Prayer For Your Children | Daily Prayer For Our Children

welcome to the prayer for your children
this is simply a video I put together I like to play for anyone within the sound
of my voice about prayer for your children all I ask you to do is to agree with me as we seek our Heavenly
Father together please continue to meditate on this prep yourself speaker
daily listen to this video over and over about prayers for children again and allow the Word of God
concerning your children younger or older to reach deep into your spirit let
us pray heavenly father we gather together here online coming to agreement
in the wonderful and powerful name of Jesus where two or more are gathered
there you should surely be anything we prayers for my children agree upon is touching you will surely
do the Bible says that if there’s any unforgiveness that should be dealt with
before praying and therefore we release the anger bad feelings resentment or any
other wrong attitude before you now related your feet and we release and
forgive those who have wronged us I lift up those watching this video we come
into agreement and lift up their prayers for our children children and we stand in your word into
claret over their children we believe that you will watch over your word to
perform in their lives we agree and ask that you helped the listeners children
are recognized each and every opportunity they have to spend time with
you and get to know you we pray that their love for you would
grow an increase in Jesus name we declare that they should be strong
disciples of Jesus who are willing and obedient to live the life you have
planned for them great is the piece of the listeners
children because of you lord you are with the listeners children all the time
no matter what they’re facing and wherever they go prayers for your children we speak protection and safety over them
now in Jesus Name thank you that angels surround them you have given your angels
charge over the listeners children to a company and defend and preserve them in
all their ways you Lord of their refuge in fortress you are their glory in the
lifter of their heads you will complete that which you have started within the
lives of the listeners children together we place the children in your hands we
cast the care of them on you once and for all prayer for our children there in your hands you will keep them
safe and watch over them because we committed them to you we declare that
the children obey their parents because you have made it clear that it is a
blessing to them that leads to things working out in their long life they will
love honor and respect the listener in Jesus name we will choose life and love
you all their days they will follow the Holy Spirit as he leads them you are
there rock and their life they are the head and not the tail they are above
only and beneath they are blessed when they come
in or go out and wherever they go your favor surrounds them we declare an increase of
wisdom and favor with God and man in their lives prayer for my children the listener will not provoke irritate
or fret their children as of this moment they will no longer pressure them but
allowing you to work within their lives the lean on you and acknowledge you in
all areas of the children’s life they will not be hard on them or harass them
or caused them to become discouraged to prayer for the children feel insecure inferior angry or
frustrated they will love them as you instruct in 1st Corinthians 13 for they
will not break her wound their spirits but they will rear them tenderly in the
training discipline Council an admonition of the Lord Lord help the
listener to train their children in the way they should go so that when they are
all they will not depart from it we praise You Now and sing to the great I
am worthy are you father the enemy has turned back from the listeners children
in the name of Jesus the traps he will try to set will come to nothing in Jesus
name prayer for your children you are more than enough in Jesus name
we pray amen

Jerry Heath

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