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hey guys we are in beautiful Costa Rica today I’m at Surf Vista Villas in santa teresa and I have an amazing balance and core yoga sequence for you we are going to work your abdominals, challenge your balance and give you a nice stretch at the same time so if you’re ready grab a mat some water and lets do it alright guys so starting at the back of your mat feet together inhale reach your arms up to the sky exhale hands to your heart inhale reach up exhale dive it down hold it here inhale come up half way exhale walk towards to the top of the mat into plank taking your chataranga down to the floor upward dog inhale exhale downward dog take a moment here to reach stretch it out and then slowly round through the spine into plank hold exhale downward dog forward into plank exhale downward dog nice fluid motion here with your spine opening to side plank staking your feet or you can always modify by bending the bottom knee beginning to circle the arm big circle engage your abs coming back to plank all the way down to chatarunga upward dog inhale exhale downward dog lets do that again on the other side rounding throug the spine plank open to side plank stack your feet big circles with the arm and two reach it back down plank position two pushups can always modify by bringing the knees down chaturanga down upwward dog inhale exhale downward dog reaching your right leg up bending the knee then taking a big step forward into lunch exhale extend the front knee inhale forward to lunge exhale press away draw the forehead into the knee hold here feeling a nice stretch in the hamstring inhale come forward into lunge reach the arms up to the sky high lunge breathe and transfer all the weight into the right foot all of your weight into the right foot pushing back into warrior 3 this is where you really want to find that balance kne to chest push it back warrior three making sure your bottom knee stays slightly bent make sure you’re not hyper extending and knee to chest press it back hold warrior 3 extending your arms nice straight line with your body from the forehead all the way over to the heel breathe, slowly come up this time hands in prayer position go ahead and take your left ankle to the top of your knee reach your arms up exhale sitting right into the standing pigeon you can always release the hands to the ground or hold on to a prop for extra support like a chair or a block hold and breathe the deeper you can come down the further you’re going to feel that stretch inhale reach the arms bring the knee up connecting the knees now left arm comes back dancers pose reaching your right fingers forward and lifting your left knee back trying your best does not matter how high you lift your leg bringing the knee back up and step back into your lunge inhale reach exhale come down and stepping right into plank chataranga upward facing dog downward facing dog reaching your left leg up inhale bending the knee exhale big step forward to the very top of your mat high lunch on your other side exhale press and extend feel the stretch in the hamstring and push bring that forehead into the knee go ahead and flex the left foot so you can feel that stretch coming forward into lunge reaching slowly your arms right up the sky find your balance make sure the front knee stays over the ankle bring your weight all the way forward and then press into warrior 3 knee to chest draw the naval to the spine really working on that balance bring the knee in draw the naval into the spine contract your abs hold it here come back in extend this time coming into our warrior 3 slowly come all the way up this time right ankle comes on top of the left knee sitting right into standing pigeon hands in prayer or go ahead and release them down to the ground you can let your head be relaed hand to heart and then slolwly coming up lets transfer right into our dancers pose knees connect right hand reaches for the right ankle lifting that right knee left arm reaches foreward again to it toyour best ability here bring the knee up and then slowly step back into high lunge exhale down stepping into plank chataranga upward dog inhale exhale downward facing dog take a moment to breathe inhale reaching the right leg up bending the knee as you exhale come forward touch the opposite the elbow come forward left elbow right elbow and push left elbow right elbow keep going really working the core here keep breathing guys and then step your right foot forward bring all your weight to the right foot standing split again to your best abilities lifting your left leg up as high as you can as the chest draws in toward the thigh from here transfering into our half moon today first make sure the right hand stays on the ground or a block opening up the body staking the hips and shoulders left foot is flexed opening the body coming back to center lifting back up into standing split breathe exhale feet together rounding through the spine taking our vinyasa inhale reach exhale forward fold inhale half way exhale step back into plank chaturanga take it down or push ups upward dog exhale downward dog take it to the other side now left leg up bending the left knee coming forward touch first your right elbow left elbow and the extend it up right left and up right left and up right left and up and oush right left push big step top of the mat with that left foot bring all of your weight to the left foot reaching the right leg up into standing splits forehead comes as close to the knee as possible and slowly lets come into our half moon left hand stays down this time opening the hips stack that right hip over left reach the right arm up to the sky flexing the right foot shoulders are staked hips are staked and the slowly come back down level off the hips lift the leg up standing split and then very slowly releasing the leg down take a moment to breathe in exhale round through the spine inhale reach exhale forward fold inhale half way exhale step back into your plank and go ahead and take ur two pushups again upward dog inhale exhale downward dog breathe in exhale looking to the top of the mat taking two steps to the very top coming up half way again exhale releasebend ur knees guding yourself right over the the mat coming into a seated position open the chest exhale release open and release gentle movemnt and then slowly coming into boat posture left and right knee up inhale reach arms up and down inhale up exhale down ‘5 6 7 and 8 slowly drop your feet and come down exhale give yourself a hug and then coming into our souptabatacanasam soles of your feet together opening your arms nice and wide pams open giving your body a moment to completely relax into this position feeling a gentle stretch along the inner thighs and then slowly knees together reach the arms over your head rolling into your fetal position and then slowly coming up into your seated pose rest your hands on the knees just taking a moment here to breathe find your breathe inhale exhale inhale reach arms up exhale hands down to heart bowing down to your heart thanking yourself for your wonderful practice see you again soon

Jerry Heath


  1. i love the way you flow. Even its only 15mins i enjoy the intense transitions.

  2. i love this so much! i love the scenery and your voice is so calming 🙂 thank you <3

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  5. Hey there! I just wanted to say that I love your channel immensely, and your videos. I was extremely busy last month, but promised myself to do this video every day, and I did, and I enjoyed it so much! Oh, and I was about to sit in my splits, but it still hurt so much, but after idk 2 weeks I was into a full beatiful splits! Thank you, and by the way, I am so fascinated by the way you move and your flexibilty, so I'd really like to ask you so so much to do a stretching video on how to get into a standing split, or how to develop spine flexibility for scorpions and strong backbends and stuff!

  6. It is the most wonderful for the morning: not so intense, with focus on stretching and balance and beautiful flow!!! Thank you!!!

  7. Loved this workout! Strengthening and lengthening at the same time!! Thanks for making this video!! Looking forward to your other videos like this💗💗 one request: could you make more advanced yoga workout???

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  10. That was a good one, that hip stacker wow!!! Lol I need lots of practise

  11. I have a question. When I do standing split, the leg that points to the sky always stays low, like pointing to the behind instead of pointing to the sky, I wonder what's the reason, it is my hip? how to improve that? I think when I do dancer's pose, it is the same reason that I can't hold my behind leg up higher, right?

  12. I love you <3 Thank you so much for the amazing practice ❤️

  13. i love your playlists as well as the music you include in your videos. too often i can't find guided yoga practices without any nonsense taking from instructor. i appreciate your keeping it simple and to the point. keep on, yogi 😉

  14. I am trying to keep up with your flow – you are simply amazing, and the scenery is almost as beautiful! Blessings

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  17. I love this routine. Your videos are my absolute favorites, especially the yoga ones. I know I can click on any one of them and get a wonderful workout. I'm doing your pilates 21 day challenge right now and am loving it!

  18. I understand now and makes sense but it's still hard to make out any details. Thanks.

  19. went a bit too fast for my liking, so I kept it to my pace. Especially the forward folds to flat backs. Not a beginner's yoga video, this, but felt good nonetheless.

  20. This is definitely not for beginners, I struggeled a lot! But I truely love the way you're doing it. The beauty and smootheness of your body the soft curves and positions! Great relaxing video! Thank you!

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  22. amazing practice. this is surely the best on the youtube i've ever found ❤

  23. o.O this is so NOT for beginners like me 😀 i´ve tried this at Day 2 of your challenge.

  24. Yá voy a cumplir un mes de hacer varios de tus videos cada día y me siento feliz, sana con mi cuerpo más fuerte más bonito. Tus imágenes, dulzura de la voz, claridad en la explicación y en el movimiento, todo es una sola belleza e inspiración. Gracias infinitas, continúa haciendo más vídeos, con el apoyo de tu compañero, besos y abrazos.
    Soy Nutricionista y respeto y me gusta que sean veganos pero los invito a no consumir productos muy industrializados como enlatados , tortillas de paquetería etc.
    Love Namaste

  25. I want to thank you, Bojo! Your lead is very attractive and inspiring, your explanations are very assuring and motivating. I am on the third week of this challenge and absolutely appreciate what I've done so far! I am not a complete beginner, which helps me to manage to follow, yet not an intermediate level, which makes these sequences and their combinations challenging enough, while the completion of an every day task satisfying. Special thanks for amazing views! -They trigger the best memories of my own travels! -And for the background music to top it all! Very professional videos! Way to go! I am definitely adding a couple of more videos into my day to day life after this challenge.

  26. so beautifull. İ have done all this video. work is hard but nice for the body. it is what I need. I become love and carm. thank u dear fir this video. your voice is very nice. it makes me carm and peacefull. please more video

  27. I so struggled!! Mostly how does one watch the screen and try to do these moves? I have to keep cranking my neck to look up and then I lose my balance of course.

  28. this Yoga vid is too hard for me but i Love ur other videos so much thx for sharing with us. greets from Austria 🙂

  29. I am new to your channel but so far I love this challenge! I know this is off topic but where is your top from? You are beautiful =)

  30. I've noticed that every time that I do this particular yoga sequence I feel so much better… I normally come back to this whenever I have a bad day and helps a lot, might be because it improves my inner balance as well. Many thanks!

  31. thank you for the workout… I normally do weights and little bit of cardio.. but today I just felt wore out so I decided to do some yoga. I love all your workouts! very relaxing but still effective. still need to work on my flexibility and balance lol

  32. I like your yoga practices, they have good flow and are great for waking your body up.
    What I do not like however is that in your exercise routines you seem to reinforce the message thin= right. I want to keep following you and your routines, but maybe this ideology you are reinforcing is harmful to young girls and women in general.
    See 'Yoga with Adriene' as a channel where only positive messages are communicated.

    Namaste !

  33. Hello, Boho Beautiful! I started doing the 21 day challenge today and I thought, "let me look at tomorrow's challenge.." This sure does look challenging! Do you have any advise or tips for beginners like me who's not as flexible and great at balancing yet? Thank you very much! Peace x

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    pd: you're so inspiring and beautiful 🙂

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  39. Thank you for sharing this. Your videos became part of my beautiful morning routine. So much positive and pure energy coming from you and your practices. Through videos you share you are truly making the world (at least mine) a better place 🙂 I wish you and your partner good luck on your spiritual journey, so you can nourish the beautiful light you have inside you 🙂

  40. Start your day with this video and it will give you all the energy you need! 🙂
    Thank you for all the amazing support and love. You are the reason for everything we create here.
    Stay connected with us and check out our DVD program www.bohobeautiful.life.

    Love and Light*

    Juliana and Mark

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