoms and I’m fine till I start to to pray and then the devil tries to shut me
down with all the coughing this is Mike this is a lifestyle it’s a new life for
some of you its newness of life metamorphosis will read the prophetic
word on my website you know what you can go to transform 2018 org I don’t know if
the whole word is up there or not but the videos up there transform 2008 teen
org some of you need to get your own copy of the book it’s number one on
Kindle it’s not number one imprint it’s number one on Kindle everybody snapping
it up on Kindle on Amazon so I’m you need to read you can read the prophetic
word on my website some of you need to read get the book and just dive into
that you can read it in about 90 minutes you need to read it more than one time
it’s a whole teaching I did not know it was not a thought in my mind that these
17 days were sent number but we’re still on day 17 so don’t stop today we’re
going to 21 days to make it a habit then we’re going to keep pressing to make it
a lifestyle because there’s a metamorphosis there’s a rapid change
there’s an accelerated acceleration underway metamorphosis but you just set
the stage for that by being willing to press you press the past you some of you
might not even know this but you press to pass so much in these last 17 days in
this spirit you don’t always see some of you saw immediate some of you know
you’re different some of you know that you know that you know that you’re
different if you felt things broke you even saw a relationship shift but even
for those who saw like an immediate change I’m telling you there’s more
under the surface because the things of the Spirit it’s like a seed what you all
did this this the 17 days was you sowed seeds you sowed seeds in the spirit
seeds of obedience seeds of sacrifice seeds of willingness and sometimes you
see an immediate harvest you see an immediate change some of you are
thinking more clearly than you were come on somebody testified because tomorrow
is Saturday so it won’t be on the call so if something you testify if you’ve
been feeling any kind of difference and kind of breakthrough if you’ve already
seen your breakthrough this is seventh day 17 technically we’re not over but I
really I know that I have I know that I got attacked by all of Hell koga
dependency broken off accelerated acceleration hunger and thirsting more
woke up different heaviness gone huge deliverance scene breakthrough bad
thoughts are gone major different secret true transformation felt huge
breakthrough this morning seeds of willing yes see sharper wiser
free in your mind fear broken you felt renewed new employment new clarity see
fear broken all in all I was telling you I imagine the Lord’s gonna start
shifting be more into this numbers thing because when I aligned with Chuck Pierce
she could in a portion of the anointing that’s on someone’s life or the that
same and I’ve just never been one that’s declared this many days and I’ve never
been one to do that I’ve only done in a couple times ever but I imagine the
Lord’s gonna give me these strategies they’re clear strategies there’s
strategies there it’s a matter of discipline and diligence and doing
something the Lord says I don’t expect to do it all the time but I don’t but I
imagine I’ll be doing more of this looser food on it you can hear the Holy
Spirit a lot clearer you see more clearly on your path you can see clearer
in the spirit better discipline pressing more dependent on him made your mindset
shift revelation increase in vision clear mind pressing in cup is filled
Reformation transformation you see this shift in your reactions after your car
broke down look at the breakthroughs come on look at the breakthroughs this
is called the start of a a ball rolling down a hill this is called the start of
momentum we’re not gonna stop I’m telling you these prayer broadcasts have
changed my life I’ve been doing it it’ll be the four the four year mark when I
start 2014 so to be the four year before we started in 2014 January 2nd so this
is three four years we’re going into our fourth year these prayer broadcast have
changed my life you’ve got an interview more awareness focused God vision
victory visitation eyes to see Jesus momentum perspective working the focus
you love this broadcast more understanding of your husband and others
see see here’s the thing this is the thing God’s Word does not
return the ROI when he gives us a warfare strategy when he gives us a
strategy for entering the Holy of Holies and we obey it we do it it happens and
you know what the grace of God is we wouldn’t have to be perfect about it I’m
not giving you an excuse to slack off but I know there were some people that
blew it on day five and some people that blew it on day ten is some people that
blew it on yesterday God’s mercy is greater it’s when you set your heart on
a thing at the end of this broadcast for those who have not heard and for those
who just want to recap I’m gonna go back and read you the prophetic word but I’m
gonna make some more declarations over you because this has been a
life-changing experience for me I mean I got massively attacked but guess what
I also saw massive breakthrough amen if you want to sow into this I want to give
you the opportunity to do that if you want to sow into the ministry you want
to sow into your transformation you want to sell a gratitude seed you want to sow
a breakthrough CGT if you want to so to help me get the the media ministry all
over the world if you want to sow it to get into getting this broadcast on more
channels if you want to so I want to give you a chance to do that you know
one of the one of the God doesn’t need our money he needs our obedience and so
if he’s been telling you to so if he’s been telling you to get involved in
partner with this ministry if he’s been telling you at whatever level deduce
just do it the whole thing is obedience is better than sacrifice the whole thing
is is being quick to obey you know slow obedience delayed obedience can turn
into disobedience real quick and so whatever God has told you to do wherever
he’s told you to do it he’s told you to do something for your pastor this this
that during this season he’s told you to do something for whatever he’s told you
to do give say pray where he’s told you to go whatever he’s told you to put your
hand to let me tell you something there are blessings that are being unlocked by
oh babies there are things that have happened in my life since I left listen
since I left charisma magazine and that was that was a six-figure salary that I
walked away from and I’ve walked away from more than that used to work for
Microsoft and Amazon and I made just hundreds of thousands of dollars a year
working for fortune 500 companies writing marketing copy
and I walked away from that to cut to cut my salary in about a third to work
for a charisma and then I walked away from that to walk into full-time
ministry you know what happened there have been opportunities open up that I
would never imagined it see it’s not all about money it’s about the purpose of
God from your life you know that I got a new condo it’s like my dream house love
it you know that I got the the major book
deal with the largest Christian book publisher in the world I wouldn’t have
gotten that if had not walked away from a charisma I was tied into that brand it
was part of my my ministry identity I had to leave does it mean I’m not
friends with them it just means that sometimes if you’re not obedient is
something you’re blocking up your blessings it was there’s hard decisions
it’s hard to walk away from things it’s hard sometimes to obey what the Lord
tells you to do is hard sometimes to sow that seed that he’s calling you to so
it’s hard to break off a relationship that he’s calling you to break off it’s
hard to to commit yourself to a new discipline that he’s calling you to
commit yourself to I get it I’ve done all that the radical trust remember the
mega mega mega your authorized payback all these things all the stuff we’ve
learned this year be obedient to the Lord that’s my heart’s desire for you is
for you to walk in obedience and you don’t have to be perfect there’s a mega
mercy when you blow it that’s the thing about God but if you want to sow a seed
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it’s monthly it will be a phone call if you can’t make the live phone call the
phone call is going to be an hour and a half or two hours I’m going to teach you
about prayer I’m also going to be praying over you I want you to catch the
spirit of prayer as I was walking to insta to start the broadcast this
morning I realized you know sometimes I because I study for a couple of hours
before I get on the broadcast sometimes I don’t feel spiritual at all I’m like I
got to pray I’m like lord help me pray but you know what the spirit of prayer
comes upon me and it does come from that deep well inside of me that I’ve worked
with the Holy Spirit to dig you know I put the word in me so that it can come
out of me Holy Spirit puts me and remember so the word Holy Spirit is the
spirit of props he is the prophetic spirit so you know all that would you
fellowship with him that informs that but that spirit of prayer can come upon
you and that’s what happens to me in in these morning calls is the spirit of
prayer will come and screen or prompts will come you can almost tell when it
kicks in sometimes sometimes it’s a plowing sometimes it’s a pressing
through sometimes it’s a pushing sometimes not pushing God but pushing
past resistance you know sometimes it’s pushing past you know having a bad cold
and can’t barely breathe and you’re choking to death on the broadcast like
that happened today this morning yesterday and this morning but the
spirit of prayer there’s a you catch that you you learn how to press into
that to break through into that and so it’s not just about the teaching there’s
lots of good books you can read on prayer there’s something about the
impartation you get on these live mentoring calls and the sound of my
voice even you know you know some of you will begin to hear things and the sound
of my voice the truths about prayer and you know the Lord will use that it’s a
penetrate to help you to penetrate rather through some of the Opposition so
it’s not just about the teaching only it’s about the impartation well you know
that for being on these broadcasts don’t you but you get something there that way
that you don’t get by reading a book books are great I love books I’m a
writer of books so if you want to be part of that go to school of the Spirit
TV don’t wait till it’s full you don’t have to stay in there until Jesus comes
back I’m going to continue the mentoring so Jesus tells me to stop I’m gonna it
you know and it’ll build it’ll build it’ll build people will invariably hear
this broadcast or visit school of the Spirit TV you know six months from now
and they’ll just jump on board then they will have missed the first six month
that’s okay you can miss the first six months and still get everything out of
it what you need the Holy Spirit knows when you need to jump in I would not
recommend jumping in for just a month you’re gonna get something from jumping
in for a month but I’m telling you this is a journey that we’re taking together
and whatever point you come in give it some time to work in your life
you know it’s almost like tithing or so most like exercising you know you don’t
exercise for a month and expect to get maximum benefits you need to apply
yourself and commit yourself to a course of study to a mentorship so do that if
it blesses you if you feel that you are supposed to do that then do it don’t let
the devil talk you out of it you know the devil does not want you to pray did
you figure that out right the devil does not want you to pray double doesn’t want
you to pray the devil doesn’t want you to pray the total want you to pray so
you know if you’ve been feeling resistance or whatever then that’s a
sure sign many times because God’s not God does resist you but if you’re proud
but if you’re seeking to learn about prayer that’s not a proud stance that’s
a humble stance and if you’re being resisted that’s the devil resisting you
God’s not resisting you learning how to pray better pray more
more answers amen so do that go to school two-spirit TV you’ll also find
the school of the seers they’re the school of the prophetic the school of
warfare writers school and you’ll find a bunch of free resources there as well
amen so go there if that blesses you I want
to go back and review the 17 days I want to reduce what the original prophecy
that started us off just to remind you of what we’ve been through there’s been
so much what how did this even started I went back and I read it’s all my
websites on charisma it started me one second let me take some water remember this 17 it’s not the day to
stop this is the last day we might not be together tomorrow my daughter comes
tomorrow she is obviously going to be dominating my time she’s to come till
tomorrow afternoon now I might get on periscope at some point after I write
and press into some more of this and Facebook but let us just just quickly
look back at where we came from and how this started some of you jumped in half
when you’re like I don’t know what this is I’m gonna explain it to you going to
explain it to you we’ve been on a journey for these past 17 days I
remember the Lord broke through heavy resistance to a revelation of his glory
we’re pressing into the glory and there was such a resistance on the prayer
broadcast to pressing into the glory and he broke through that resistance to
remember to issue a challenge to his bride and we we we have to understand
what is happening here with the realm of the Holy of Holies we see this first
mentioned in Scripture in Exodus 26 verse 33 and the Bible says you shall
hang up the veil under the clasps so that you may bring
the Ark of the testimony within the veil and the veil shall serve for you as a
partition between the holy place and the most holy now the Holy of Holies is the
most holy place in Scripture it contains the Ark of the Covenant and the and only
the high priest could enter once a year to atone for the sins of Israel now they
used to wrap around him a rope a long rope that had bells on it
and as long as they heard the bells ringing they knew that he was okay they
knew he was moving around performing his priestly duties but if they did not hear
the bells ringing they knew that he had dropped dead because he had done
something wrong and the Holy on the holiness of God in the Holy of Holies
and they would drag him out by that rope the veil in the temple separated man
from the Holy of Holies the epicentre of God’s presence now when Jesus died on
the cross God supernaturally toured the veil on the temple from top to bottom
not from bottom to top it was torn from the top to the bottom that’s Matthew 27
verses 50 and 51 now this signified that man listened was
no longer separated from entering the presence of God in fact we can have
confidence to enter the holy place through the blood of Jesus and that’s
according to Hebrews chapter 10 verses 19 through 20
now the prophetic word that came forth during the prayer called the essence of
and I prophesied for a good long while but the essence of it was this the Lord
said press and keep on pressing because pressing is not for the faint of heart
you cannot press one time like you’d press a button as if you’ve waved a
magic wand and expect your life to change
it’s not about pressing a button since God it’s about pressing past your flesh
it’s about pressing past your past it’s about pressing past all those things I
am putting before you showing you to get rid of them says God in the next 17 days
I am going to begin to show you things that I want you to press past and if you
will set your heart to press past them says God you can be through and over and
done into the next before the New York I am faithful says God to complete the
good work I’ve started in I’ve started a tu so during the prayer call that I saw
a member I saw people on their faces people to God on their faces laying
prostrate before the Lord and he showed me how how many know there’s more but
they can’t get to the more they want to go deeper in prayer but they can’t seem
to enter that realm they want to walk consistently in peace but they can’t
seem to maintain peace they know there is hindrances but they they don’t know
what is hindering them and so the Lord charged us to get on our face for the
next 17 days to see breakthrough and then later remember on the broadcast we
discovered that the number 17 symbolizes deliverance overcoming the enemy and
victory some are content to stay in the outer court some dare to draw closer to
God moving into the inner court but a few are pressed into the Holy of Holies
and the Holy of Holies you’ll find yourself engulfed by the presence the
power in the love of God you feel you feel you freely can surrender your pain
you your will your temptations your fear everything that hinders love to the
Almighty one in the holy of holy Jesus is more than a distant God that you read
about in the pages of your Bible he’s fully alive his glory surrounds you as
he reveals his heart to you when you look into the Holy of Holies you move
from glory to glory you feel more alive you feel like you’ve entered into
another dimension and you have and although we don’t walk by feelings we
walk by faith so maybe you might not have felt a thing but you have a knowing
in your heart that change is at your door when you get to the Holy holes you
just never want to leave most Christians never enter to the Holy of Holies
because it costs you something it requires you to shift your appetites to
lay aside childish things to set aside : desires and to seek Him with your whole
heart Jeremiah 29:13 but the reward is worth the price one of the rewards of
those who continue to seek God mm he’s a Warner of those who diligently seek Him
Hebrews 11 and 6 one of the rewards for those
to continue seeking knocking and asking is an invitation into the holy of holies and he invited us and we accepted its
invitation and many of you have crossed over some of you are about to and I
adjure you please do not go by how you feel now if you’ve got feelings to back
up your faith that’s awesome if you’ve seen the shift you’ve got a visible
tangible breakthrough that’s also you saw all the testimonies I could not even
read them all but some of you maybe you haven’t felt anything don’t let the
devil lie to you some people are more bent to feel God than others you know
it’s been said that we’re at least aware what’s most constant in our lives you
know there’s things in your house you walk by a certain lamp you drive by a
certain sign on the road you don’t even see it somebody that’s never been in
your city before someone that’s never been in your house before but like oh my
gosh look at that and I just moved into a new condo you know I’m seeing all
kinds of things I saw a little crack in the wall that I hadn’t seen when I came
to view the property I’m seeing things that are cool I’m seeing things need to
be fixed but when you’re in an environment all the time sometimes
you’re not aware you don’t see the things other people see and see here’s
the thing you live in the presence of God so some sometimes you’re just not
bent toward that overwhelming feeling don’t let that discourage you amen God
is good I want to pray for you I remind you get the spiritual training that you
need at school of the Spirit TV school the prophetic school of warfare prayer
intercession school the Sears it’s all there for you at school the spirit TV my
brand new book metamorphosis a prophecy about radical change it’s coming it’s
underway if you want to sow into the ministry you can do that Jennifer
LeClaire.org / donate let me pray father I thank you for the anointing of
the Spirit of God the anointing to press and keep on pressing the anointing that
breaks the yoke of the past they yoke of the present
that helps us that leads us that guides us you your spirit that helps us that
leads us to guides us away from the yokes of the enemy you told us in your
where to put your yoke of puns because your yoke is easy your burden is light
and so we put your yoke upon us we thank you for your anointing that breaks every
yoke of the past we’re moving into this next season clean clear fresh newness of
life in Jesus name Amen you can find me online at Jennifer LeClaire bless you

Jerry Heath


  1. Amen! Hallelujah!!! Acceleration.. Ha ha that's what I just said out loud! Thank you Lord! Confirmation.. on (2-4-2019)

  2. Amen sister! 🔱🛡⚔🛡🔱
    I can see the shift and the harvest is planty!
    We, indeed, are going through the accelerated metamorphosis…

  3. I can testify my sister may the lord comtinue to bless and strenghten you and touch the heart of all the people around you. Love your teaching.

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