Prophet Noah’s Prayer

prophet knows prayer prophet Noah peace
be upon him finally understood after long years of struggle they will not be
commenced he had no strength and hope left he turned to his Lord oh my lord he
said I advise on my community night and day however they did not listen to me
and move it away from me whenever I invited them to the right
path they put their fingers in their ears covered their faces with their
clothes and showed arrogance they were bailed against me
they followed despotic people whose wealth and children provide no benefit
to them my invitation increased only the rebellious attitude
moreover they led each other to evil you are the only one who will decide between
me and my community my Lord forgive me and forgive the believers with me and
punish the wrongdoers Allah has all-seeing and all-knowing certainly he
knew how his messenger struggled to help his people he was aware of sufferings of
Noah and those who believed him he gave a long time to the unbelievers on earth
but most of them did not believe him Allah the Almighty accepted the prayer
of His Messenger do not grieve he said we will save you and those who believed
in with you the wrongdoers will be drowned now do not wait start to build
an ark Noah did not know how to build an ark Allah The Exalted taught his prophet
how to build it Noah started to work without having a
rest he went to the woods to cut down trees he then made timber from them and
piece the boards together in every step Noah was praying and taking refuge with
his Lord he was living with the dream of the day that he was going to finish the
Ark when the prominent members of his society saw him working so hard they
said Oh Noah we see that you have given up prophethood and become a carpenter
you are not saying those strange words to us anymore when is the day of
punishment that you were talking about Noah was smiling without raising his
head he said keep mocking me very soon you will know upon whom a wretched
punishment will come time passed like a flowing river in the
end Noah completely built his ark the ark was ready to float on the water
Noah was happy to finish his job Allah said to him Oh Noah it is time now take
the believers of your family and your community to your Ark any couple from
every animal species upon this commandment it was started to gather the
animals living on the earth cow sheep camel horse lion tiger elephant giraffe
snakes scorpions monkey he took a couple of animals from every created species he
placed them in shelters that he built on the ark then he said to the believers
come on get on the ark moving with the command of Allah both its floating and
stopping takes place with the command of Allah indeed my lord is forgiving and
preserving his family and all the believers got on the ark however Noah’s
wife and one of his sons did not get on board because they were also unbelievers

Jerry Heath

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