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  1. 0:01–2:56 ~ Tonight
    2:57–7:36 ~ Magic Shop
    7:37–11:07 ~ Moonchild
    11:08–14:02 ~ Winter Bear
    14:03–18:56 ~ Scenery
    18:57–23:47 ~ Lights
    23:48–26:19 ~ Promise
    26:20–30:31 ~ Heartbeat
    30:32–33:36 ~ Piece of Peace
    33:37–37:33 ~ Euphoria (DJ Swivel Forever Mix)
    37:34–41:48 ~ Answer:Love Myself
    41:49–46:24 ~ Spring Day

  2. bro i came here to have a good time to listen to some nice bts tunes while chillin and writing my feelings about something else, but reading these comments with these slow songs make me sad as hell wtf

  3. Hello people who are procrastinating and scrolling through the comment section just to see the lurve we all share for these 7 precious cinnamon buns like me =))
    Just wanted to say
    You nice keep going=)))))))))))

  4. This helps me put my brother to sleep when I take care of him, they have made the biggest impact in my life and now his, they will set a good example to him, show him many things, he loves Jimin! Oh how the boy smiles when he hears his voice, even in his sleep, rn my family is going threw some problems, his dads in rehab and my moms doing it all by her self, so I wanted to help her but taking care of him

  5. This helped me do my homework. One problem was that the paper was wet because of my crying eye-

  6. This totally helps me calm my nerves while creating a project. Why did I become a software developer again? *sigh

  7. For those who are listening who don't want annoying ads, go to 46:24 then back to the song you are playing (timestamps on the pinned comment :3

  8. I got serendipity as an ad and I thought it was part of the playlist lol (I as studying so I didn't see it)

  9. These are the type of songs we need to hear on daily Thank you BTS for being awsome and becoming true idols

  10. BTS came from a small company, they started with nothing. Jin who was casted just because of his looks, Suga who left his family and gambled his education just to do what he really wanted to be, Namjoon who was never have been supported by his parents, Jimin who thought himself as ugly and fat, Taehyung whose always been part of BTS but was never shown in any promotions- not until they debut, Hoseok who seemed to always laugh but never felt as an accomplishment to his father, And Jungkook who was very shy and have saved his parents at a young age by auditioning to companies. Remember the days when they were struggling? They even have to sacrifice and work hard just so they could eat? They were squeezing themselves into one small apartment and have to take responsibilities- the reason why they wrote the song 'Move'. Those times when Jimin has to starve himself just because people calls him fat and ugly. That one interview where Yoongi said that; it was nice that people listens to their music because Taehyung and Jungkook are good looking. And he thought that it was at least enough. Do you remember when Hoseok was supposed to be the vocalist and Taehyung is the rapper, but he chose to rap instead and learn it because Taehyung wants to be a Vocalist. It was Taehyung's dream and Hoseok loves his dongsaeng that much he would sacrifice. Other fan base were accusing them for plagiarism just because they had the smallest detail whose the same with other big K-pop group which is actually just a coincidence. There was a time when Yoongi packed 300 gifts and letters just to give to their 300 fans who will attend at their mini fan meetings. So why do people judge them so quickly? Did you know that Jimin came all the way to Seoul from Busan just to persuade his dreams? Did you know that Taehyung lived with his grandma gor almost half of his life making him innocent from what else is out there in our world? Did you know that Jungkook set aside his embarrassment just to meet the others expectations? Yes, he is the golden maknae, but he suffers too when he see his hyungs having a hard time, he cries. And there was a time when Jimin caught him crying and the reason is because he misses his family. Jungkook often cry secretly so that his hyungs wouldn't worry. Did you know that Jin auditioned to make his mother proud of him and so that his mom would have something to brag off to those judgmental neighbors they have. He worked hard on his vocals yet people called him talentless. Did you know that Namjoon worked hard just to produce songs yet there was a time when his mom ruined his computer and broke his mike so he could focus on studying? Did you know that Hoseok auditioned because he wanted his father to be proud of him? Because he felt like he was a disappointment? Those rookie days where they only listen to the awardings and be amazed by their seniors. They can't do anything but to watch those idols who receives the awards. The days when they were happy with just 300 views on YouTube, mini fangatherings, small numbers of followers, and one Daesang award. They were contented. And now they've reached to the top and became more successful. From 150 fans to 16M and counting, From a small practice room to a bigger one, From cramped dorm with roommates to big dorm with each of them having a room, From one daesang award to more awards and they've even won on BBMAs. BTS never expected this before their fourth year anniversary, they've come so far- so far that the only chance we have to see them is to go to their concertor (NEVER) meet them along the street with 0.01% chance. But really ARMYs! We've came this far fam, let's love them and give them our support till the end! I wanted to thank y'all. I love you fam! I love BTS. Let's stay together until the end. If you believe in what I've said. If you believe in 1! 2! 3! A true ARMY shall spread.

    I didn't write this.

  11. the meaning of the lyrics in Euphoria and Spring day changes as the years pass by.

  12. I cried on my group project i was supposed to finish and its worth 60% or our grade im ded but at least im happy BTS got a 0% chance of being forgotten

  13. listening to this while reviewing. its helpful😊❤❤
    our exam's tomorrow wish me luck😅😊

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