PRAYER FOR FREEDOM!!! | TB Joshua Viewers Prayer 🙏

Viewers all over the world, begin to commit your life, commit your career in the name of Jesus! Be revived! Whatever sickness, disease in your blood, in your fluids, in your kidneys, in your liver, in your lungs, in your heart, in your brain – be delivered in the name of Jesus! Be delivered in the name of Jesus! Be delivered in the name of Jesus! You can know if you are delivered; this is God’s Word to you. Be delivered in the name of Jesus! The Lord said, “Come unto Me all ye that are weak”. Be strong in the name of Jesus! All ye that are poor, be blessed in the name of Jesus! All ye that are sick, be healed in the name of Jesus! Pray Along With Prophet T.B. Joshua.
Touch Your Screen By Faith In Jesus’ Name. Freedom! Your career: freedom! Your marriage: freedom! Your family: freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Pray Along With Prophet T.B. Joshua.
Touch Your Screen By Faith In Jesus’ Name. Freedom! Pray Along With Prophet T.B. Joshua.
Touch Your Screen By Faith In Jesus’ Name. Freedom! Pray Along With Prophet T.B. Joshua.
Touch Your Screen By Faith In Jesus’ Name. Whatever affliction… Are you on the sickbed? Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Right now, begin to exercise your freedom! Act your freedom! Receive your freedom! Believe your freedom! Confess your freedom! Begin to believe your freedom: “I believe I am healed!” “I believe I am delivered!” “I believe I am blessed!” Yes, that is it. Begin to believe your freedom now. “I believe I am healed in the name of Jesus!” “I believe I am blessed in the name of Jesus!” “I believe I am delivered in the name of Jesus!” “I believe I am redeemed in the name of Jesus!” “Thank You, Jesus!” Begin to act your freedom right now! Thank You, Jesus! Defeat and failure are things of the past! Thank You, Jesus! Right now, confess your freedom! Tell your neighbour, “This is my testimony!” “This is my testimony!” “This is my testimony!” The SCOAN Sunday Mass Prayer In Jesus Christ’s name we pray.

Jerry Heath


  1. "The LORD said, 'Come unto Me all ye that are weak' – be strong, in the name of Jesus! All ye that are poor – be blessed, in the name of Jesus! All ye that are sick – be healed, in the name of Jesus!" – TB Joshua

  2. I know where my daughter is now. I finally heard from her and three children. They just need a place to live of their own. And transportation. And to get in school. This school system would not let kids go to rich folks school. Praying for them to get in school.


    Ask Jesus into your heart. Cleanse you from ALL unrighteousness. Confess(make) Him your Lord and Savior. You are SAVED.

    Find a good church. Keep Jesus first place in your Life.

  4. Prophet tb Joshua thanks for your prayers am from zambia.i have been experiencing chest pain.thank You JESUS.

  5. Amen…….!!!! Hallelujah…….!!!! Merry Christmas…….!!!! and A Happy New Year to all of you. IN CHRIST JESUS…….!!!! We THANK YOU JESUS CHRIST…….!!!! THANKS…….!!!! Glorious GOD ALMIGHTY OF ALL THE UNIVERSE, GOD OF UNIVERSE; we Worship and Praise THY HOLY TRINITY; as we Glorify Your HOLY NAME. AND…….!!!! Because YOU ARE ALL IN ALL AND THE ALL UNTO THOU THUS THY THEE…….!!!! O'' HOLY SPIRIT…….!!!! We Given YOU THANKS With Your HOLY TRINITY For Breathen In Us And Then Also Made Us THY Dwelling Place For Your GLORY. In JESUS CHRIST HOLY NAME. Amen…….!!!! Hallelujah…….!!!! SO ALSO…….!!!! IT IS BY THE GRACE OF OUR HOLY FATHER LORD GOD ALMIGHTY THAT'S WHILE WE ARE LIVING. SO LET US WORSHIP HIM – OUR SAVIOUR IN THE BEAUTY OF HIS HOLY TRINITY ; ' In The Mighty Name Of My HOLY FATHER LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST. Amen…….!!!! Hallelujah…….!!!! THE HOLY LORD GOD ALMIGHTY OF ALL THE UNIVERSE ; ' Is Still Saying Something. BECAUSE OF CHRIST – CAME ' AND HE IS STILL TO COME ; ' VERY-SOON…….!!!! AS SOON AS THUS' THE HOLY TRINITY WILLING. ““THE WORD SOON…….!!!!´´´´ Hallelujah…….!!!! Emmanuel…….!!!!

    Hallelujah…….!!!! How – ever, we should wait for GOD'S TIME…….!!!! And then also; we must pray as we are waiting for THE WILL OF Our HOLY FATHER LORD GOD ALMIGHTY to release us from any kind of moment in our lives onto HIS Glory. I mean we needed GOD 'S OPINION to move on at any – time unto THEE…….!!!! IN JESUS' HOLY NAME. Amen…….!!!!

    Hallelujah…….!!!! JESUS CHRIST Is Only Encounter Name By Transgression UNTO THEE…….!!!! Hallelujah…….!!!! I THANK YOU our HOLY FATHER LORD GOD ALMIGHTY with THY HOLY TRINITY. IN JESUS CHRIST' HOLY NAME. Amen…….!!!! Emmanuel…….!!!! THANKS.

  6. I believe brother chucks and Bright will receive 10 years document in Jesus name Amen

  7. I believe am free together with my daughter and son from all afflictions in Jesus Mighty name.

  8. I believe i am delivered in the Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST.
    Thank You JESUS CHRIST 🙏

  9. Am revived and my brother in law who is in the hospital with a broken hip he is free in Jesus name AMEN

  10. Father give me more power to over come the temptation of the devil in the mighty name of Jesus

  11. I believe my freedom ! Deafit and failure are things of the past. Thank You Jesus Christ ❤

  12. I am free, I am blessed, I am delivered in Jesus mighty name amen, I am redeemed in Jesus Christ name, hallelujah, this is my testimony.

  13. Praise the Lord Church
    I'm free,I'm bless.
    I receive freedom in the mighty name of Jesus Christ


  15. Plz pray for my daughter prabhnoor ,she is ten years old ,she is on bed from last three year ,cant walk ,sit and speak .plz pray so she can walk talk and live her life wonderfully.plz help me to bring out my daughter from this condition.

  16. I believe i am delivered, healed, blessed in the name of Jesus Christ…

  17. Oh lord God deliver me from e spirit of depression in jesus's mighty name Amen

  18. Thank you Jesus Christ defeat and failure are things of the past in Jesus Christ name amen

  19. Okay, this actually is long to be preached by me… I do not know when to start but after reading the Book of Judges, it compels me to convey the truth here…

    The truth is, the reason why the Israelites were not faithful to God, and even so, even when they’re the master of pagan Canaanite slaves, the reason that makes them keeping the foreign religion, in their land, is because a pagan religion, like Buddhism, can possess the things of God’s quality of affection, especially in the areas of having the feelings of awfulness… Yes, like Buddhism, they can have all the qualities, like the Christian God has, like the chanting of mercy, or having to familiarise happiness and purity of love, as a part of its enlightenment… That’s how the Israelites were fallen into its enlightenment, that they thought, it’s from the real God, because its story, even karma, can sound brutal and real…

    Now what I want to say here, is that any story you hear from pagan religion, that caught your heart to delight into its enlightenment, it’s not wrong for any believer of God, to have to believe it as true, but set a barrier that what comes from God, is somewhat a more clean, in justice, that should make these pagan religion, convert into Judaism…

    There is once Jesus has said, if Satan drives out Satan, his kingdom will not stand… Although this seems to mean that Satan, who acted in brutality, to put his belief on how, maybe from his understanding, on how miracles are to be performed…

    But again, it’s literal to say from his side, that is agreeable, or meaning to say, if only he knew the power of God, from God’s side of conversion of brutality, to be his, then it will be valid of his kingdom, that will not stand…

  20. Lord have mercy on my life
    Lord pray forgiveness
    Thank you very much lord
    Lord I pray for collection this week amen

  21. Sister usha has been suffered from cancer since 4 years i request you to pray for the Jesus to give her a complete relief from that problem when she meet the doctor they should say you don't have any problem you perfectly alright pray for her bro

  22. Shalom, pastor. How can we meet, Ptr? I am an Indonesian, I live in a small town of North Sumatra. I have a brother. His name was David, but 2 weeks ago his name gas changed to be Mulia (Majesty) . He took a degree of Theology. He had a small minsitry in Java for several years, but then he is depressed. He reads Bible too much. Wherever he goes, he always reads Bible, even ini bathroom and even in all situation. He know the scripture. But He is always being crazy every time we have Joy in the family. He gets mad suddenly and brake things. And, recently I know that he is a homosexual. He still sometimes minister as pianist in the church, He is bounded by the evil spirit. We believe in JESUS' name, but we think that we also need His servant that has a gift from God, it's you pastor. Please pray for my brother. 🙏🙏🙏 😭😭😭

  23. Praise the Lord Pastor I am not able to stand and walk for the past 13 year I need your prayers

  24. Shalom, I want to ask for help praying for my husband who does not yet believe in Jesus. Because my husband was originally Hindu. And my husband converted to Islam because of the association of his friends. I myself am a Christian and have 2 children, sons and daughters. The children follow my religion which is Christianity and have been born again. Only my husband does not believe in Jesus. Please pray for my husband. So that we and our family can give thanks, worship and praise Jesus together. Jesus bless u,Pastor…🙏😇😇😇

  25. Thank you Jesus, sin's power over us is broken. We are delivered and set free in Jesus mighty name amen. Thank you Jesus.

  26. Thank you Jesus , 2020 is my year, defeat and failure are things of the past

  27. I have no other God but you.Thank God for your son Jesus christ he came from heaven to earth to show us the way I declare sickness from my body, blood give me freedom in Jesus name Amen

  28. Man. of. God, may. you. pray me. For God s mercy. to locate. me. this. year. 2020

  29. This is my testimony I'm deliverance from pain in my heel and shoulder, headache and backache in Jesus name

  30. am Linda mwanza from malawi man of God pray for me i know and i belie that God will heale my sickness i have been suffering from fibroids for the past five years now man of God help me

  31. I pray against the deadly corona virus that has hit China and some surrounding areas. Lord may you heal the infected, protect those that are not infected, and above all, free us from this pandemic. I connect to this prayer by your humble servant Lord. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen!

  32. Thank you Jesus thank you Lord thank you Jesus this is my testimony in Jesus name i pray Amen

  33. As for me, my wife and my Boys, we are covered with the blood of Jesus.

  34. I believe am free and my family is delivered in Jesus Christ name thank you Jesus Christ

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