Morning Yoga Flow ♥ 15 Minute Intermediate Wake Up | Joshua Tree

Jerry Heath


  1. Wow. This is one of the best morning flow routines on YouTube!

  2. Perfect yoga Flow in the morning! I wanted to move my body in a not to hard way, so this fits perfectly!

  3. I've been working with your videos since 1,5years i've never posted anything BUT today i wanted to say thank u soooo much thank u for your awesome energy & videos, I celebrate it everytime on the yogamatt. Please please keep going, just because you inspire me so much 😻🌙✨💖💖💕🙏🌠✨ namaste , big love to you 💛⭐️ ps: everytime i see the beaches in the videos it feels like i'm there too, beautiful locations ALWAYS

  4. Perfect way to get the energy flowing for the day! Thank you <3

  5. Thanks today is beautiful, wonderful day to me. Because your yoga. Your yoga is the best of best yoga. You are lovely 😊

  6. The music and your voice are such a peaceful combination!! I'm binge watching your yoga videos and just by watching them makes me feel so calm and beautiful. Thank you so much!

  7. Thanks for all the wonderful practices from all over the world, you bring us constant love and light <3

  8. Thank you Julianna! Man those push ups got the fire going 😂Namaste, lots of love back to you 💕Tori xxx

  9. This is my quick go-to yoga session in the AM’s. So, I can be stretched out, and it includes a quick back stretch , as you said every muscle in 15 min., before I start my hectic day. Thanks you for your videos. I can’t make it to the gym most times, so, this way, I don’t miss out.

  10. Such a beautiful start up for the day! Feel so lucky to find this channel. Keep it up!

  11. Thank you! This practice is amazing. A good sweat, stretch and tranquility.

  12. Thanke you for this beautiful practice. I just needed this…. You doing a great job 😉

  13. I am in love with all of your videos. I started doing yoga because of you. Thank you! I want to ask you to create something longer, like a 45 min yoga evening session, a bit more advanced. Thank you!

  14. Where do you get your awesome pants and clothes for that matter, Juliana?! 💖

  15. I love the production of you videos. I find your yoga sessions push me a lot more than others. I think it’s also because you go so deep in to each move I try and mimic it. Keep up the heart work. More morning sessions please 🙂

  16. Lovely morning flow 🙂 I enjoyed it very much! Will try to do this more often. Thank you for sharing <3

  17. Thank you for this. You guys are phenomenal. I love your cinematography work as well!

  18. Definitely one of my favourites. Really well-balanced flow. More please!

  19. It's valuable amazing yoga practice. Thank you for your time and heart.

  20. Perfect yoga flow for waking up ! My body is happy to start the day now. Thank you ♡

  21. Amazing morning flow, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself sweaty 5 minutes in! Thank you so much or your videos!

  22. My body is filled with love and thankfulness to myself, life and to you! Thank you for your work! It's appreciated

  23. Loved this flow for first thing in the morning 🌞 It was a little challenging for me, but I am so glad I finished this practice. It woke me up and I feel very energized. I did complete 5 rounds of sun salutations before starting this practice because I am stiff first thing in the morning. Love your videos in beautiful locations and your energy😊❤️

  24. Good morning!
    Last year my family was camping in Joshua tree 😁. Thank you for bringing memories. 🌼


  25. 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️👍👍👍👍

  26. 6:44am here in Singapore! So Glad I made time for this. Thank you for this wonderful routine.

  27. I hate to do push ups during yoga often. In my mind, yoga is for relaxation…I feel like i'm in cross fit when i'm having to do so many push ups. I wish people would keep it gentle stretches, and some strength poses..but constant push ups throws off my practice. Buff arm 15 min yoga workout

  28. It's been over a year since you posted this and it is still my absolutely favorite one. I have done most of your other classes, including Patreon and workour challenges. But this one is just a perfect combination of my favorite poses and exercises squeezed in these 15 min. Thank you so much 🙏❤️

  29. I really wanted to like this, but my body definitely didn't feel remotely warmed up for this and had to do a modification on plow pose. This would be great if you included a 5 min warm up for the body.

  30. Beware- This is an advanced class. me and my girlfriend almost hurt ourselves thinking it was intermediate. very misleading unfortunately.

  31. Omg this was just perfect, I woke up with this massive headache but I still gathered some willpower to do 10min meditation and this yoga flow and I feel SO much better!
    It was beautiful, challenging, opening, energizing and it eased my headacha as well… THANK YOU 💙💙

  32. Wonderful start for a Monday morning. Thank you so much. Namaste from France

  33. You’re my favorite yoga channel. I just love your videos and they make me feel healed. Thank you for your channel and thank you both for these beautiful videos.

  34. Girl I’ve been watching your videos for so long and when I try to venture out to watch other yoga videos on YouTube I haven’t found someone that can take me form your videos because you’re so genuine, there’s beautiful places I respect the sacrifice you’ve both made for the life you’re living.

  35. I have swim practice almost every Saturday morning at either 7:00 or 7:30
    Although I just started yoga, but once I did this practice, I felt so energized and ready for swim.
    Thank you and lots of love!

  36. Wonderful flow, thank you! I’ve been wanting to up my flow game a bit the past few days, and this was perfect! ✨🕉

  37. Your spirit is so calm and strong! Thank you for sharing it with all of us! You brought such a peace to my morning and I feel so uplifted to start my day. Thank you!

  38. Thank you for sharing such great practice with us! I love the energy and guidance from your voice 😊 it was wonderful!

  39. Thank you for a wonderful start of the day, I love this morning yoga video.

  40. Still one of my favorite morning routines, I always come back for it. It's amazing to see how you've grown as a teacher and inspiring for me as a new teacher myself (:

  41. Huge thumbs up for this practice! Thank you for such an amazing flow! I never felt so energized and happy in the morning before! Just what I needed all along!

  42. Every time I do this yoga video I love it more and more! All of my favorite morning stretches are in this video, amazing!

  43. All of your practice are fantastic I love them. Thank you I am really greatfull for your time.

  44. Love this flow Juliana! Have beeb doing it every mornig that I dont have tine for a full blown session, and its sooooo nice. Thank you 💗

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