Morning Yoga For Beginners | 15 Minute Morning Routine

good morning this is a beginner-friendly
morning yoga routine to help wake up the body for the day ahead let’s begin on
our knees in Child’s Pose walking the hands forward forehead to the mat we’re
utilizing a block underneath the head or hips for added support added height be
nice to the body here listen to the body if you need to utilize props go ahead
and do so where needed we’ll take a nice deep breath here
nice slow inhale on your exhale fully sighing out all tension within the
fingers feet arms neck and shoulders you need to inhale expanding the lower
back so just allowing the waistband to get a little tighter here with each
breath when you’re ready begin walking the
hands towards the left just outside the mat or a gentle side stretch softening
the shoulders here no lifting no tension with your inhales expanding the right
ribcage when you’re ready come to Center exhale
walking the hands towards the right once again softening the shoulders no
lifting here the upper body the chest upper back with each in-breath observed
that left ribcage expanding you when you’re ready come to tabletop
position for cat-cows dropping the belly gaze up on an inhale exhaling rounding
through the spine gaze down continuing at your own pace release to a neutral spine straightening
that left leg tucking the toes begin to press into that heel release opposite leg
pressing into that heel almost like you’re pressing it into a wall so we’re
getting that nice stretch throughout the hamstring and the calf release tucking
both toes sending the hips up for down dog go ahead and walk your dog here
bending the knees bend one knee bend both knees whatever feels good this
morning maybe nod the head yes and no no tension here in the neck just allow the
head to be heavy inhale three-legged down dog lifting
that right leg begin opening that leg by bending the knee exhale step the right foot to the top of
the mat for low lunge inhale hands overhead exhale heart center grounding through
the feet be strong here go ahead and plant the left hand right
hand reaches up for your twist release planting both hands stepping
back into your down dog walk it out here take your time inhale left leg bending at the knee
opening that knee exhale low lunch inhaling hands overhead reaching nice
and tall exhale heart center planting the right hand to the mat taking your
twist left hand reaches high exhale release planting both hands down
dog feel free to walk it out here take your time release coming to your seat hugging knees to chest allow the knees to open bottoms of feet
detached coming into your seated butterfly pose if this is really intense this morning
listen to the body and go ahead and straighten one leg you’re still gonna
get that stretch just switch halfway through wherever you are begin sitting
nice and tall drawing that sternum forward shoulders roll down and back if this feels good rest here go ahead
and find some movement swaying side to side if you’d like to go a little deeper
completely optional begin to press your left elbow into your right knee drawing
that right shoulder back gaze up towards your right inhale release switching sides began
gazing up towards the left go ahead and release whenever you’re
ready hugging knees to chest come to your back giving the knees a big
squeeze here giving yourself good hug I’m gonna be rocking side to side
massaging the back muscles waking up that spine I’m gonna be you’re ready
releasing the left leg to the bottom of the mat take a twist drawing your right
knee towards the left stacking the hips right elbow is in line with the shoulder
for cactus feel free to place a pillow or two underneath that knee for added
height added support once again really lives into the body here in the early
morning with your exhales begin to soften the upper body
sighing out any tension here in the shoulders the upper back the chest you inhale release switching legs hugging
the left knee into chest exhale taking your twist
left knee towards the right taking that left elbow in line with the
shoulder for cactus full inhale nice deep breath once again on your exhale
sighing out any tension within the shoulders the upper back maybe even in B
hands and feet you go ahead and release planting both feet
on the mat elbows in line with the shoulder once again for cactus begin
rocking the knees side to side continue nice deep inhale slow inhales full
exhales come to Center resting the knees against
each other finding some stillness here take this time to fully soak in the
practice all your hard work just be here in the present moment observing the body
and any sensations throughout go ahead and give yourself a big hug
wrapping the arms around your upper body drawing the knees to chest one last
squeeze here when you’re ready roll to your right slowly come to seated inhale hands overhead exhale heart
center thank you for joining namaste if you enjoyed this video don’t forget
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Jerry Heath


  1. Much needed! Will be participating in the morning! Thank you for all that you do🙏💘💕

  2. I loved it ! I added planks and sphinx before getting to the seated positions, as I really need them to fully awake my body. Thank you for this peaceful practice.

  3. Hi Bird doing yoga with you is the best thing ever happened to me so thank you so much and keep on making more and more content love ya 😉

  4. Love it when you post new videos. I can't wait to try this one. Thank you bird ❤

  5. Glad I found this yoga blog! I had to dial back what I was doing due to back issues and the beginners stuff is truly for beginners! I appreciate it.

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