POKEMON • Relaxing Music (+) Rain on Autumn Leaves

Eterna Forest (DPP) Anistar City (XY) Virbank City (BW2) Pewter City (HGSS) Canalave City (Night) (DPP) Coumarine City (XY) Seafolk Village (Night) (SM) National Park (HGSS) Eterna City (Night) (DPP) Soaring Mirages (ORAS) Vermillion City (HGSS) Game Sync (BW) Cianwood City (HGSS) Pokémon Center (Night) (DPP) Gate (BW) Iki Town (Night) (SM) Snowpoint City (Day) (DPP) Cinnabar Island (HGSS) Undella Town (Spring/Autumn/Winter) (BW) Pokémon League (Night) (DPP) THE END (BW2)

Jerry Heath


  1. Playlist, wallpaper and download links are available in the description!
    Tracklist below (or use subtitles).

    00:00 – Eterna Forest ~ DPP
    02:46 – Anistar City ~ XY
    05:30 – Virbank City ~ BW2
    07:51 – Pewter City ~ HGSS
    10:36 – Canalave City (Night) ~ DPP
    13:41 – Coumarine City ~ XY
    16:20 – Seafolk Village (Night) ~ SM
    19:03 – National Park ~ HGSS
    22:53 – Eterna City (Night) ~ DPP
    26:30 – Soaring Mirages ~ ORAS
    30:10 – Vermillion City ~ HGSS
    32:07 – Game Sync ~ BW
    33:38 – Cianwood City ~ HGSS
    36:37 – Pokémon Center (Night) ~ DPP
    39:48 – Gate ~ BW
    42:05 – Iki Town (Night) ~ SM
    45:38 – Snowpoint City (Day) ~ DPP
    49:48 – Cinnabar Island ~ HGSS
    51:35 – Undella Town (Spring/Autumn/Winter) ~ BW
    54:48 – Pokémon League (Night) ~ DPP
    57:48 – THE END ~ BW2

    Thank you for listening!

  2. RAIN PERRRRRRRRRRRRFECT! Still lookin for Fairy type music….and—Sylveon! This music is perfect while I was doin' homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. god i love the diamond and pearl music so much. when are we getting the remake we so ardently deserve.

  4. I can already imagine a mimikyu, just walking alone with this music in the background…


  5. This truly is blessing. Just the rain makes it 100× better than it normally is. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. <3

  6. I'd prefer the rain storm sounds over rain on leaves but this is actually so perfect. I usually play this in one tab and rain in the other as is, so this is exactly what I needed. Thanks!

  7. Finally something that actually made me feel relaxed. Thank you, really, amazing choices.

  8. The Eterna Forest theme literally makes my stomach weird af. So nostalgic it hurts me?

  9. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-vwWk-CBoxEc/UmdKgSZ7l9I/AAAAAAAAAeo/5tMFQAp-jso/s1600/nymphali___sylveon__by_yonaka_pinku-d6ienzx.png

  10. I’m glad I’m not the only one that liked the music in Anistar city! Epic video!

  11. I remember when i used to go on holiday with my grandad in the caravan and the rain would hit the roof coincidentally i also loved to play pokemon at the time. This helps me relive those moments with the more recent games 😀

  12. It’s weird to hear the Snowpoint music with rain. Snow shouldn’t be making that noise 😂

  13. yo this vid is amazing but i have a quick question.is rain on AUTUMN leaves different?

  14. A hidden refuge in the cold winter. Outside is raining way too hard. Inside there's a fireplace, hot chocolat and cakes, and a good movie.

  15. wow i realy liked this compalailton I listened to it while doing school work please make more stuff like this


  16. Is the song at 0:01 the same music that MickeyMario64 used to make his Eeveelution Squad dubs?

  17. I've been suffering with clinical depression for months now, and panic attacks are pretty run-of-the-mill for me. But this lovely compilation, with the soothing rain background, has helped calm me down more than I can even express. Thank you so so much 💗

  18. It makes me calm so l study with this music !
    Thank you !!


  19. I listen to it every day when I need to focus on something. It's really good and I love the rain sounds. Pokémon music gives me a huge nostalgia!

  20. Thank you for not doing what so many of these will do and loop the songs for 4-5 minutes

  21. フシギダネかわいい

    FUSHIGIDANE is very cute like cat!

  22. i usually have a really hard time sleeping but the nostalgic pokemon music + ambient noises knocked me out 🙂 tysm for this video

  23. This edit is lovely. So much nostalgia. Makes me wish I didn't trade in my copy of Pokemon Y.

  24. The Undella Town Music is perfect for rainy weather. Sometimes it brings Animal Crossing vibes too.

  25. pretty good the rain is a bit too close on the volume to the music but i think its great

  26. at 49:28ish it sounds JUST like the Thom Yorke song off the 2018 Suspiria remake

  27. I have listened to many of your compilations and i have to say, this is my favorite one so far. Great choices, thank you.

  28. love it im a really old pokemon player i played red green and yellow aswell as blue

  29. Ya know Bulbasaur's living in a grassy area like a nice forest would make sense I can almost imagine them hibernating

  30. :3 i love it
    🍭🍡🍪 🌈🍩🍰
    🐹🐥🐔🌿💐🍄🌨🌊❄️🍥🌽🍫🎂🍦🍘🍨🍬🥇🏆🏵🎨🎹🎻🎺🎷🥁🎸🎮🌅🌄🌠🎇🌃🌌💎🔮💌🔑🛎❤️💛💙💜💗💓💝♈️🔱🔅🔆🎶🎵🔔💬♥️♦️🇻🇳🇯🇵🇺🇸🏳🏴🏁🚩🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 ;3 sorry if its bad ;w;

  31. Me and my pokémon are sitting in the woods and sleeping.
    By the way, my pokemon is a Gardevoir. 😐👍

  32. And that's why I fly my Latias around Hoenn at night. For the stars and that theme.

  33. platinum was my first fame and it has impacted my life immensely, hearing the music makes me melt

  34. Found the video before lunch… well, I know what will accompany me in today's afternoon nap.

  35. this is absolutely wonderful! It feels like a complete Pokémon experience on its own. So immersive.

  36. Even though Gen 4 were not my first Pokemon games by a long shot, they were the ones that probably meant the most to me and my friends. We played together all the time and gushed over the new evolutions of old favorites. Hearing Eterna Forest theme brought back so many good memories playing Pokemon with them. It was also the first time I ever chose a water type as my starter, having stuck to fire types in the previous three generations until that point. Gosh, it feels like only yesterday.

  37. Don't also forget the good nostalgic gen 1/2/3 music thoughts were my fav generations so far

  38. aw man i didn't expect to hear the dream park thing music… that stuff is really relaxing!

    also I don't have a deviantart so I can't. really interact with that piece of art but it really slaps!! thank you for crediting it!

  39. HI! i'm the artist of the image, thanks for featuring it in your video and especially to credit me! i recived a comment mentionig your video^^

  40. Saw a sea turtle at the beach that looked lonely today. Only having their flipper cuddling a large rock. Felt a little sad boi, so i made a short film imaging he was dreaming of being Squirtle in a happier world :')

  41. Name what is your favorite Pokemon please! Mine is Mewtwo. I'm a Physic type. If you like Greninja don't answer this.

  42. i've been playing a tune on piano for a while now and it sounds exactly like the National Park theme, and i kept wondering where i heard it from but couldn't figure it out until i heard it just now. i'm so happy that i finally figured it out hahaha

  43. I fall asleep to this everynight , always works when im struggling to sleep without fail 🌙

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