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  1. Absolutely loved this! Had some of my faves and some of my not so favourite postures, I was disciplined and did them. Francesca is amazing, so fluid, beautiful. Another thing I got from this practice is if you don't have a lot of time you can stop after the first round of sun salutations and you're still getting a great practice. What I love about how you teach is the detail in how you describe what your muscles should be doing. Been practicing for 4 years and I've learned so much from your videos. Thank you so much Tim, namaste 🙏 💖 💖

  2. Wow. This was my first time moving into one of your longer workouts. It kicked my butt! Ha, ha! Couldn't hold the all poses for as long as Francesca did (nor as gracefully ;o), but I'm determined to get there. Thanks for another great yoga practice, Tim.

  3. I love all of your videos, but this on is definitely my new favorite! Thank you!! I'm off to sign up for Patreon now.

  4. Great class! Love Tim's detailed aligment description throughout the work out. 50 to 60 minutes class are great + good level work out! thanks

  5. An amazing practice! You two are great, you should do much more videos together like that, please.:) Also, Francesca is very strong and beautiful, it is very inspiring, I definitely need to check out more of her videos. Thank you for your yoga videos, Tim. Each practice feels wonderful. Keep being amazing.

  6. Hi Tim and thank you so much for another strong Flow video, I really enjoyed it! Bonus were the singing birds while doing Savasana, so organic!A little suggestion.. Many of us (even skilled yogis) have issues with lower back and since the actual vinyasas tend to lead to injury if done hastily and sloppily, could you perhaps in the future stay a couple more seconds at each stage of the vinyasa (especially from down dog to plank and chaturanga) and explain precisely how the back needs to move? I know that the correct way is to move like a wave with upper back and not strain the lower back. While I thoroughly enjoy the fast pace, you're instructing the actual vinyasas so fast that I either don't have time for proper allignment or I have to stop the video which takes me out of focus. Other than that fantastic flow, thanks again!

  7. … holy crap this was intense! But I made it!! Love you, Tim! Thanks for everything man!! YOUR dedication is helping us all! Namaste

  8. wow! Fun and hard! You guys are right down there! It was fun to sweat! Want to do more Tim!

  9. That is one strong flexible lady. Nice practice, I love the birds tweeting in the background. I had to do a few modifications and use blocks but feel great now – thank you.

  10. Perfect!!! Do more with girls ….but to be at least 25 minutes so we can do every morning before work!!

  11. That was awesome, all hot and fired up for the rest of the day.. thank you. Saved for future practice. X

  12. Wow, what an awesome video.  I love that you posted another full (ish) length class, because a 13-minute flow (or even 30 minutes) just doesn't cut it for me.  Just one small nitpick, though–in the description, you said that the class was only 35 minutes, but it's more like 50.  I still did it, because I like to watch exercise videos (any exercise video, not just yoga) without doing them, before doing them for the first time, so I knew how long the class would be before I did it.  However, a person wanting a longer workout might pass this by, thinking it's only 35 minutes, or a person wanting a shorter workout might hit the 35-minute mark in the class, and wonder why it's still going.  But, that's a minor thing–I really liked this video (especially where you showed a new way to teach Wheel to people who are sort of halfway there, which has been a common issue in classes I've taught), and I'll probably do it again and again.  By the way, does Francesca have her own channel where she teaches yoga too?

  13. Great practice as usual. A suggestion came to mind after I had an Iyengar teacher poke and prod me into the right positions in one of the rare times I get the chance to go to a yoga class. You might do a couple of videos where you include some more average students, rather than (or alongside of) the superstar yogis, to demo the common mistakes I and many other people are doing — and how to fix those. Right now you definitely mention those, but I'm having trouble picturing it, and fixing my own mistakes. Thanks for the amazing courses!

  14. I see he figured out that guys prefer doing yoga while watching a woman.

  15. It was a killer session !!! But I needed at all to rescue by the stressful situation I am ! Thank you !!! <3

  16. Amazing practice! It flowed at the perfect pace and you said just enough to give key directions while still leaving a space for quietness. Thank you! 🙂

  17. Thanks Tim, this one got me sweating! This gives me something to work towards, good job as always!

  18. Absolutely WONDERFUL practice! Incredibly thorough with excellent cueing. I am no Ashtanga yogi, but is this inspired by the primary series?

  19. Omg, this what just what I needed on a Saturday morning after a stressful week! And I especially enjoyed the birds chirping + the sound of water flowing during corpse pose! Thank you for a great class!

  20. Why are all the women you use in your videos emaciated?? It's disturbing.

  21. 11:03 "pull that shit up" way to keep Francesca on her toes
    Good shit Tim

  22. hello tim, we have the same a legs and arms, your body just like me,

  23. Lately when I do chatarunga I feel pain in shoulders? And when I do chakrasana I feel pain my lower back. Any tips?

  24. Love these nice long vidéos. Great work out and a level I appreciate. Thanks Tim!

  25. Didn't think I'd be able to get through the whole thing, but the longer I stuck with it, the better I felt. Fantastic routine and fantastic instruction. Never had to look at the screen to understand what was going on. Thank you for this one.

  26. Awesome practice, basic poses but holding them longer is a great challenge, I feel like I have worked out all my muscles.

  27. I really enjoyed this video Tim. It was the perfect total body burn morning session for me. Namaste

  28. I love you Tim!!!! Thank you so much, had a break from exercise for too long, and went to two yoga classes and a capoera class yesterday because Im cracked! Woke up knowing youd be the man to stretch me out! Thanks a million, and looking forward to getting onto that Patrion account too! Keep it up 😉 X

  29. Did this first thing today. I feel so light yet full of energy at the end. BTW that little ab workout in the middle killer me lol. Thanks always for the wonderfully practice 🙇

  30. Loved this video. Thanks Tim. You have the best yoga videos on Youtube.

  31. Great workout. I had to use a strap with the standing leg extensions and I fell out a few times, but I think I still got the benefit. Also, my standing split was more like a 3-legged dog. LOL Oh well. That's why they call it a practice, right?

  32. Hey Tim, I love this video.  Do you think you could make some more, around this length (like, in the 45-60 minute range) that include Wild Thing?  I feel like I'm a bit out of practice on that one.

  33. Tim this was a challenging morning practice. A little jarring to start the day with. However, a nice flow for intermediate students. Your last yoga morning practice was perfect. Thank you

  34. Thank you Tim and your beautiful assistant. I have taken a few of your tutorials now, really enjoying them and they are really challenging me. Namaste from New Zealand X

  35. Hi tim, is there a particular reason you invariably start off with a child's pose?

  36. Done this a few times…perfectly timed, nice exercises, perfect Francesca, nice outdoors. Thank you so much

  37. Your my all times favorite Tim!! Love this so much!!👌🏼👌🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼♥️

  38. This has become my go-to morning workout. In just a few months of following this and others of your videos, I've seen a huge difference in my practice. Thanks, Tim & Franciska!

  39. Great video! Good pace, well balanced weather contraction and stretch. I think having a partner for the video is a plus for the explanations. You guys look to get along. 🙂

  40. man Francesca is a beast! I was just in awe at some of moves she could accomplish!

  41. I really enjoyed this. It was a lot easier to follow than other yoga videos because you weren’t trying to do the poses while explaining them. Thank you; I’ll be returning to this video a lot!

  42. Francesca is amazing but there is not enough variation for us who can’t quite get to where she can, would love options for us not quite so strong and flexible to keep us along 😀

  43. I don’t know how anyone can hold those leg raises for five breaths. Francesca is a BEAST.

  44. I have done this now a few times and unintentionally it has developed into my favourite Tim's flow. I teach myself and fully support Tim's approach. I duly believe that the Iyengar/Ashtanga mixture as presented by Tim is the optimum in flow yoga. I also like the fact that one can choose (and mix) from, for example, different warm – up or standing positon sequences, thus being able to benefit from a wealth of ideas.

  45. You cant keep the same pose for so long and yet do the flow so quickly. thşs isnt yoga. this is cardio.

  46. Amazing video!!!!! Challenging but relaxing at the same time, perfect body-mind connection!

  47. This was a lovely rutine. I liked the pace and your instructions🙏 Thank you!

  48. Thank you so much for this wonderful practice! I love how the poses are held longer, and you explain so thoroughly. You deserve more views!

  49. It was really good practice but still I can't do vinyasa really smoothly !

  50. I woke up with sciatica this morning. This practice was a bit painful but afterwards the sciatica is now gone. Thank you!

  51. Great practice, thanks! Can I ask, that Francesca do another exercise exept yoga? She has beutiful body! If yes, what? Thanks for the answer 🙂

  52. Im soo glad to have come across your yoga video, cz your way to take your students thru the workout is just amazing & what i have been looking for. Absolute delight doing yoga with you. 💐

  53. the video says 51" so I don't think it's 35" as the description says. Tim is one of the best teachers when it comes to alignment and helping us visualize what's happening to our hips, etc. as we move from pose to pose.

  54. Best power Yoga in the internet. Thx a lot! Francesca can by the way play a role in the Terminator movie 😀 perfect workout

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