Peace of Mind from a Buddhist Perspective

I think, firstly, peace of mind – we must develop it within ourselves. We can’t buy peace of mind from the supermarket or [get it] from medication. Now, you see, our life, on the global level, or national level, or individual family level, or individual level, there are problems there, endless problems! Buddha described that as “samsara”: the suffering nature [of existence]. Our very existence is in the nature of suffering. Buddha never stated that our life is a very happy one. If we are very happy, then there’s no need to try to practice Dharma and reach nirvana. Not necessary! So therefore, problems are there. You must take for granted that the causes of conflict, or differences, are always there. Suffering is always there. This very body is the basis of illness, the basis of problems. Now understand that reality. In the meantime, there is possibility to overcome these problems, according to Buddhism. Therefore, looking at the possibility of the cessation of suffering, you get some kind of hope. Think more like that. While you are engaged in your worldly life, make more balance – that’s the only way. So peace must be created by yourself. I think basically, Buddha’s teachings help us to develop a realistic attitude. Problems are there – understand that – yeah, okay, there’s a problem. But that problem, once you understand that problem, that problem will not disturb your mind much. If you just look at problems, and you want life to be very pleasant. Life is very good, very pleasant, very joyful, yet, I’m confronting some unnecessary problem. My case is a special sort of problem, that I’m facing, and that I don’t deserve. You see, that kind of attitude is the real cause of our mental problems. If you understand, ah, there are problems! I think six billion human beings, including myself, including these Vietnamese, all have some kind of problems. I myself, for the last 51 years now, am a refugee. A lot of problems inside Tibet. If I only look at that side, then there are more disturbances [to my mind]. But we are carrying on our struggle truthfully, honestly, transparently. That gives me more inner strength, and more inner strength brings more inner peace. So it’s like that. I think first it’s important that your life, your business work, must carry out with honesty. If you yourself are a little too clever, telling lies here and here, then you won’t be happy. Must carry out honestly, transparently, truthfully, then there’s no need to regret. So we must have a very realistic approach, and basically, our lives must be based on truth and honesty – these are very important. Isn’t it?!

Jerry Heath


  1. schade dass ich nicht gut die englische sprache kann. aber am lächeln des mannes höre ich…was er sagt…

  2. Ive been having a lot of stress recently and this has helped me to deal with it. Thank you.

  3. I really admire his wisdom. For someone to have gone through so much and still remain so loving 😢 He wants to educate us in recalibrating our way of thinking. Selfishness can never bring us the rewards that sharing does. Only through having compassion for one another will this world rise in peace and love. He speaks with common sense and purpose……simple philosophy and mindfulness that is crucial for our well being. He speaks about all the beautiful qualities like honesty that make for our own inner peace. I think that once we can fully understand that caring for one another is the most important lesson in this life……understanding, compassion, sharing all will bring bountiful blessings to our existence ❤

  4. What a wise man.  We all benefit when he shares his wisdom with us.  I know I have achieved peace of mind following the Dalai Lama’s words, and I have become a better man all around.  Now, who are the five idiots who gave this a thumbs down?  If I find them, I will beat them to within an inch of their lives and make them wish they were never born.  Peace.

  5. wtf are you even talking about
    these buddist terrorist cunts are killing thousands of muslims in burma
    quite, patient, respectful my ass

  6. u can never know the meaning of life until n unless u get connected with the power that created u.

  7. 法王,老佛爷,幼主,,,。

  8. Uff that translator is really sick change the translator please? He doesn’t deserve it

  9. Respectfully speaking …. I wonder if he would have the same outlook on certain aspects if he had a kid . Life is a free spirit until one has a child . Then it is not so easy to maneuver anymore for yourself -you now need to think for another human . And become affected by their decisions 👉🏽The world just got more complicated and emotional .

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