Online therapy sessions – Mindfulness Therapy for Anxiety

Welcome! I provide online therapy
sessions over Skype for the treatment of anxiety and for help with depression and
addictions and many other common emotional problems that you might be
experiencing. Online therapy sessions are very effective and the evidence is that
they’re just as effective as in-person therapy sessions. Online
psychotherapy has been gaining considerable popularity in the last 10
years or so as a way of delivering more useful psychotherapy and mental health
to people in rural areas and people who have difficulty leaving home for one
reason or another. I see many clients who suffer from agoraphobia as well as
social anxiety disorder and other anxiety disorders. If you’d like to learn
more about scheduling online therapy sessions with me, do please go to my
website and email me to schedule an online therapy session via Skype. The
style of psychotherapy that I provide during online psychotherapy sessions is
called mindfulness therapy and this is extremely effective for anxiety. It
basically helps you learn how to break free from those habitual patterns of
reactivity that create anxiety and depression, as well.
This system of mindfulness therapy is well tested. It’s very highly respected
and I’ve been using this now online for the last 10 years with great
effect. If you’d like to learn more about mindfulness therapy and you’d like to
schedule some online therapy sessions with me, I do encourage you to visit my
website and then email me with any questions you may have.
I look forward to helping you overcome your anxiety or depression or other
emotional problems. Thank you!

Jerry Heath

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