Praying to Allah on Friday

Hi everyone and welcome to
another video by the apostate prophet I wanted to make a video about women’s rights
and women in Islam today, but I’m very sick I’m sure I will get better today
because today is Friday Friday is the holiest day in Islam Which is weird because Allah,
Muhammad’s God in the Quran is claimed to be the same God
of the Christians and Jews so there was already the Sabbath which
Muslims don’t respect and don’t like because according to Islam
God didn’t pick a day for rest Yes, Muslims believe that God
didn’t pick a day for resting That’s why Muslims don’t respect the Sabbath
and don’t think that it should be observed Why Allah still talks about how some Jews didn’t properly observe the Sabbath in the Quran is a mystery Anyway, Allah had the holy days
for Jews and Christians, but apparently there was not
so important for Muslims because we can even see that Muhammad says in a hadith that Allah granted to Jews the Saturday and
Christians to Sunday and Muslims the Friday because the Friday was the best and holiest day
and Muslims are the best, you know Muslims are even better than Jews
the chosen people of Allah, you know Why Allah is such a separatist is another issue, but that’s what Muhammad says, and I guess it must be true There are more of this kind, but let’s just
read this one Hadith. It’s very interesting It says We are the last to come, but we will be the foremost on a day of resurrection Nations were given the book before us and we were given the holy book after them this Friday is a day about which they deferred So the next day Saturday was prescribed for the Jews
and the day after it; Sunday for the Christians It is incumbent on every Muslim
to wash his head and body on a day Friday at least in every seven days Yes, that’s how a dirty Islam is
and that’s how weird Islam is Right now it is very important that it is
Friday, and I need to be healed and You know, in Islam There is a hadith which says that there is an hour, a specific hour On Friday if Muslims stand and pray on that hour,
then Allah definitely grants their wishes That’s a very dangerous guarantee When I was a Muslim I thought there must be some kind of
metaphor right I mean it can’t be that Two Muslims for example on at
one place pray exactly it at that time But they both have conflicting
wishes not not bad wishes But they wish something the result of their wishes
of their prayers would conflict each other How is Allah for so solve that? How Allah allowed supposed to grant both wishes? That’s a bit weird Let’s say I have been praying for the last 52 weeks
on every Friday throughout the entire day I had one wish throughout the
last 52 weeks, but it never came true How does it happen? This wise guy who wants to talk me about
my prayer would say, “You have to believe it.” Well, I do believe it. That’s
why I practice the prayer, I mean I believe in God, I believe that God
will help me, I believe that Mohammed tells the truth about this So I’m praying, I mean, I must be believing it, right? “You have to ask for something that was good.” I did. It wasn’t something bad, and
I didn’t ask for something unrealistic. I mean, it was totally good, it was
totally fine and harmless. I mean, it’s just a basic wish
but I really want it “You have to do it more often.” I have been doing it for the last 52 weeks How often am I supposed to do it? And also it says that Allah grants the wish
if the prayer is done at that time “Well you have to really want it.” I have been praying for the last 52 weeks Why would I do that if I didn’t really want it? “Well sometimes Allah doesn’t grant you wishes because the things that you wish might not be good for you eventually.” Go So there was never a guarantee I mean, there is a guarantee in the Hadith that Allah
doesn’t accept my prayer if I do it at a specific time, but I do even more that I do it throughout the
whole day, but still it doesn’t come true Anyway, I don’t even know how I got into this I actually wanted to make some announcements, but I am a writer on Gayle Report now for Pamela Geller So I will be writing content. I will be
writing articles there very often and I will also share them with you
here in the description I’m not really using my Facebook page
right now, but I wanted to use it further I’ll just use it to make announcements and to share things. I don’t want to post offensive things there anymore
because Facebook can’t handle that Facebook wants to work together with
organizations to protect Muslims Another thing is that I have a patreon page,
and I need your support So if you want to support me with this cause I really need this because I want to focus on this.
I want to work with you together to scrutinise Islam, I want to focus on this. This is what I want to do unfortunately, Israel doesn’t pay enough Another thing is that I am an admin on a Facebook page called godless. It is an atheist community even though I don’t really agree with everything with the atheist community Those guys helped me a lot, and I’m there and I promised those people also that I will make monthly or bimonthly Questions and answers or ask me anything videos,
live videos on there So if you want to join me with those live videos,
you can do that there on that Facebook page also, another thing is people who have been following me on Instagram so far know that one of my funniest things on Instagram that I enjoyed a lot was something called
#terroristsinthemorning I don’t do that right now anymore because I want to protect my Instagram account a bit But I used to share messages that peaceful Muslims sent me On Instagram under the hashtag terrorists in the morning I want to take this on YouTube and I wanted to post it every Monday or Sunday I want to I want to upload videos I have a huge collection of all those love messages And I wanted to read them to you and show them to you It will be a very funny series
You will enjoy it. There are lots of curse words included because that’s inevitable if you’ll receive messages from Muslims I’m sorry and another thing is that I still have
my ongoing “Crazy Quran Verses” Series, I keep doing this. I will try
to post a new episode of Crazy Quran Verses every Wednesday and want to make bigger topics on Friday another thing that I want to do is talk about the history of Islam from Mohammed till the Ottoman Empire and later I really want to do that, but that takes a lot of work that will take a lot of work So I am postponing this and I will probably do that much later, but if you have any suggestions for that I will be glad to see them Another thing that I wanted to add here at the end is I really appreciate it that there are lots of Christians who support me here on YouTube especially, and there’s always this conflict between uh between Anti theist, Atheists and Christians
who care about the presence of atheists Guys, atheist, Christians, you are totally
equal to me. I don’t really care as long as you don’t invite me to your point of view I don’t really care you can believe whatever you want. You can say whatever you want.
You can do whatever you want You can also go in to eat your own chairs
as a holy practice. I don’t care. I won’t convert to Christianity I won’t become an anti theist either
because I have no problem with Christians And that’s it You can follow me on social media for updates.
I am active on Instagram and on Twitter My patreon page is there waiting for you to be fed I will be back with more news and with
new controversial posts. Thank you a lot Have a nice weekend and stay away from Islam

Jerry Heath


  1. I never understood religious people. their great parents also pray everyday and nothing happen. why their kids never learn from it ? Pray is BS.

  2. I'm ex Muslim here. Kindly put on light or make a documentary about the terror caused by forgetting anyone of the prayer. Kadha prayer has to b done again. Suppose a Muslim has doing this a year he or she has to count and perform prayer again. Kindly do explain how frustrating that thing is to do being a Muslim. If not Allah will throw him or her in hell.

  3. that skull thing with “black, asian, white, etc” is retarded. because “black” (negroid) “asian” (mongoloid) and “white” (caucasoid) are all distinct in terms of skeletal features lmao

  4. Sunday originally was not a free day. It was a working day. The first Christians rested on Saturday. THAT was the free day and the day to go to the temple etc. Sunday was the first day of the week and Christians tended to meet on that day, after work. Only centuries later it became a free day, when there weren't many Jews among them anymore and Sabbath wasn't essential anymore.

  5. May be Allah is bored with same prayer wordings every day every time being repeated by millions of disillusioned souls that since few centuries so may be he has switched off his listening device or has changed the channel to some other planet.

  6. In this 21st century…hell, heaven, God, religion, prayers, mass , ressurection , rebirth, judgment day, holy , unholy are redundant concepts.

  7. You are right.
    Are you ex.muslim…anyway..
    I Thank You for your True God works.
    You are a true servant of Lord Jesus Christ….

  8. Allah is Muhammad's imaginary friend and partner in crime how did Muslims get so easily fooled by this liar and conman Muhammad it's so obvious


  10. Every mosleem wants to die on Friday because they think that Friday is sacred day for them. Prophet Mohammed died on Monday, June 8, 632 CE. If prophet mohammed is a holy prophet why did he die not on Friday on the sacred day??

  11. Muslims today are not free from a false God (Allah) and False Prophet Muhammad who is burning hell with Muslims passing away? Christians we don't follow as Muslims, similar and

    close, but not at all. Muslims want themselves to be better than anyone else, women cover with hajib, but worse burqa is still slaves but aren't free. Like will I hurt them no, freedom and rights, you can't force others to convert into a religion or to a different religion? Or not be part

  12. Pam Gellar is working for Israel.. she doesn't pay you enough? 😆

  13. 36:52) They will say, “Woe to us! Who has raised us up from our graves? This is what the Beneficent God has promised. The Messengers have also spoke the truth”.

    Bro I pray to u to repent again and leave the darkness you are in now. May god give you guidance, light and faith. Amen.

  14. So, I pray "Oh, Allah, I'm sick and need healing, in Jesus' name, amen!" – and Allah answers you through another muslim called priest or scholar?!…
    Explain why I need a priest to give me Allah's answer!
    "Julio, this is Allah: you asked me to heal you of your sickness; well, I sent a priest with my answer, that's how I operate – I never answer you directly, I always send some priest to speak for me, Julio!"
    Wel, Allah, that's is bad!
    I resent you and your ways!
    I don't know that priest!
    I prayed to you!
    I didn't ask you to answer through a priest!
    The stupid priest told me that you told him to tell me the story!
    I have to reject you, Allah!
    I find you nothing but another anthropomorphic idol, this time from the Arabian Desert, worthless, pathetic!
    Goodnight, Allah!

  15. Another interesting journey into the byways of Muslim craziness. So Islam says that if you pray for something on a Friday then 'Allah' will grant it? And if he doesn't then this could be because either you didn't want it enough, didn't pray for it hard enough or 'Allah' knows that it isn't good for you? So, 'Allah' always wins? But cancer isn't very good for you either – and even less good for children – and yet 'Allah' allows this. The Christians have an equivalent. They say that if you pray to God hard enough then he will grant what you ask. If he doesn't then this is because 'God works in mysterious ways'.

  16. Islaam is too hard foor people like you
    You don wonna pray
    You don wonna give a.money to poor ofo to feed them
    You are not clean you dont wash yourself is also to haard foor you , you wonna live the eazy life end you can not bee a moslim the moslim is good they do their best , thets too hard en to much asking from such a person Allah knows that , but your mout wil lead you to hel if you go on are you fraid ever been , you are realy stupid think , you talk ageinst creator Allah do you know who is hi The one who created everything including you , i realy can not bealive thinks you saying , but wait en we will wait this live is nof forever you forget that , the one who gives you de live hi wil also take it from you are you not afraid when they put you in to de ground , do you feel de fear oooooo stupid man, wake up, wake oooooo wake up, there is not ader god but accept Allah .

  17. This is why they don't wash regularly.
    In Hadith (Sahih Al-bukhari)

    Muhammad had 11 wives and he would satisfy them all in one evening and the he would not wash after each session.
    He would do the same during the day and night he had nothing better to do God sent him to do this.
    Shameful things and these books are present in every mosque in modern day world.

  18. Why is it that someone is stupid enough to be be a Muslim and then when they leave Islam they give up on all religion it makes no damn sense

  19. Muhammad is the result of Sarah's mistake and Abraham's weakness. When ever we do contrary to what God's plan is for our lives it results into the worst we didn't expect. She pushed Abraham to go into Haggi and an evil seed was brought up, Ishmael. Now the consequence is, HIS HAND SHALL BE UPON THE NECK OF HIS BROTHERS.

  20. I thinks almost all the viwers are Fool and stupid this guy disrespect other religion if you thing you are good human stop supporting these type of person only spread hate between the world I am not believe in any religion but it true I respect all religion and for you I have some thing fuck u asshol

  21. Hey you stupid Apostate , Muslim's ass is cleaner than your face, because they wash themselves five times a day.


  23. "Muslims believe Allah didn't pick a day for rest"? Hahahahahaha. All they ever do is sleep, remain imobile and complain. Every day is their rest day especially during Ramadan where they try and excel at those same three things. It's no wonder the Islamic world is a complete failure.

  24. If your praying on Friday, then your not having sex. This is a good thing. There's too many people having sex. I'd rather see you pray. Keep your legs closed and keep praying.

  25. They take more time washing more than prayer. They worship on Friday because they crucified Jesus on friday. Their prayers begin & end with raising their butts 3 times to ease stomach problems. Masha Allah.

  26. Ex muslim here.

    As a kid i got told Saturday is the day of the Jews and Sunday the day of the Christians and this is where the weekend was created so jews and christians wouldnt have to work but muslims would have to on Fridays.

  27. Your always gettin sick.You ever think that your being punished by allah ?…Don't worry .I'm an Atheist and I know atheist get sick too..But…you thank that's bad. I'm also Vegan. What do think I hear from people when I get sick? ."See its that vegan diet…. that diets killing you"…good grief.

  28. lol this stupid Christian laughing at muslims taking bath on friday. why he don't cry on christains who don't wash their dirty ass after poop and don't take shower even after having intercourse😷

  29. There is no Allah . Mohammed used the Holy Bible to created a diety There was no Angel Gabriel . It was all a made up story. Just like the Titanic .Take tragedy and make into love story

  30. I fell sorry for those Rohingyas and Kashmiris, Quran says their god, lower cast intended, their prayers will be answered, kabul. Most Rohingya men wear beard and women cover their hair making them look more radical by ordinary people of Myanmar. Islam makes them unable to think outside the box of Islam.

  31. ههههه ذكرتني بالفار الذي يحب الجبن انت لا تملك شرفا اصلا على الاقل افعل هذا من اجل وجهة نضرك ولا تفعل هذا من اجل المال لانك عار على الملحدين

  32. I have read Qur'an, but it seems that it's not a complete book of Muslims. They mainly depend on hadiths, viz; Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim etc. They give much importance in hadiths only which is completely different book from Qur'an. Hadith teaches them to hate kafers (non-believers) and instigate to kill them. For them, Jew and Christians are life long enemies to them, no words of love of humanity and kindness are mentioned. Such type of vindictive words uttered towards non-Muslim can't be a holy book. Allah is merciful and full of grace and He cannot favour only the particular section only, He cannot do partiality to any of His created being. All living and non-living beings are created by Almighty God or Allah. He created Jews, Christians and so-called Kafers, too. Why should Allah tell Muslims to kill His Own created Human beings? Allah is Almighty, He does not need any help from anybody, at will He can create and destroy anything at anytime. Doctor is required for sick and not for healthy man. Religion is for human being, but Muslims instigate to kill whom they call Kafers. Such religion cannot be called a divine origin, rather, it would be befitting name to call it as demonic religion.

  33. Stop deleting my comments 😂
    That hadith fake. How can Muslims wash every 7 days when they need to clean themselves for the 5 prayers?
    Anyone with logic can see your bullshit.
    Secondly it is complusary to clean everyday as Muslims as we believe Satan likes dirty people.
    You also need to address the fact we don't whipe our ass holes like westerners do. We wash with soap. We created modern soap and alcohol in pure form to clean.
    You need to work on your lies man 😁😁
    Your full of fake inaccurate info about Islam. Considering you were a Muslim you are not a native Arab speaker therefore your understanding of the Quran is purely on translation which is not accurate.

  34. its like fucking booking a flight ticket for holiday Sundays taken Saturdays taken
    Only Fridays Left . waw

  35. The only thing, the only invention, which ever came out of ISLAM, is the suizide bomber.

  36. Is Terrorists I the Morning one of the new soap opera daytime shows like "AS THE GLOBALISTS TURNS" ?

  37. Have you tried following the Quran alone as your Source of religious law and religious practices? Just Curious.

  38. We will watch you from heaven you are in hell and screaming if you will continuing this

  39. Pisslam fucktards have animal shit on their shlongs & elephant piss in their beards.

    & they've spread their hideous STDs in innocent lives of children's pr*vate p*rts

  40. this is stupidity to count just negative things ..Muhammad had done unlimited things to make better his community …
    If u will read about Arabs before prophet ,u would be able to know what reality was

  41. As far as I know, SUNDAY is the FIRST day of the week in muslim countries.

  42. It's Friday! Friday! Gonna go pray on Friday!
    My wife has to sit in the back of the Mosque!
    Friday! Friday!

  43. This is Allah talking ! So Listen Up ! I command All of my followers to pray to Me 1000 times A Day ! Starting Immediately !

  44. I thought you'll explain everything about Friday.. like reciting surah kahf..level of reward according to the raw you standing.. and it's specially for men only….and many more.. hope you'll make a new video about it…

  45. Perhaps it is good that different religions have their "special" days? Muslims on Friday, Jewish on Saturday and Christians on Sundays. Keeps the traffic down. Perhaps they could use the same hall so us tax payers could spend one third less on these institutions?

  46. U are living in fools paradise… Zoom out your thinking and think big. U will get the answer

  47. You look good in black sweatshirt. And your conclusion on Islam is very influential. Keep up

  48. Hey Apostate, can u answer why do muslims do circumcision?
    Do they challenge Allah’s creation?
    And this shows the one who can’t create a cancer free penis.. how can he create the humanity and universe?

    Plz answer me

  49. Praying to Allah on Friday? Nope, it is Friday and time to go out to see a movie, hang out, cruising, dinner and/or dancing.

  50. Atheism is not a religion. It is lack of theism. Theism is any belief in god(s), and a- is a negative suffix meaning "not" or "lack of".

  51. Deism means belief in a creator deity only without being involved in the creation. An example is the "Supreme Being" that Freemasons are supposed to believe in — which is not the same as the monotheistic Gods of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam, and of course also not a god of polytheists. An atheist is almost always an "adeist" too.

  52. Hi apostate prophet, great channel! Do you really want to work under Pamela Geller? I don't know her well but based on what I have read it seems she is anti-Muslim, not anti-Islam only

  53. Honestly this Islam shit is crazy crazy like who believes this shit oh wait its only Sinéad O'Connor enough said, praying 5 times a day to satan crazy

  54. There is only one Sabbath the last of the week God blessed the last day and made it Holy

  55. Stop lying you big lier you always hide here and speaking big liers so you are here making comedys you shaytan

  56. Dear apostate prophet, i really appreciate you for doing this. Really gives me a new perspective on how to look at religions, especially islam. I really want to believe in god, or allah, but i just simply dont want to believe in islam blindly. Thats why i am now searching for answers to find a conclusion wether god exist or not. There is just one thing that still boggles my mind about the quran. Theres are several statements within it that is now scientifically proven by modern human. My questions is, in your opinion, how is it possible for a 7th century human to have such knowledge about science, before they even have the technology or the knowledge to study or even imagine those scientific statements in the quran ? If you are so kind, i really want to know your opinion on how a 7th century human could posses such knowledge to be written inside the quran. I really DONT want to believe that quran really comes from god. And im trying to gather all the facts to really dismiss god if possible. If you are reading this, please help me to understand the possibilities. Thank you.

  57. I love all your video, I really enjoy learning, listening about this evil religion that grow everyday

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